Sultry Nymph  

mrscott62 55M  
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1/12/2018 1:51 pm

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1/14/2018 6:07 pm

Sultry Nymph

Sultry Nymph

Her lovely blue eyes sparkle
like large fiery diamonds of
desire luring me into her
sparkling web of lust in the
starry night.

She is like a sultry nymph
seductively fully and
sensually enticing me with
her beautiful wondrous
sexual wares.

She takes me into her steamy lair
and lures me into her exotic trap
with her soft, passionate kisses
and offers me a wonderful erotic
opportunity to share her lusty joy.

I am at last offered a taste of the
sweet honey of her luscious warm
wet womanhood and to enjoy the
fiery sensual passions of her sweet
amorous lust.

Deeply smitten by her glorious beauty
and sexual graces I fall to my knees and
accept her offer of lusty passionate
sexual love and become hers forevermore.

" May you know the sweet joy of sexual contentment." mrscott62

author51 55F  
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1/13/2018 1:11 am

something to be said for sultry nymphs and you said it wonderfully my friend..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

mrscott62 replies on 1/13/2018 2:44 pm:
Thank you my sweet friend! Have you noticed that the site eats part of the words that you type in a post? It keeps happening to me for some reason.

Tmptrzz 55F  
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1/12/2018 4:08 pm

What a great Sultry read for our Friday my friend..thank you..


mrscott62 replies on 1/12/2018 4:38 pm:
Thank you my friend! I'm glad that you enjoyed this one.

jms_noon1 52M
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1/12/2018 3:25 pm

i like it. thanks for sharing.

mrscott62 replies on 1/12/2018 4:23 pm:
I'm glad that you enjoyed the poem.

throatscock 62M  
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1/12/2018 2:18 pm

very nice, always like some great poetry. It's what I look forward to on this worthless site.

mrscott62 replies on 1/12/2018 4:25 pm:
Thank you. I usually add poetry on my site daily.

mrscott62 55M  
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1/12/2018 2:00 pm

Enjoy the sweet wares of the sultry nymph.

" May you know the sweet joy of sexual contentment." mrscott62

Bunnysyummy2 57F  
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1/12/2018 1:58 pm

I love your poetry Thank you for sharing it

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mrscott62 replies on 1/14/2018 6:08 pm:
Thank you very much. I'm glad to share it with everyone.

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