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My Very First Orgasm
Posted:Sep 9, 2016 11:55 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2018 10:32 am
Welcome to INTO THE WOODS! An Erotic Blog for those who enjoy erotica ... I have only a few watchers so far and I do invite you to become a watcher! I will post new stories on a regular basis! Just keep scrolling down to get the latest Story! Well now I'm about to hit the 32,000 viewer mark for this post~! I first started at Adult XXX Date in 2016 and then split for a while. It's good to be back~! Thanks Everyone! Funny I have had SO many readers and so few comments.. That might be a good thing~! LOL (but seriously, please leave a comment so I'll know you were here) Still trying to break the 100 mark in dedicated viewers. need another 5 people to sign up. )
Jimmy B.

My very first orgasm.... A true (and very short) story.

This takes place during my puberty phase of life.

Most people are shocked when hearing about little boys being molested by older girls. Facts are facts. I enjoyed every minute of it. So in my case, I hardly call it being molested as much as being schooled. Lee Ann was our baby sitter. She lived in a house on the next block over and her mother and mine were best friends. I think Lee Ann was 15 when this story took place.

Lee Ann had several boyfriends over for sex at various times when she watched us for my parents. I had watched a few times and knew a few of the basics but had never had the chance to try them out.

We got into an argument at "bed time" one night and I refused to go so she wouldn't have a chance to call her boy friend to come over for a visit. Lee Ann was a head taller than me and tried to force me into the bed. I resisted and fought back. She proceeded to try and strip me down to my underwear during our battle and succeeded. That's when she discovered the boner I was sprouting in my fruit of the looms. She started rubbing my shorts and things suddenly changed. I responded by touching her boobs.......... Her clothes came off faster than mine did.

We wound up fucking each other. First I was on top, then when she saw I didn't know what I was doing, Lee Ann switched over and got on top (Still my favorite position to this day.) and screwed me until she cum all over me. One thing about this 12 year old boy, my penis might not have been as big as an adult but it stayed hard forever. I didn't know how to have an orgasm and wasn't even close to ejaculation by the time Lee Ann had finished. She didn't know what to think. Up till then all her guys popped off within a couple of minutes and she was left to finish herself off by hand. I was her new toy that could keep up.

This went on for a couple of months. Lee Ann even invited me to her house when her parents were gone. Not once during all these fuck sessions did I even come close to popping my load. Hell, I didn't even know what a load was till she told me. (I learned NOTHING from my folks about sex). Of course it still felt like heaven while we were "doing it". By this time I was pounding her from behind doggy style and she even let me screw her in the ass while she fingered herself. Thank god for Vaseline. She had one tight ass hole. But again.... I never did cum.

One evening after the girls were put to bed, Lee Ann showed up in my room with my dad's electric hair clippers (the big black ones with multiple trimmer covers). Dad used the thing to keep my hair buzzed short.

"What are you going to do? Cut my pubes?" I was growing hair around my privates and I thought she was going to cut them off. "No freaking way! I need those hairs in place when I go to gym class!"

"I 'm not going to give you a trim silly. Got a treat for ya Jimmy. You are going to like this." she said as she plugged the cord into the wall. She began rubbing my cock through my jeans and up popped the little guy like magic. I was worried as she stripped my clothes off that she would cut off what few hairs I had down there. I was one of three guys in my grade with hair and if I showed up bare naked in the showers.........I'd just die!

Lee Ann began with a sweet kiss on the tip of my swollen pecker. I shuttered as a thrill sent goose bumps all over. I grabbed her head as I pushed my penis deeper into her open mouth. She flipped on the switch on the clippers and held it against the base of my cock above my balls......................... ....OH MY GODDDD!

The vibrations from the clippers shot through me like an electric zolt. I gasped for breath as Lee Ann continued to lick and suck on the head of my cock. I became weak in the knees and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. My breath was coming in ragged gasps for air....I couldn't get enough air..... I let go of her head and grabbed the edge of the bed for support. I began to loose control of my muscles and shook as though I were freezing. I could feel nothing but the INCREDIBLE sensations coming from her blow job.....Nothing like this had EVER felt this way! I laid back on the bed and quivered while Lee Ann continued sucking me into heaven.

I could feel heat building in my balls after a few felt awesome all at the same time. I was gasping for air even harder now. The pressure/pain/pleasure growing inside me. then I....I....blacked out.

The first thing I noticed was that my body felt like it was tingling all over. I flet a rise of panic as I couldn't remember where I was or what had happened....then I saw Lee Ann wipe something off her face. (found out later it was cum) I remembered....."Holy CRAP! is THAT what I've been missing?" She smiled and laughed.

"You wouldn't stop shooting Jimmy, I swallowed till I choked then you shot another load right in my face! Euuuuh!" then she giggled.

"Uh.....can we do that again?"..... and we did.... over and over for months to come.

True story. I found out that I could get off with just the clippers alone and wound up burning it out after a few months of masturbating with it. But that's another story.

Jimmy B.

Oh by the way, I do love to "Kiss and Tell" so there are over 100 more stories listed below for your enjoyment. I have 2 more stories about Lee Ann as well as my continuing WALNUT STREET journal...... ALL Comments are welcome! While not all of the stories are true histories, most of them do draw from personal experience. This one is the real deal. 27 of the stories on this blog are true. about 20 have some "exaggerations" added and the rest are fictional with a personal touch or two. See if you can pick out which is which.

If you want to share your story of your first orgasm... don't be shy..., (remember THAT one?) please leave a comment and have a great day!

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All comments are welcome...(even the negative ones LOL I need the feedback to improve my stories.) Thanks again. Jimmy B.
Banned from facebook
Posted:Mar 16, 2018 5:19 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2018 4:28 am
I have told many here that I was banned from facebook for life. Well it’s true but it’s kind of a self banned thing really. I made a group site for erotic “fiction” which was not open to the general public but you had to apply to the admin, that’s me, to get in. We were a small group and with messenger we had plenty of sexy chats and “cybering” over the months the group operated. Then I ran into Carol, a married housewife that was looking for some excitement to spice up her life. According to her “application” to join, her husband was fine with her sexually exploration on the web just so long as she kept it web only, no face to face contact. I figured OK she can join. Damn~! This woman was an expert at getting men hot on nothing more than a messenger chat. We shared a number of self-masturbation fantasies on line. Then like a fool I allowed things to get complicated.

It turns out she lived only about 3 hours from me. I'll not mention any town names to make sure I protect all parties, but she lives in a fairly large town, about 175 miles from me across the state line.

We talked about sex and masturbation for about 2 months before we started trading e-mail. We also called each other for some hot phone sex sometimes. We both loved that! She has a sexy voice, and sometimes she'll call to wake me up on Saturday mornings to get me all hard and horny. I like jacking off when I wake up, and she knows it. It's one of her nice little treats for me that I love about her.

We spent less time cybering on Skype, and more time talking on Messenger. Not always cybering either, because it wasn't too easy for her with 2 kids bouncing around the house all the time. Carol didn't want to explain to her kids how we met, so she made up a story about us already being friends from work, with me at an out of town office of the company she worked for, and that's why we talked on Messenger.

I found out later that she had the computer in her bedroom, and she would usually wait until the kids were in bed before diddling herself online. Sometimes, she would be able to masturbate with others at the site when her daughters were at school functions on Saturdays. At this point, most of our mutual masturbation was saved for the phone. It's so much more personal than through the keyboard. Plus, we get to hear each other cumming. I like to listen as she holds the phone close to her sopping wet pussy while she fingers herself. Sometimes, she'll use a vibrating dildo. The noise it makes, along with her moaning really gets me off. I like to use a lube when I jack off, and she likes to hear the squishing sounds my hand makes as it slides up and down my hard shaft.

We talked for weeks about meeting, and finally decided to meet at a hotel bar she knew of in her town. We felt that was safe for both of us. I drove there on a Saturday morning and got the room in the hotel, and after spending some time together we went up to our room. At this point, I told Carol I had already reserved the room earlier in the week. She gave me a smile, and we hugged in front of the room door. My cock was hard and pressing against her from inside my pants as I grabbed a hand full of fleshy ass cheeks. She said she only had a couple of hours before she needed to be home.

