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Embrace the Journey

Looking for a chat room and discussion group with a fresh attitude for the over 25 y/o members who desire an easy going atmosphere with a friendly approach...it is finally here. A place where you will likely enjoy everything from casual banter to sexually suggestive exchanges.
*** The not so fine print ***
As your global hosts we intend to provide our members with a drama free, nonjudgmental, no malicious intent or issue burdened venue...anything less is simply not welcome.
Most anytime a group of people gathers parameters are typically set. That's rules for you, boring but necessary. Try reading them to prevent problems later.
FAKE profiles are derogatory while causing mistrust, skepticism and cynicism. If/when discovered said profile(s) will not be tolerated. This policy is for the protection of both our group and group members. Anyone suspected of having a FAKE profile will be reported to the site admin for abusing the site user's agreement. Follow the site's rules for behavior which is mandatory for each room
Spare us by not mentioning your cam. Those who may want to watch will let you know privately
Above all please be well-mannered and civil since each of us is a unique human deserving of regard until proven otherwise. Communicate openly with any of our well seasoned moderators by asking questions and/or offering suggestions.
We are not here to ban, block or intimidate others rather to......
..... Embrace the Journey
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