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Posted:Sep 8, 2017 9:37 pm
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Posted:Nov 15, 2015 9:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2018 6:56 pm

And checkin it twice
Goin to try to keep everything nice
List of blogs, thoughts, pondering, wishing, and daily fun...

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Flower is not in the badlands
Posted:Jan 19, 2019 8:24 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2019 6:23 pm
Even though the trip started off with snow, the weather in Vancouver is pretty nice today.
The first day of the kink-con was pretty 'just alright' as one of the classes I signed up for had an unexpected cancellation last min...and one class started with an anti heavy industry spewl (which the person that is against mining, industry, oil n gas also has a cell phone, lives in a house with heat, and drives a car.) So I ended up walking out of the presentation in 5 min.

Otherwise its been fun seeing soo many sex/kink positive people in one place.
Especially if you spend any time on dating sites and see how sex/kink negative men there are....it takes me some time to adjust to this atmosphere.

But yes it's an adjustment thats for sure being around people... that is not work related. Lol
Seeing a few attractive men that are not obviously drooling over the young 20somethings was a bit of a surprise for me (but then I wasn't sure if they where into women or not, .) and No they weren't as old as the hills either.

But at least I can wear dresses n skirts all day!

Today the classes will go more smoothly, be friendly, informative, and interactive.
Enjoy your day sexy bloggers

Ps, the coffee is really good here!
Lunchtime and adventures in dating land
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 12:35 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2019 8:07 am

Another day in the badlands, another day feelin horny, oh and its lunchtime.
Heading off to Vancouver tomorrow and its supposed to snow for the first stint of the drive.
But it's also 4 days surrounded by kinksters.

Searching on the vanilla sites has always been challenging ... I guess I just thought that the madonna/whore ideals would have faded out over the but its being replaced by girlfriend/hookup. And in this highly sexualised culture the amount that women are still judged just surprises me, well sort of, actually it kinda depresses me just slightly (I know I can not change the way others think).

Learning to accept your authentic self is quite the process, for which I know first hand because it did take me 5 to understand and accept my libido... all which I have covered over the of blogging on here.

I do see and receive enough conflicting information about how female sexuality is perceived (mainly mine, as I dont chat to very many other women about thier experiences) in dating/relationships.
And yes on one hand I get excited about meeting a man that is into sexploring, that is not embarrased to be seen with me, that enjoys my libido without any degradation or humilation, ...... then on the other hand I get told to just do hookups because thats all that's left, which means just letting the dude use me as a self cleaning fleshlight.

Anyway, the kink filled weekend means I get to listen to others talk about thier experiences!, learn new things!, buy a few new toys or a corset , live vicariously through others.
Still going to be interesting, but just to avoid those with partners because then I will get those ideas of finding some cool people to explore with. Lol

I did discover macrame, so going to see if I can apply my kinabaku thoughts to thing my house plants up in fancy hangers!. Lol

Anyway....the dating sites wil be quiet till after feb14 or whatever fricken day Vday is.
Until then I will let you know how the conference goes!
I just want..
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 12:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2019 10:15 am
To be able to watch porn without popups, without being spammed..!!..

Takes more time to find the right porn than it is to rub one out.
Clicking away trying to use the right combo of search terms to find the right porn, ok ok, just "that'll do for now kinda stuff would even do!

Then you click on the wrong one and the barely legal stictly male pov stuff starts popping up.
But I do know there are hot milfs in my area willing to meet n fuck now!
At least that's what those side bar messages keep saying.
Or the 'teen looking for daddy, she wants to chat right now because shes lonely and feeling playful '.

Ugh, I just want my big cocked hot mfm, that is not barely legal, not super pale skinned, that doesn't sound fake (faker than it is), that does not focus on her face every few mins. Or the two hot dudes being all sensual... geesh not popups.

Or the fantasy scenes that I enjoy on occasion, but finding good ones is soo time consuming that my ladyboner will almost give up or insist that I just rub it out NOW and use whatever has good sound!!! otherwise she will give you that dreaded stuck orgasm for taking tooo long!

'Bout time I find the porn I just opt for a quick buzz then go and do something else. Porn...why does it have to be soo plagued, I just want to watch some good clean hard fuckin so I can rest medicine and not feel congested from those stuck orgasms!

I mainly stick to the 4 vids I found, for now they work, but I usually have to find new ones once a year. Lol...but the search will be on soon to find new stuff, luckily I have found some on here (and its popup free/spam free).

Enjoy your Saturday night with hot dates!
Pre-humpday post
Posted:Jan 8, 2019 8:27 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2019 7:14 am
So cabin feevvverrr is still here. Lol

Lets see what can I chat about tonight...
Most of my books have arrived so I've started reading 2 new ones. πŸ€“
yawn, boring miss flower


Why don't you do some thinkin for me tonight!

No raunchy stuff ... k'thanks
Sinday coffee ...
Posted:Jan 6, 2019 1:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 2:54 pm
With unseasonably warm weather.
We had maybe 2 weeks of winter like weather and finally got snow at the beginning of jan, but now its all melting off again. Bizarre weather, doesn't bode well for the upcoming seasons. 😬

Need to trade in my winter gear for sunscreen. Lol
Facing puddles instead of clearing snow.