We settled in the room, then she jumped on the bed, and suggested we tell each other fantasies and masturbate ourselves as we listened to the other's story. We both thought it would be fantastic for us to only masturbate ourselves to start off with, just like we did on the phone (no touching). We both knew that most of the stories we told each other weren't true, but that didn't matter. My fantasy was about to become reality, and I was nervous. I think Carol was too, but after a long hug, and some reassuring words from each of us, we relaxed a little. A few drinks didn't hurt, either.

I started it off by telling her some of the fantasies I had (about her mostly), and of things I did in the past. Carol slowly took her clothes off as I talked. Soon, she only had her pink panties on, and a smart lacy bra. Her body was nice to look at. Squeezeably plump. And a pretty smile. A damp spot formed in her crotch as she listened intently to the words I spoke. She seemed in a daze as she reached for her covered pussy, and rubbed it through the silky panties. I continued telling her of my fantasies, and she continued rubbing her pussy from outside her panties, creating a huge, dark, growing wet spot.

My cock was already hard in anticipation of things to cum. I stood up, and she sat there softly brushing her panty covered pussy that was now real wet. I asked her to tell me some of her fantasies. She thought for a minute before starting. As she spoke, I began taking my clothes off. I left on my under shorts (briefs), then sat on the bed facing her. My pole was a distinct outline from under my shorts. And, a wet spot was growing larger by the minute.

We sat, looking at each other's bodies, while lightly stroking ourselves through our underwear. I leaned over and kissed her. It was a long, wet, tongue searching kiss. She was a great kisser. Her tongue circled my mouth, brushing my mustache each time. While we explored each other's mouths, she reached behind her, and undid the straps to her bra. We broke off our kiss, and she leaned back. Carol moved her arms in, and her bra dropped down, exposing her pretty breasts. I'd say they were about a 34B. Maybe 36. They were so succulent. Her nipples were already protruding from her breasts. They were real long, about 1/2". Damn, I wanted to suck on them.

I stood up, and asked if she wanted to take my shorts off for me. She eagerly reached over, and slowly pulled the waistband down. My cock was standing straight up, and she exposed the head, which was dripping a river of precum. Each motion caused another pulse of juice to flow from my cock. Carol looked up into my eyes, and said that she would like to touch it just briefly. "Oh, all right", I said, feigning I was doing her a favor. Carol gently grasped my cock, causing another eruption of precum to bead out. She let it go then pulled the shorts the rest of the way down. My cock was throbbing, and bobbing, with a glistening stream of precum continued to flow for her to see. I squeezed the head, and a long string of unbroken juice trailed to the floor. Carol stared with wide eyes while I bobbed my cock up and down by flexing the muscles. She cupped her hands over her mouth, looked up and me, and screamed with uncontrolled laugher. After this little show, I stepped from my shorts.

Without a word, she stood up in front of me, and I reached around to pull her panties down. I slowly pulled her waistband, revealing her pussy. As I pulled it down further, I could see the glistening dew of her juices beaded upon the ends of her pussy lips. I could smell her scent, and it drove me wild. I leaned over to get a stronger smell of her, pulling her panties the rest of the way down. I let the hairs brush against my lips, and Carol let out a low, breathy moan as she grabbed my cock and stroked it up and down.

“Oh God!” she said, “ Sorry… I know we agreed to not touch but I couldn’t resist.” as she reluctantly let go of me after turning to kiss my cheek. “Let’s sit a minute.”

She sat back down on the bed with her legs spread wide and I sat beside her. Our feet met, and we played with each other's toes. My cock was stiff, and bouncing with every movement of the bed. Carol noticed it, and giggled as she bounced up and down on the bed, causing my cock to slap my belly. I was mesmerized by the sight of her cute breasts, which were bouncing in like fashion. She sure was playful, and I liked that. Our nakedness was obviously not any cause for inhibitions for either of us at this point. I'm fairly modest, and by talking to her online, I knew Carol was, too. But, we became so comfortable with each other so fast. It was like we were longtime lovers.

I stared now at her thick creamy thighs, which glistened with her own moisture. She saw this, and started to rub herself for me to see. She ran her fingers along her legs, and up to her crotch. Wet stains were already forming on the bed spread under her. After circling her pussy, she let her fingers slide along her slit. I could see another glob of juices pour from her pussy as her finger pressed her meaty lips. What a turn on!

Carol looked up into my eyes. The grin was gone now. There was a more serious look about her. A dreamier look. I brushed the palm of my hand back and forth across the under skin of my cock. The real sensitive part. Then I grabbed my cock, and squeezed it, a flash flood of precum oozing out. Her eyes widened as I let the juice fall to the bedspread in a thick continuous rope of precum.

Carol's pace quickened a little, her free hand messaged one of her breasts, then the other. I looked down at my cock. I loved looking at my own cock. It was a source of amazement for me, and I always wished I could suck it. I told her so, and she groaned again as I bent my face down to as close to my cock as I could to feign licking the head while stroking up and down my slippery shaft. It was more than 6 inches away, but she got the visual image. "OH GOD!!!", she groaned in a trembling voice while her eyes were glued on my cock.

Carol's breathing changed, and I could recognize her fast approaching orgasm. It was a familiar sound I heard often on the phone. She scooted back a little to lean against the headboard. She pulled her knees up a little, which gave me a great view of her deliciously drenched pussy. I scooted up closer to her, putting my feet under her legs, and on the outside of her thighs. My cock was but inches from her pretty pussy. I propped some pillows behind me, and leaned back, jacking off in her direction as she rapidly diddled her sweet passion pit for me.

I was in a trance, watching her masturbate in person. It was a far better sight than the images I had created when we did it online, or over the phone. The pace of my strokes quickened to follow her lead. I wanted so much to reach over and touch her, finger her, lick her, FUCK HER! But we had agreed to do it this way 1st. And, it was a fucking turn on. I was nearing explosion, and Carol was too.

Carol let out cries of passion. Moans of pleasure. And, I believe I heard a few real high pitched squeaks from her, as well. I wanted to cum after she did. But, she told me she wanted to see me spurt my cum all over 1st. Always obliging a lady, I leaned forward, and put my left hand behind me to brace me up. I pointed my thick cock at her, and pounded away with a soulful purpose. I felt it cuming near. A dizziness in my head as I realized I was jacking off in front of this sexy women. A fantasy come true. Her eyes were glued on my reddened cock, my favorite toy, as my hand slid up and down, causing a slapping sound as my hand whipped it harder and harder.

Her hand had stopped moving, obviously at the gates of orgasm, and wanting to see me cum before she finished herself. At the right moment, I hesitated, which always triggers my orgasm at this point when I masturbate. Then I jacked it fast a few times, resulting in a couple of thick drops flying up and landing who knows where. Another pump, and a thick rope of steamy semen sprayed towards her, some of it landing on her tummy, and creamy thick thighs. I was floating in air. My body shuddered like it does only on those rare occasions. I was in pure, coasting orgasm, and I slid my hand up and down my shaft, squeezing the head each time. Carol had held out her hand to catch the 2nd wave of my pent up spunk as it shot out, and, after getting my cum on her hand, placed it in her starving pussy, and frigged herself to the best orgasm I ever heard from her.

She was a girl on a mission as she swashed her clit from side to side. Her hand was a blur as she melted before my eyes. She cried out, then cried, with pleasure. What a beautiful sight. Her aftershocks were tremendous, her whole body shuddering, which caused her tits to jiggle. I couldn't contain myself any longer. I moved to her, and held her in my arms. I squeezed her tight to me as she continued to convulse in her powerful, drawn out ecstasy.

At this point we were holding each other, crying together. Our passions had melted together, even before our bodies ever touched. I caressed her head, the side of her pretty face pressed against my chest. At the same time she played with my cock, which was still hard. She was such a fucking beautiful turn on, that I thought my hard on would never cease. It was a fun day but she had to get home before her family missed her.

My cock was useless, spent of all its life, and sore. But my tongue got a good workout after my cock died. I got my camera out earlier, and we took pictures of each other, so we each had something to look at when we were alone, and masturbating on the phone with each other.

We went our separate ways and I drove home. The next day when I went back on line I discovered my personal account and my group account was locked up by the people at facebook. It seems that someone in my group logged a complaint about the content of our erotica group. Yeah, it was also called “INTO THE WOODS”. I did get a threatening e-mail from Carol’s husband who swore he would track me down. Again I was glad I lived in another state. I will not go into the details of what he said but I guess I deserved every word. So here I am on this site. At least I won’t get booted out of here for morality reasons.
Office Overtime Fun
Posted:Mar 14, 2018 10:54 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2018 4:29 am
Truth be told, about half of the women I have been with were married. Married to someone else that is. During the period between wife number two and wife number three I kinda ran wild on the sexual adventure side of life. Life is a canvas with all types of people adding color to the scenes. Isn’t wonderful that life ISN”T black and white?

Work is always hectic around Christmas time, but at least I get offered overtime more now. It's 7PM and I'm still sitting here at my desk, going over spreadsheets. I had a nightmare the day before about getting lost in Excel...I need to get out of this job. But, Christmas is looming like a gigantic demonic Santa intent on stealing the souls of little kids and stuffing them into his bag of pain, laughing and spouting fire as he makes his unholy rounds around the world. Yeah, I don't like Christmas, but I need the money for gifts.

Lemme tell you about where I work: it's a single story office in a large complex, attached to the company warehouse. I share an office up at the front with another guy- it's tiny, windowless and with a door, a plant and a picture on the wall of some inspirational message like: "Teamwork". The florescent lights are pretty bright and tend to burn your eyes after a while, if the computer screen doesn't ruin them first. The cool thing is that this part of the building is "insulated" and separate from the warehouse part...110 degrees in the summer, and 50 degrees in the winter.

One of the benefits of working in that little hovel is being co-located with the 100% female admin department. The fact that I'm a sweet, intelligent guy doesn't hurt either and I get lots of stimulating flirtatious conversations throughout the day. They don't go anywhere...most of the women are married, or have boyfriends, and only a few are what I would really consider "hot", but there is one...Sandra.... she's just an absolute sex pot. Five feet and six inches of absolute sweetness, with shoulder-length straight black hair, surprisingly pale skin hailing from her mostly Persian ancestry, and a ready smile that you can see if you manage to make her laugh- no small feat. The sexiest think about her though is that she also happens to be bloody brilliant...Sandra is a woman who reads Hawking for pleasure and a passionate chaos theory devotee...what can I say, the woman likes an ordered universe. Sexy, and despite being fully Americanized, strangely exotic. It's a damn shame she's in school in the mornings, and only works a few nights a week...

I'm sitting at my desk, manipulating data again, trying to track down some damn serial number or another when I feel a change in the air of the room, like I'm being watched. I don't care could be my boss, after all. I stop staring at the screen and rub my eyes a bit, hunched over in my chair. Again, I feel an increase in pressure and the faint scent of some flower or other. Before I can even turn my head, I hear her voice from the doorway.

"Late night, Jim?" She asks, holding a can of coca-cola, leaning her shoulder on the door jam. She never bothers with very sexy clothing- she doesn't have to- and besides, a tight polo shirt and slacks just looks good on her. I try to cover the fact that I'm ogling her by rubbing my eyes some more, hoping she wont notice that I'm taking her body in, like a vision of divine inspiration. I swivel my chair around to face her, sitting up straight and trying to sound as un-whiny as possible.

"Hey Sandy," I say, as lame as possible. You just can't form coherent sentences around this woman. She's won more than one debate just because I can't stand to argue with her. "Yeah, tis the season, you know?"

"I hear you on that one," She says, coming in and sitting on my co-workers desk, long deserted. Lucky bastard got to go home hours ago. "Wanna coke? I think you need it more than I do." She says, popping the can and handing it to me. I decline and she shrugs, tilting her head back to sip. She's not very graceful and a small dribble makes it's way down her chin and neck, causing her to laugh, sending a bit of spry my direction. I wince as the droplets hit me, trying not to laugh as she stops the drip with her hand.

"I'm sorry!" she says laughing, noticing how I'm annoyed by the cola bath I just took. It wasn't that bad, really, but I ham it up anyway.

"Don't sweat it," I say, wiping my face and shirt, "happens to the best of us." I turn around to reach for some tissue off my desk and start to wipe myself down again. I jump a little bit when I feel hands on my shoulders.

"I am sorry, Jimmy," She says, deeper. "I didn't mean to add drama to your day."

"No, dear, you just added excitement, is all.'s been a stressful one."

"I can tell," She says, starting dig her fingers deep into my neck and shoulders. I don't tell many people this, but that's one sure fire ticket to getting me all hot and bothered, is a rough, painful even neck massage. Normally, I try to refrain from indulging- to better avoid arousal, after all,- but I don't care tonight. It's well after dark and the office is deserted. My boss is the only manager left in the building and probably off in the warehouse somewhere. Who cares if I get a hard on?

I lean forward to hid it, just in case. I can feel myself getting stiff in my pants and I don't want her to notice, freak out, and stop what she's doing. I lower my head down, touching my chin to my chest to take full advantage of her surprisingly skilled hands. I start to breathe deeply, and moan a little- I can’t help it, I'm a moaner- as she uses her position of power over me to move her hands lower down my back, along the sides of my spine pressing as she does so.

"oooooohhhhhhh.......thank you." I sigh, feeling the air leave my lungs.

"Always here for a friend, dear," She says, somewhat distracted, sounding a million miles away, like she's thinking of something else. "Besides, the phones are dead and you've got so many knots in you I'd think you were a sail boat."

If I'm a sucker for one thing, it's corny humor like that.

"Well, it's these damn chairs." I say.

Sandra hits my lower back and I flinch. That's a "yes-yes" spot for me...if anyone even brushes that, it drives me wild. She seems to understand and starts kneading her way back up again until she's once again digging into my neck. I let out a long hiss and shake my head as she keeps squeezing, down my shoulders and onto my arms.

"Thank you Sandy," I say.

"Don't mention it, Sweets," She says, still distracted. "We all need to de-stress sometimes..."

I turn to her and smile, grateful that my erection is semi-controlled in my pants.

"Yeah, that's true. I guess we all do need it, huh?"

"Yeah" she says, back. I look into her eyes, the deepest amber color I've ever seen and something inside clicks. She's looking into mine too, and for a few seconds of awkward silence, I battle with myself. When she sucks in and bites on her lower lip, I decide that it's a signal and if I don't act now, there won’t be another chance.

I stand from my chair, and step close to her. I've got a half-foot on her and so I have to bend down to kiss her. I lean in, and she closes her eyes, her lips half open and the next thing I taste is the cherry lip-gloss she put on earlier. Her lips are warm on mine, and soft too. She puts her hands on my waist and slides them up my back, pulling herself into my embrace while I wrap my arms around hers. She has a small mouth, which I don't mind necessarily, but I try my best to be gentle and romantic with the kiss- no sense overpowering her. After a minute or so, her lips open a bit and she lets out a long sigh as I stick my tongue into her mouth, where it finds hers.

She's very good at making out, I decided. Her kiss is slow but deep, her embrace steady but soft. She runs her hands up and down my back and I do the same. I feel connected to her, like we were both cut from the same clay in ancient times and now we've found each other again. I admit that I'd hoped for this, but never thought in my wildest fantasies.... and now? Now, I don't want it to end. I don't want it to be an awkward memory of a dead-end job. Would I ruin the moment if I took it further? Could I live with myself if I didn't try? There is no one around for a hundred yards at least, and no one would be back for an hour, probably. No cameras in the room, no one calling the phones...

I move my hands down and slide them under her shirt. I start to lift it when she stops kissing me and pushes it back down.

"Wait." She says. My heart mind rages at itself for a moment. I shouldn't have pushed, and now I've ruined everything...

Sandra moves to the door.... and gently closes it, locking it as she does so.

"Okay," she smiles, moving back to me, peeling her shirt off over her head and giving me access to her purple satin bra. She kisses me again, pulling at my own shirt, trying to get it up out of my pants and over my head, while I fonder her breasts, wondering how long until I got to feel them for real. Once we're both shirtless, she starts to rub my chest too, and I fumble with her bra clasp.

Once I have her breasts free, I take them into my mouth and it's her turn to moan. Her hand finds the back of my head and she weaves her fingers through my hair and I like and suck on her perky breasts. She's not a large woman by any means, but her tits are just perfect for her body and I can feel her nipples getting hard beneath my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it, making her sigh again, while I take my free hand and slide it down the front of her crotch and begin to rub her pussy through her pants.

This sets her off and she arches her head back and starts to talk.

"Oh, that feels so good.... oh God.... play with my pussy.... rub me off."

I switch breasts, alternating my stroke on her crotch too as she bends at the knees to let my hand slide all the way back, then all the way front again. I start to make circles around her clit while I tease her breasts.