The cabin fever comes from the long nights in with limited outside activities. But since the warm weather has struck again means more time for this cat to be outside (did I mention that I am not much of a winter sports person).
Cabin fever, yes I need to arrange some meet n greet nights for some socialization because it's good practice to be able to do that small talk thing with strangers and acquaintances.

Counting down the days until the trip to the kink conference!
It will be nice to be able to socialize and talk openly about stuff that interests me and others. To be able to discuss kinks and other sexual things without the worry of being pressured into hooking up or being looked down upon. But I sure do miss chatting in real life with others that is not talk about kids, vacations, or work.
Ugh.. and The suv is going in for much needed work before the trip.

In the meantime I'm trying to not wipeout on the icy patches! Kinda like a deer on ice. Lol

Hope your weekend was eventful if not then relaxing.
Add a post this Friday ..
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 5:33 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2019 7:04 am
Again... in case you haven't guessed it yet I'm sexually frustrated, suffering some touch deprivation, no prospects in sight on the dating sites....
Really wishing for that trip to Nevada right about now. Lol

Craving penetration, great sex, cock on my tongue...

Where the fuck are all those men that claim to like good sex.

Anyway....I'm going to go and rub one out, and sulk while reading a book.

Totally envious of men today.
Its a new year πŸ€—
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 10:39 am
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2019 10:24 pm
Happy holidays to everyone that celebrates it!

For those of us that don't indulge in the partying and commercialization of it all it's still new calendar year.

Another day to try something new, make new plans, and don't forget it's tax season soon.

Living out in the boonies again means that I will be planning on the gardens soon, working the land to get it ready... waiting for the trails to clear so I can start hiking again.
But I looking forward to the kink conference this month!
And with cabin fever settling in I may just host a few meet n greet nights in the city just to get some socialization in.

I restless with this cabin fever though....getting hornier as the days slowly get longer. Lol
I dreaming about masturbation, the thoughts of orgasms and more orgasms playing through my head and ladybits.

I do know that last night I was definitely craving a sensual massage and hot sex...

Enjoy the new calendar year

Sexy bloggers,
What are you going to do with the rest of your new day?
Sinday coffee and pancakes πŸ™‚
Posted:Dec 30, 2018 10:31 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 11:28 am
Another sinday is here in the badlands, we finally got our snow just in time for spring. Lol

Anyway, lets see
Masturbation time, that little slice of me-time that I can sneak in...

Which my go-to wank fodder is having a hard cock penetrating.
Yep pretty basic but when you dont get it ...it becomes something you desire.

Hm, but it definitely works for me, the feel of my warm skin, soft folds and a hard clit. The buzz of my toy is the only thing I can hear.
Feeling that hard cock tease my clit,
The parting of my pink folds, the warmth and the wetness wrapping around his shaft as it slowly teasingly goes deeper...
The orgasm that builds aches to feel that deep reach that only a hard cock can give. The pulsating release is felt body wide, as they slow down I can feel the steady pulse as it builds its way to another....
Feeling his hands on my thighs and hips, holding me to him so he can feel those pulses around his hard cock as he holds back his own. why stop at one when theres more to come.
He keeps his rhythm, I can hear him, his breathing is lusty n primal...
He watches another orgasm then another wrap around him, the gushing wetness and he can't hold on anymore.

Then the battery dies.
Ya that happened yesterday. It was getting hot n steamy, the orgasms where body melting and firm....then there was silence.
At least I got a few in, enough to relax me for the day yet leaving me craving more but its not soo urgent just that deep desire like a burning ember waiting...

I will sneak some more fantasy in later today, my other toy should have a charge.
I do have a few other fantasies that I use but it depends on my mood to determine which one will work better.

Sexy bloggers,
Do you have go-to porn or fantasy that works for you most every time?
New toys 😎
Posted:Dec 29, 2018 12:42 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2019 7:16 pm
My present to me,

The softies! (the only time soft is good )
Two paracode handled deerskin floggers and 1 roo'skin handle goat skin falls.
The matching set are custom colors and the other was one she made as a goat skin 'tester' to see how well the thinner leather will hold up. The goat is more for soft sensation on warm skin.

Meant for warm up and sensation play.
They go well with my heavy stingy ouchie thuddy bunch.

I am still looking for the right cabinet to re-build into a toy storage.

Anyhoo... I should probably do something constructive today. Lol

Enjoy your Saturday whilst I think about something for a Sinday.
Interesting πŸ€”
Posted:Dec 28, 2018 9:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2019 1:02 pm
When I see posts like these I wany to write or respond and ask them if that actually works ... works beyond finding a nsa hookup.

I think it would be awesome if the response would be genuinely positive. Lol
For me and being open about sex never really netted any positive results, so guessing its the original posters younger age that netted the positive responses.

Anyway I find it fascinating when I see men state they want women to be more straightforward with desires and sex then in the next breath say that they are only good for nsa sex. Lol.

Ah well... my insulation removal is slow because the job really sucks (obviously not in a good way)... But hopefully get'er done today.

I may have to try the straightforward responses and messages to men on the dating site, and tally up the pos/neg responses again to see if its changed since the last time I have trialled it.

Enjoy the Friday
Hump day and box'ing
Posted:Dec 26, 2018 9:55 am
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2018 12:37 pm
The year is almost said n done, but porn is around forever.

Yep some days it ends like that

Anyway, enjoy boxing day

I am still working on home renos....if anyone wants help bag old insulation that would be awesome! Lol

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