" fucking good..." she says, as she takes her hands from me and unclasps her pants, sliding them down to her ankles and stepping out of them, giving me direct access to her freshly shaven pussy lips. I stick my hand into her dripping wet lips, rubbing the slit with my hand and playing with her vaginal opening, sliding all the way back to her ass as she moans so loud that I start to worry about how well the office is insulated. I play with her ass, fingering it for a bit, just teasing her hole before coming back to rub her clit. I move my mouth from her breasts to her neck and bite down hard, eliciting another moan that's half pain, half pleasure.

I massage the skin around her clit with my two fingers, rubbing the skin on top and to the sides while I leave my mark- literally- on her neck and collarbone.

"Yes, baby..." she says, "I want you to leave your mark on me...give me something to remember this by...."

I don't bite hard enough to leave break skin, or even leave teeth marks, but it's not long before she has two very nice looking hickeys below her neckline. I always thought they were tacky, but I love to give them to her and it seems to excite her that she'll have a dirty little secret tomorrow...and some pain to remind her of her pleasure. I finish rubbing her pussy back and forth, teasing her clit, and bring my fingers to my mouth for a taste. Her pussy is practically dripping on the floor and her breathing is erratic. I wonder how close she came to Cumming all over my hand, standing up no less. I suck all the salty moisture off my fingers as she reaches down and undoes my belt, unzips my pants and finds my hard dick waiting for her soft hands.

I place my fingers on her lips and she begins to suck on them too, taking in her own pussy while she stokes my shaft with her hands, cupping and massaging my balls.

I move her back to my desk and practically throw my binders and inbox to the floor, gently picking her up by the waist and setting her bare ass on the desktop. I spread her legs and kneel down to put my face between them.

"You gonna eat my pussy, baby?" She asks. I can’t wait to...I dive right in, licking her pussy the same way I was rubbing it, from the bottom to the top. She leans back onto my desk, resting her head on the wall and placing both hands on the tabletop to steady herself...

I tease her asshole with my tongue, tickling her a bit before I move up into her vagina. However wet she was before, she's practically drenched now as my lips move up and down the walls of her pussy, making gentle nibbles along the labia, sucking on the folds of skin with my lips. I stick my tongue into her slit and plunge it deep into her, making her moan and almost loose balance.

Inside her pussy is amazing; it's salty of course, but strangely thick and intoxicating. I find myself getting dizzy in the smell of Sandra's sex, and I have to come up for air...

...or try to at least. One of her hands comes back down on my head, gently forcing me back into her pussy, where I don't have any problem teasing her clit with my tongue, rubbing it up, down and around, putting pressure on the little thing itself until she screams and grabs my hair, before I resume my gentler approach.

I lick up and down and even start to nibble the skin above her pussy and along her panty line, taking the time to stick a finder deep inside her and start to move around, looking for what excites her. I find her G-Spot and rub it firmly with one, then two of my fingers until she's breathing and panting and her eyes are screwed shut. The room was heated to keep the chill out, and now we're sweating, dripping everywhere and mingling with her fluids to make a mess on the desk that I'll have a hard time explaining in the morning...

I move my head back down to her clit, still stroking her G-spot and now licking her clitoris when she grabs my head again.

"Oh....... fuck...........ohhhhhhhhhhh........" she screams silently as the waves of her orgasm hit her and cause her to buck her hips on the table. It takes a good thirty seconds before she's able to speak again. By then, I'm already up and kissing her deep.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She moans, smiling and reaching up to pinch my nipples, "You wanna fuck me, baby? Why don't you fuck me now? I want you to pound my fucking pussy hard with that cock of yours."

Who am I to argue with a lady? I guide myself inside her, first just my tip, then I pull out again, just giving her a taste. Then, I push myself in deeper and in one slow push, I'm inside her completely and pulling out slowly...then going back in again, this time without stopping...

Sandra feels so good inside; I have to fight not to cum deep in her pussy. It's so wet and slick it barely feels there, but its' tight so that I can feel it's pressure up and down my penis, rubbing hard on the rim of my tip, making me mad with desires. I start to go in deeper, and pick up speed until she's moaning again, rubbing her clit as I fuck her tight snatch.

I lean down and play with her breasts again, using my thumbs and fingertips to get her nipples hard, and then squeezing them a little, making her crack a smile. She knows exactly what to do and what to say to turn me on, and I want to make sure she doesn't regret this in the morning...

I drill into her deeper and deeper, until I hear the sound of my balls slapping the skin of her ass. I can feel myself about to explode, and I look down at her, into those deep amber eyes...

"I'm gonna cum," I gasp

"I know," she says, also breathless. "I want you to cum deep inside me...I want you to fuck me and fill me with your cum."

No sooner does she say it than I feel myself release. I can feel my cock inside her spew cum deep into her pussy, as I keep slamming into her. I moan deep, and she lets out a muted, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I can feel it.... that's it, baby..."

Ten seconds or so after I finish Cumming in Sandra, I pull out and she leans down and takes my cock deep into her mouth, sucking off all of her sex and mine until it's completely clean and drained, playing with my balls as she does so.

"Mmmmmm, thank you, baby." She says, standing to kiss me again. I can feel her moist pussy up against my still erect dick, and I want to go again, to fuck her even harder, when she moves to collect her panties. We put on our clothes in silence, and once we're fully clothed, I start to take some Windex from my drawer and clean up the mess we made.

"How was it?" I ask, instantly chiding myself for the stupid comment. She's about to answer when the phone rings and, kissing me on the cheek; she leaves the room for the front desk to answer it. I'm left alone, just like before and once I replace my desk to how it was- and disinfect the table to get rid of the smell if nothing else- I save my file and turn off the PC. I'm not getting any more work done tonight, and it's nearly 8:20 anyway. We're been having sex for an hour.

I gather my bag and notepad and cell phone and take the 30-foot walk from my office to her station near the front door.

"So......." I ask. She seems to be daydreaming, looking out the window to the parking lot and beyond, into the darkness, a smile on her face like she has a dirty secret and she's not telling.

"Hmmmmm?" She turns to face me as I ask. She's playing with her collar where I gave her the hickies...

"Can I call you, Sandra?"

She actually laughs a bit. "You'd better." She says as she hands over a post it note. On it, in beautiful handwriting, she'd written her number and her address.

"I get off in less than an hour." She said, "And then, when I get home, I plan to get off again. My husband is hauling his rig out to California and he won’t be home for five days, plenty of time for these hickeys to fade away. I hope to see you there waiting for me. I really had fun tonight...don't disappoint me, sexy." She winks as the phone rings again.

As she answers it, I pocket her note. I look over her desk, and ask,

"May I kiss you?" She shakes her head. Covering the mouthpiece, she points to a camera not ten feet away.

"Not here Jimmy, but tonight you can kiss me as much as you like. One hour, stud." And she went back to the call.

I wouldn't disappoint her.
Walnut Street: Dungeon Master
Posted:Mar 9, 2018 10:09 am
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2018 1:08 pm

Shortly after moving into the Big House on Walnut Street, I was introduced to Ellen. One of the facts about the game of Dungeons and Dragons is that 99.9% of the people who play are all guys. For some reason women just were not interested in wasting time sitting around pretending to fight giants and monsters in an imaginary world created by the “Dungeon Master”. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Ellen not only played the game but hosted a marathon game every Sunday afternoon in the commons TV room of Evins Hall. A female Dungeon Master, and a natural redhead at that.

Being a typical male (who up to that point had never heard of the game) I was intrigued. We made a date to meet in the University Center Grill for coffee and discuss the game. Long story short, Ellen agreed to teach me the game and showed me the books (????) I would need to buy (!!!!) and the basic rules of the game. Oh my god. What have I gotten myself into? This was a whole new subculture with ideals taken from places like “Lord of the Rings” and even “Alice in Wonderland” and arranged into a roleplaying adventure the likes of which boggled my poor mind.

Sometimes when we were in the game without anyone else around our characters occasionally interacted until they ended up role-playing a few erotic scenes not EVER seen in a multi-player game. We played out the erotic role play of our characters together and at the same time started talking about ourselves and getting to know each other in great detail. She learned about my pension for anal sex and learned that I was “sharing” a woman with Mike, my live-in landlord. Turns out that Ellen and Wild Bill were former lovers. Then she told me that she was always the dominate one in every relationship she had ever been in. Her personality and red headed temper kept most men “in their place” or so she said. (I believe her). One of our more kinky imaginary encounters we shared was when she was attacked violently by my character and subdued after an argument in the game. I won the dice roll and things got rated XXX real fast. That’s when Ellen learned about my anal sex obsession. Weeks later Ellen confessed to me that this was her new fantasy that made her cum multiple times when she masturbated. OK good information to know. I filed that away for another day.

A few days later I had been out drinking with some friends and got a little bit loaded. Unable to drive safely I decided to walk back to my room in the Big House on Walnut Street when I found myself near Ellen's address. Ellen’s apartment was on the first floor, which was good, because I might have had trouble with stairs. I looked around and found someone had planted flowers in the yard across the street. I picked one. Then I crossed the street and knocked on the door. After a minute I knocked again. I went to knock a third time, and I heard her. She called out that she was on her way.

Ellen answered the door. She was 5'3" and even in her overly large shirt and sweatpants I could tell she was hiding the huge breasts that stood almost obscenely from her tiny frame. The sweatpants were tight showing her wide hips and round ass just below her tiny waist.

Her eyes were strikingly bright green, and I lost my voice for a moment looking into them. She was beautiful. Her hair was the shade of red that looks like it would bleed if you cut it. She hadn't even put any makeup on yet and she was beautiful. Her lips were soft and pink, her nose straight with a slight upturn at the tip, and the weight she carried in her hips, ass, and tits showed just slightly in her cheeks, filling out her face so she didn't look gaunt, or overly sharp.

"Is that for me?" She asked raising up on her toes and I almost missed my chance, but I knew what she wanted. As she started to reach for the flower, I swung my free right hand under it and pushed her right in the solar plexus. Not hard, only hard enough to stun her, not hurt her. My left hand was still holding the flower, and I managed to hang on to it as she fell backward and dropped to the ground. I had knocked the wind out of her and she gasped for breath unable to scream or process what just happened.

I stepped through the threshold and locked the door behind me. I dropped the flower. Immediately my hand went to her mouth to prevent her from screaming when she got her breath back, but not squeezing her so hard as to hurt her. I forced her shirt up and confirmed, these were Ellen's tits. I pulled her sweat pants down and she wasn't wearing any underwear. Her pussy was waxed smooth and glistening with her juices begging to be fucked.

I leaned close to her ear and threatened her, "If you scream, this gets much worse." She nodded, her eyes wide as she realized what I had in mind. I let go of her mouth.

I worked at my pants and managed to kick them off while still on top of her and by this point she smiled a little at what was happening. I looked back up into her deep green eyes and asked, "You ready to get fucked you whore?" She couldn't speak but slowly she nodded as tears fell from her eyes.

She let out a whimper. Laying on her side I picked up her top leg and slid into place straddling her leg still on the floor, my hard dick rubbing at her lips. I grabbed her tit, and commanded her, "Tell me just how much your whore cunt wants this."

Ellen let out a soft moan as I teased her slit and played with her tits. Her voice was hoarse and forced, "Please," she pleaded, "Please fuck me. I deserve to be fucked." She coughed, and judging by how much more juice covered my cock, she was telling the truth, she wanted it.

Straddling one leg and with the other up against my chest, I slid into her waiting pussy with ease. She was hot and sopping wet and as soon as my dick was in, she started gripping me with the muscles lining her pussy. Using her leg for balance and holding it to pull myself into her I started fucking her sideways right inside her front door. I continued playing with her breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and pulled on them. I repeated this moving back and forth from one nipple to the other all while sawing in and out of her.

Ellen was moaning in no time, and in short order she started with her first orgasm. Her whole body went stiff while I continued working in and out of her, "You like this don't you? You little whore, you'll fuck any dick that knocks on your door, won't you?" I twisted her nipple a bit and got her to respond.

"Ahh, yes Jimmy. Yes, I'm a whore and I deserve this." She sobbed into the carpet.

I continued fucking her to her second and third orgasm before I decided to change it up. I pulled out of her and she whimpered a bit. I picked her up and carried her through the door to the single bedroom. I recognized the sheets and some of the wall decor.

I walked to the bed and dropped her on it. I grabbed her face in one hand and looking down at her, I told her, "Now you're going to suck your slut juice off me and if I feel your teeth at all, I'm going to rip them out of your head. " She nodded, and I slid into her mouth. I let go of her and she started tenderly sucking on me. I let her work on her own, showing me her skill but after a few minutes I remembered why I was here, what she wanted.

I grabbed the back of her head and started to move my hips pushing in and out of her mouth. I picked up the pace until I was fucking her face hard. I watched as she moved one of her hands down and played with her clit and then slid some fingers inside. When I was ready, I buried my dick all the way in her throat, forcing myself deeper, and came. I poured hot rope after hot rope of sticky cum into her, and she choked. I laughed as cum came out her nose.

I pulled her head from my dick and threw her onto the bed face first, tits down. She instinctively pulled her knees up under herself and I could see her sticky juices trailing down her leg, and some lube trailing from her ass. I was instantly hard again and I moved behind her to line up with her ass. I pushed my head against her hole and smacked her ass hard. She didn't flinch away and even started pushing back on me. "Tell me what you want." I growled.

"I want you to fuck my ass." she said as she continued to push back and impale herself on my dick. I smacked her ass again. She struggled to take my head in, so I helped her. Had she not just been fucking her ass with a dildo it probably wouldn't have fit, but as I grabbed her hips and pulled, I managed to slip my head in. It sank in and stopped as soon as just the head was in. I tried pushing again but even with all the lube, her ass hadn't relaxed enough to take more of me yet. I pulled back a little to open her hole back up like I was going to slide out and then pushed back in hard. I made it a bit further but not much. Ellen had found a pillow and was alternating between clenching her teeth on it and screaming into it.

I moved my hips in a circle, pushing and pulling her hips and slowly slid in further and further. Her muffled screams only egged me deeper. Once all the way in, I stayed there for a moment staring at the site before me. Ellen stopped screaming when I stopped moving and took a second to catch her breath. She looked back at me and nodded, trying to hide a wicked smile.

That was all the confirmation I needed. I pulled out before slamming back in. I repeated and with each stroke it got easier and easier. Had I just not cum in her throat I would not have lasted doing this, but fortunately I was able to last for what seemed like forever, pounding in and out of her ass. She put her hand back to her dripping pussy and she brought herself to another orgasm with my dick in her ass. As she did, she clenched down on me almost painfully tight.

Finally, I knew I was close and buried myself one last time and came harder than I ever have. Spent, I pulled myself from her ass and collapsed on her bed. I pulled her head to my crotch and told her, "Clean yourself off of me, you dirty little cum rag."

Ellen hesitated, and I growled out, "Now," and she immediately started licking. She was slow at first, but got faster and braver. She took my deflating dick into her mouth and sucked my cum off of it. Once she had finished, she crawled up next to me and gently kissed my neck.

"Wow. That was fucking amazing." is all she managed to say.

We laid there for a while, and she nestled into me. I finally broke the silence and asked, "I have a dinner reservation at Nick’s tonight. Want to be my plus one?"

"Sure, Jimmy." she said nuzzling further into me. “Next time it’s my turn. I’ll bring my handcuffs.”
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Sex in the Park
Posted:Mar 2, 2018 10:16 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2018 10:13 am
You receive a call in the evening confirming your appointment, and you have one hour to prepare and thirty minutes to travel. No names are mentioned but you know it's him, and you know she'll be there, too. A rush of expectant lust wells up in you as you step into the shower. You've been hungering for this so intensely, and now the time has come, and your heart jumps at the though of what might happen between us three. The warm water strikes you heavily and trails over your face and your breasts and down between your legs, and every sensation is heightened by your eagerness for the night ahead.

Carefully you dry yourself, and dress just as he has instructed, slipping on black, fine-meshed fishnet stockings and a black lace garter, a flowing, black, ankle-length skirt, and a black tube top and a loose-fitting black blouse, and low, broad heels - and you are to wear no panties or bra underneath.

The fresh memory of his words smolders in your ears as you step into your car and start the engine. As you drive, you obediently part your legs and slip your hand beneath the elastic of your waistband to toy with your moist folds, slowly provoking that gathering ache into a distinct and powerful yearning to be touched, to be commanded, to be restrained and controlled, to be teased and tormented, to be used at our whims as a delicious plaything, and to feel that explosive ecstasy surging up within you and rupturing your consciousness into a convulsive frenzy.

Your nectar is slick and warm on your fingers, and you dutifully work that naughty little cunt up as close as you can to the very brink at each stoplight, but at the same time being very respectfully cautious to keep yourself from actually cumming until his cock is buried deep up in you. As you pass into the entrance to the freeway, you slip your hand out and raise it discreetly to your lips to taste that heady liquor of passion on your fingers. The sweet musk is intoxicating, and you desire all the more fervently to taste hers as well, to be allowed by her to lick between her spread thighs and to be permitted to feel her hard clit under your lapping tongue.

The road slips away under your splayed and slippery little slit as you finger it once more, and you are nearly overpowered several times by your fiercely enflamed need to cum, but not quite... your deep inner strength, and your desire to remain our honorably compliant little strumpet - and the knowledge that your reward will be that soon, when you have been given our consent, your quivering peak will be ever so much more intense – all combine to allow you to withstand the urgent temptation. At long last, the exit approaches and you are nearly distracted from it, and your heavy breath forms profane expressions as you declare to yourself your fiery desire for release. As your foot presses the brake to hold you at the light, you glance around to make certain that you're unobserved, and you finger that sweetly flowing cleft and diddle your swollen clit hard, and your other hand strays into your blouse and beneath your tube top to tweak your favorite and most sensitive nipple. You're so close to cumming now, and you want so badly to just slip your middle and ring fingers all the way up inside and finger fuck that harlot cunt deliciously off, and you briefly plunge your fingers deep in that frothy tightness before the light turns and you slip them out as you make the turn, screaming your sweet frustration and hovering delicately on the verge of that blissful precipice.

You follow his clear directions, concentrating with difficulty, and you pull your car into a space at the inland side of the coastal park, where the empty walkways meander through the lawns between scattered lampposts and along the concrete railings at the top of a rise overlooking the faintly moonlit ocean. Together two shapes appear a little distance before you, male and female walking close together, and they draw nearer in the darkness and then part with her moving to your right and him to your left. He's wearing black pants under a black t-shirt and a long black coat flecked sparsely with white, and carrying a small satchel, and she's in a black cotton robe over a black halter-top and a long black skirt. Her dark hair hangs in a very long braid down past her waistline. We gesture for you to unlock the doors, and we both enter and immediately lean in close and kiss you in turn and lick and bite the sides of your neck and run our hands all over you, telling you what a good little trollop you are to have gotten here so punctually.

He asks in a quiet and authoritative tone, "Have you been a good girl and masturbated right to the point of getting that hot little cunt off as you drove to meet us here?"

You nod in the affirmative and whisper, "Yes, sir."

She feels up your tits lasciviously and whispers in your ear, "That's our sweet little slut - I wanna taste you right here... hike that skirt up and spread your legs for me."

You press your feet against the floor to lift yourself a little as you pull your skirt up over the mesh of the fishnets and display your nakedness to us both as we each move to firmly part your thighs. You thrust your loins upward to meet his fingers as he slides his middle and ring fingers slowly deep up in you and out over your hard little button, then he raises his hand and feeds her his ring finger and then dips his middle finger into his mouth. "Mmm, yes," he utters approvingly, "You've been a very good little slattern indeed."

She lifts her skirt as she kneels on the passenger seat next to you, and she draws her middle finger along the core of her trimmed patch and holds it out near your mouth, "Wanna taste my pretty pussy?"

You respond instantly, "Yes, Mistress!" You can smell her sweetly spicy musk and you feel your cheeks flush with desire.

She taunts you in harsh whispers, holding her finger just out of reach as he slips his fingers into your hair at the back of your neck and holds your head back firmly with your face upturned, "Come on, naughty little slut - fucking lick it! Lick that pussy juice off my finger!" Then we finally allow you to lick her fingers, and you taste the alluring dew of her petals. Her mouth drops open as she watches you eagerly licking and sucking. Her eyes burn into his. "I think she's ready now."

One at a time, he removes from his coat pocket a pair of fur-lined leather cuffs with nickel-plated steel rings, secures them snugly around each of your wrists, closing the velcro straps with a flourish. He opens his satchel and draws out a silky black robe, draws back to help you out of your car, and puts the robe on you. Then he pulls out a heavy four-inch swivel clasp and fastens the two cuffs together behind your back. "I'll carry your keys, since you don't have any pockets, and we'll put your purse in the trunk for safe keeping." He nods to her and she draws the keys from the ignition and pops the trunk hatch, and she lifts your purse by the strap and places it inside before closing the hatch again. Then she moves toward you and hands your keys to him and then we press you tight in between us – you feel his cock rigid and arched against the crack of your ass through the cloth and she lifts your tube top and her halter top to bare her breasts against yours, and she kisses you deeply and mingles your scent with hers on your tongue as his teeth press into your flesh at the base of your neck and her fingers slip under your waistband and into your slick pussy in a single fluid movement. A small whimper of ecstasy emerges from your throat and you are utterly ours to do with as we please.

We lead you into the darkness along the path for some distance, passing one lamppost and then another, with her on your right and her left hand clasped in your left hand, and him on your left with his right in your right hand so that your wrists cross behind you and the long sleeves of the silky robe conceal your bonds. Ahead of us, you notice a particularly dark area beneath a pair of large willows, and as we lead you closer, you can make out a park bench near the ornate concrete fence. We all sit together and we both take a moment with you to admire the beauty of the sliver of moon reflecting dimly blue-white off the surface of the sea. Then she turns to you and whispers slowly and hotly in your ear, "Wanna lick my cunt juice off his cock?"

You draw breath sharply at the idea and your heart races at the thought of us watching us fuck and then sucking his cunt-wet cock in such a public place, but a quick look around you, past the secluded gloom in which we sit, reveals that no one is anywhere nearby, and your slit grows even wetter as she pours her eyes into yours and breathes the words, "We're gonna fuck."

We leave you seated as we get up, and she faces the bench and leans over, placing her hands on the back and the arm of the bench, arching her ass out just in front of you as he hikes her skirt up over her bare ass and slips the elastic waistband of his pants down to release his stiff prick into the night air. "Suck it, you little trollop. Suck my fucking prick," he instructs you as he holds it out before you. You bend forward to take his firm length in your mouth, and he quickly licks his thumb and reaches between her legs to slip his thumb up inside her and rub his fingers on her clit. "Get that cock nice and slick for her wet cunt." Her scent mingles with the hint of cologne on his body, and you spread your legs to bend your aching pussy into the bench and grind down on it, as you take his cock all the way down your throat until his short curls tickle your nose. Then he draws it out of your mouth and slides it directly up into her as she wantonly arches her blossom out to receive him.

He holds his coat back, and with his other hand he splays her ass to present to you the slow steady penetration of his glistening cock into her soaking pussy as we fuck mere inches from your face. She turns to regard you over her shoulder, and her eyes unmistakably communicates the willful lust burning in her as she takes his cock deeply inside her. His low tones softly reach your ears, "Does that look nice? Huh? Do you like watching us fuck?" Your mouth is open, full of your hot breath, as you look up into his eyes and nod your assent, and you move to lick and nibble her ass cheek, but your bonds restrain you from anything else at the moment. "Good girl, now suck her nectar off my prick." He pulls out and feeds his now musky shaft to you, and she turns ravenously to join you on his cock, licking the sides as she rakes her fingers into your hair and controls your movement up and down to reveal and conceal his span in your mouth.

Then her mouth is at your ear, "You're gonna be next. I want you to finger my hot cunt deep, and rub my wet clit with your thumb and lick my ass, while you stick that cock-hungry cunt of yours out for him to fuck." She looks around again and lifts her top over her breasts and allows you so suckle on both of her nipples in turn, and then she helps you to stand up, and he unclips the swivel clasp to release your wrists from each other, and then we guide you to place one foot on the bench and the other on the ground. She turns around again and resumes her position with her pussy bared and presented before you, and he bends you down toward her. You brace yourself with one hand on the bench and you lick the fingers and thumb of the other in what turns out to be a useless gesture as you find her folds and her tight tunnel to be soaking wet as you enter her feverish sex, and you feel the cool evening air on your ass as he lifts your skirt up to bare your throbbing wet cunt to his sopping prick. His coat draws around your nakedness as he moves closer.

You feel the swollen and slippery head of his cock rubbing heavily against your engorged clit, and it feels cool and smooth as he slips it slowly downward and into your opening, teasing it mercilessly just a little ways in and out of you as you lick her tight, clean quim and finger her cunt skillfully with your first and middle fingers and thumb, pressing your fingertips lightly against that sweetspot at the back of her pelvic bone as you slip slowly in and out. You hear his muted voice behind you, "Such an obedient little harlot you are, licking that ass and fingering her wet cunt while I'm fucking you out here in the open like this, such a nasty, reckless little fucktoy you are... mmm-hmmmm... so fucking yummy!"

Her voice follows closely on his, "She's working my cunt so good. Oooh yes, what a depraved little slut you are, aren't you, taking his cock up in you as you do me so nice? Fuckin' work that pussy, little girl. Mmmm - yeah, that's it..." Then she looks back over her shoulder, "I wanna watch you ride him as you finger me."

Taking her cue, he sinks all the way into you and moves to keep you on him as he drops to sit down on the bench, pulling you to squat over him and straddle him with both your feet now up on the bench and your back to him. Her nectar cools on your fingers as she breaks from you for a moment to stands in front of you, baring her tits under her robe and holding her skirt up above her triangle. You are now the only one moving as you glide up and down on his cock and reach up to grasp her arm to brace yourself, and she grasps yours as she lifts her leg and sets her foot next to yours on the bench to spread wide for your fingers. As he reaches around and under the cloth to lift and squeeze your tits, you slip your middle and ring fingers into her and jiggle them in and out fast and light with the flat of your thumb rubbing her slick little button – you're wanting her to cum first, and really soon because you can feel your own intensity growing and the fire in your belly is now almost beyond containing as you bear down on the base of his cock. You can feel him tensing beneath you as he guides you to lift a little bit off of him and then to hold your position before he thrusts all the way up into your spread and hovering cunt and then a little way out before plunging back in again and again. Your arm drops around her waist as and rests against her raised thigh as you bend forward to press your shoulder into her belly and lick thirstily over her wet clit as you finger her deeper, and you pass into thoughtless abandon as she stoops to feel up your tits and pinch your puffy nipples, and her breath gets heavier and heavier, panting out her fury as she begins to shudder. You hold as still as you can over him as she starts cumming against your fingers, and her hot fluid gushes beneath your tongue and over your palm as she quivers and bucks against your hand, quietly crying her passion out as her body writhes. You feel that scrumptious ecstasy surge up within you as his primal cock hotly fucks your willful cunt into helplessness, and your body seizes for a moment as he grabs you by the hair and pulls you down to press onto him, and then you grind your flaming entrance down against his hilt, and your clit smears down into your slick juice as you rub it on the ridge of his tight ball sack. Shaking overtakes you and your cunt clenches against his flexing and spurting shaft as he growls low and fierce like an untamed beast at your back. She's still wriggling and jerking against you as you work your fingers in and out of her and lap her hard little button, and his body heaves beneath you in the slowly fading fire of his peak. Sated embers glow in your belly as you rest down against him and pull her closer, kissing upward across her belly and between her breasts.

Mindless oblivion passes very gradually into awareness, and she eases backward and pulls her clothing into place, and she reaches out and lifts your tube top back up as you rise from his softening cock and step down, and he pulls his pants over its drenched and satisfied pinkness. He gets up from the bench and looks around to confirm our continued solitude, and the he looks down and admires the wet spot on the ground that she produced as a result of your skills. A communal sigh of contentment is shared spontaneously by all, and this provokes a communal giggle. The casual tone in his voice bares little trace of the mischief just passed, as he asks, "How about a little hot tea?"

"Mmm, yes," you agree. She leans in and says quietly with a sly smile, "...and then let's all go back to our house for round two – we're not near done with you yet."
Don't Judge Me
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 12:47 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2018 10:08 am
Dear Katherine,

I am having a blast out here in the Bahamas. The food is delicious, the weather is beautiful and the ocean feels fantastic at all times of the day. It's never too hot or too cold. It's always just right! Girl, the men out here are the epitome of gorgeous. I always thought that New York had some fine ass men but the Bahamas is taking the cake.

Okay, so I'm convinced that this nine month long self-inflicted case of celibacy is driving me crazy and spending the last ten days on the nude beaches were making it worse. I had the craziest encounter on the beach last night and I had to tell you before I forgot the tiniest detail. It was erotic and kind of sexually sadistic but I loved it.

Don't judge me, just read!

Anyway...I was laying the beach top less because I found a little spot between two large rock outcroppings on the beach that hid me from view of most of , with the sun setting in the distance. I saw a man walking towards me but I couldn't make out his face. As he came closer I guessed that he was maybe 6' in height and 190 pounds give or take a few pounds. A tanned piece of manhood he was. The sun seemed to radiate against his chiseled body which also had to be carved from a tree of perfection. I already told you how gorgeous these men are and I hope you don't doubt me.

He sat next to me and he smelt like a god directly sent from heaven. The next thing I knew, he was touching my legs and tracing up my thigh towards my pussy. He knelt above me and began to kiss me feverishly; he then took his left hand and grabbed me by my neck. Squeezing lightly, he took his right hand and ripped off my bikini bottom. He proceeded to finger me but it wasn't fast paced. He slid 1 finger in to see how wet I was and then he slid another one inside of me and began to thrust his fingers in a deliberate slow motion. I was so wet you could hear the sounds of my wetness over sounds of the waves on the sea. It was so intoxicating! I could feel his cock on my upper thigh and it was solid as a rock. I looked around and the little spot I picked out between the rocks was deserted except for us.

I could feel my orgasm building and my knees began to shake... As soon as I got to the cliff of the most amazing orgasm, I felt him release the pressure and with one acrobatic move one head was on my pussy licking me into a frenzy and the other was in my mouth.

I devoured the penis within my mouth. I grabbed hold of his shaft and licked the length of it. I could taste his pre-cum at the tip and what a glorious taste it was. His cum was sweet with a slight saltyness that sent my body into overdrive. I slid his member down into my throat and held it there. I could feel him trying to pump into me and the veins on his penis beginning to contract.

After a moment or so, I felt my gag reflexes begin to vibrate so I slid him out of my throat and began to suck the length of his member slowly but made sure to keep him drenched in my saliva. The next thing I knew, he had my legs wrapped around his neck and his face was buried in my "holy grail". There was no way that I could hold onto my orgasm any longer. I felt his muscles stiffen just as my body began to spasm out of control.

He held me still as I feverishly suck and hum which sent vibrations up and down his cock. I tasted the beginning of what would be the most cum to ever fill my mouth. Maybe 3 seconds later he shot his load to the back of my throat and I hungrily swallowed every drop. My orgasm was messy it was so much that he couldn't handle all of it. I had only squirted once or twice in the past but it was never this much. He collapsed next to me and his face was soaked with a mixture of sweat and my sweetness. He licked all that was on his lips and then proceeded to kiss me. I didn't think he was ready for another round...wrong!

As he kissed me, he let his lips and tongue trace my neck and down to my breasts all the while his hands roamed my body. The cool night air mixed with the use of this man's glorious mouth made my nipples erect. My chest rose and fell with each intoxicating second filled of lust and sex. I begged for his penis, I wanted every inch of his thick member. I could tell that he was more than aroused but I guess he liked to hear me beg and see me squirm. In an effort to speed of the excellent stimulation, I reached for his cock. I grabbed hold of his shaft, squeezed lightly, and started to jerk his penis. I demanded that he give me his cock.

His breathing sped up and I could hear his heart pounding against his chest. In another one of those swift moves, he rammed his cock inside of me and said "take it all". I screamed out in pain but the pain was so worth it. He began to pump slowly into my vagina and with every thrust I felt him pull out slightly. I started to get really frustrated because I didn't want to play anymore.

He made me feel so good and I needed his entire cock to be and stay inside of me. With the next thrust I lifted my hips in the air and he slammed into me. He rolled us onto the side and slapped my ass. He said "I'm the man, this is my pussy and I do not need your help to fuck you." With that, he rolled me onto my back and ironically enough, I loved that bossy shit. I was even more turned on then before. So I laid there and let him take me, however he wanted me.

He fucked me from the back, sideways, and even upside down. I never knew a pleasure like this and I damn sure wasn't ready for it to end. I'm guessing he was getting tired from all of his hard work... He pulled out of me slightly, rolled onto his back and said "Ride my cock!" With very little breath, all I could say was "Yes daddy!"

I caught my breath and took control of his member. I had to tease him the way he had teased me for the first 2 hours. I began to move up and down very slowly on his cock, I balanced myself by placing my hands on his chest and continued to bounce on his cock. I rode him and made sure to contract my pussy muscles each time I lifted my hips. While riding him, he put his thumb on my clitoris and stroked it like he was a professional "clitoris expert". This man was giving me life with each and every caress.

I noticed his eyes slowly rolling towards the back of his head and his moans quickly became groans of pleasure. He slapped my ass and the pleasurable sting made me beg for more. I felt my orgasm building and I could feel his penis stiffen inside me. Suddenly, he lifted me up and onto my back; he shoved his member back inside of me and began pumping in and out of my pussy. I told him that I was almost there and begged him to cum with me.

Our pace quickened as we were both at the brink of an incredible orgasm. I screamed "I'm coming" as I rode the waves of an intoxicating climax. Once my body had calmed down, he said "My turn!" He pulled out, pushed me to my knees and shot his load; with his sweetness landing all over my face, neck and breasts.

We laid there naked in the sand all night and fell asleep spent from the night that was filled with multiple climaxes that left us utterly speechless. As I awoke the next morning, my vagina was sore and he was gone. Damn sand gets into everything…. All that remained was a note that said "You were better than I had imagined! Until next time. JB"

Katherine, I woke up in a panic thinking that I had definitely lost all sense of reality; then I noticed that I was naked, on the beach, alone... Damn! What the hell did I do?


I'll call you as soon as I land.

Love Kala!
We Like To Watch
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We Like To Watch

We lay sprawled out on the bed together side by side.

“Have you ever wanted to watch a woman touch herself?” I asked you point blankly and then turned to look into your eyes.

We were both freshly showered, slightly damp and ready for a night of play.

“I’ve never really thought about it but sure, why not?” you reply as you caress my shoulder and reach forward to kiss my lips and then work your way down my neck.

“How about you watch me and I get to watch you?” I suggest as I closely watch your eyes for your reaction to my invitation.

“Sounds like a deal to me” you say, with a twinkle in your eye.

We both lay back, not really sure of where to begin but sitting back up I reach for the nightstand drawer closest to the bed and pull out my favorite toy. I haven’t seen such a wide grin on your face in a long time. Adventure is always such fun.

You watch carefully as I tease my nipples with the cold hard toy, slowly circling the tips and making them stand out hard and firm. I slide the toy down my stomach and slip it between the blonde curly fluff preceding my already warm and wet lips. I look over at you to see if you’re watching and not only are your eyes eagerly taking in all that you see but you’ve begun to slowly stroke your partially erect member.

I tease and brush by my clit and separate my lips with the toy and push it abruptly inside myself gasping as it enters me. Cold and hard but feeling so good I close my eyes and you lean forward to begin to lick and suck on my hard nipples adding to the pleasure my body is feeling.

The toy slides easily in and out of me with you watching and stroking right beside me and I can’t help but pull the toy from inside me to taste the flavor of my own juices. The toy has barely reached my lips when I feel your hand reach out and pull the toy towards yourself, drawing it eagerly inside your mouth and sucking all the juices off before me. I watch you slowly licking and sucking my toy and I’ve never seen anything so erotic in my life. You’re full of surprises, and just when I thought I knew everything about you.

I take the toy from you and go back to work on my now jealous pussy and push it deep inside me, rocking it back and forth, forward and backwards while rubbing my clit with my thumb. I feel you stroking harder now and you move lower for closer inspection of my one handed action as I roll one nipple between the fingers of my free hand and rub my clit as I move the toy inside me with the other.

Masturbating is a wonderful feeling but doing it front of your lover is exciting beyond measure. My knees begin to twitch and I turn my head to watch you pleasure yourself as you watch me. I roll over and grab another toy to insert it deep into my ass. I come up on my knees as I play with both toys now getting so close to an orgasm I can almost taste it. The aroma of my play time is strong as I twist to look at you. You jump off the bed and come around to my backside to get a better look at my ass. My legs begin to curl up as the muscles begin to twitch with a life of their own. Oh god…oh god… I’m barely able to whisper to you that I’m going to cum and you begin pumping your cock hard. I cum hard, raising my legs and arching my back and letting out a long slow moan as it washes over me and rocks my body back and forth.

You stroke hard trying to match your orgasm with mine and cum right after me squirting your hot cum onto my ass after I sprawl on the bed. Right on top of my vibrator still sticking in my ass. As you squeeze every last drop out of your pumping balls you continue to gasp for breath. You lay down beside me as I pull the other toy from inside me and begin to lick on it tasting my cum, and your tongue joins mine. Together we lick the toy clean and then you take the toy from my hand and move down between my legs and slowly extract the cum covered toy from my butt hole.

Knowing that once is never enough for me you begin to suck and nibble on my clit as you pull the toy in and out of me slowly, teasing me. I let my hands slide over my chest and pinch my nipples with my fingertips as you play with my pussy, sometimes pulling the toy from inside me to plunge your tongue deep inside me. You lap at my juices and suck, lick and tease me while your fingertips gently graze the insides of my thighs.

I feel your hand slide slowly underneath me as your moistened finger slides inside my ass, driving me close to the edge and making me gasp with pleasure. You play my body like it was a fine instrument and I can’t help but succumb to the second orgasm that hits me stronger and more violently than the first rocking me and making me scream out as your tongue flicks gently enjoying making my muscles jump and squirm with pleasure. I feel the bed wet and warm underneath me and I know you’ve made me soak the sheets again, my chest heaving a heavy sigh of satisfaction.

We began to fuck like rabbits, your cock pounding my pussy until you erupted.

We kiss and I taste myself on your lips and your tongue, sweet and warm. We’ll have to watch each other more often.
"That's What She Said."
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This is a story I found in my old computer . It's the first time I tried to tell one from a woman's point of view. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Thanks Jimmy B.

“That’s What She Said.”

I fall for it every time! Damn! Dr. Tanner asked me how my night classes were. And, of course I answered.

“Too long and too hard.”

He smiled and replied, “That’s what she said.” Then he turned and walked away as my face turned red. I should report him to HR but I NEED this job. Besides he is kinda cute.

God! I hate Fridays before quitting time. The clock slows down to a crawl! Wouldn't you know it. The Goins family had to bring EVERYONE to the office. What ever happened to one patient and one driver? Now I have to "borrow" chairs from Dr. Tanner's area just to hold everyone in the waiting area. When I got my LPN I had no idea I would be herding people as part of the job. It's 10 till and I'm out of here in a few. My feet hurt.... I smile to the patient as I move the third chair into the waiting area.

Freedom! I'm driving home after stopping for a bottle of wine when I notice the little shop called the LOVE SHACK. I pass this shop everyday and have often wondered what it was like inside....well....why not? The marque says Adult Toys.....I could use a new vibrator... I smile to myself as I look around to make sure no one sees me. The street is very busy with folks going home....I quickly open the door and walk inside still holding my bottle of wine in a sack. The clerk (a rather attractive elderly lady) nods at me and said she would hold my bag for me at the counter. I set it down and quickly walk to the back of the shop. I pass by various costumes, french maid dresses, leather mini skirts, teddies with crotchless panties, my god the SHOES...jet black stilettos with 5 and 6 inch heels! My feet began to cramp again just looking at them! I laughed out loud at the white nurse's outfit with the white garter belt and bottom that looked more like a wide headband than a skirt! Dr. Tanner would swallow his tongue if I wore that to work. The thought of Dr Tanner's tongue started more naughty thoughts but I had to hurry before I got caught in here.

I found a nice battery operated dildo, not too large with a clit stimulator that was just what the doctor ordered...(again the wicked thoughts) and I headed for the desk. I saw a public billboard that had business cards, fliers and other things tacked on it. There was a line at the desk so I turned and pretended to read the fliers to avoid looking at the other "customers" gathered at the desk. My eyes settled on one in particular:

"LADIES! Are you tired of dating WIMPS? Has your guy lost the MAN in his Manhood? Is your idea of sex "If it ain't Rough, it ain't ENOUGH?" Then I'm your man. No Trans, Males or Freaks need apply."

Below this were tare off strips with a Face Book address on it. I don't know why but I just had to look him up! I tore off a strip, glanced around and dropped it into my purse. The crowd at the desk had moved on to the front door. As I tried to pay for the toy, the clerk insisted that she demonstrate that the "device" was in good working order. I tried to tell her it wasn't necessary but she insisted it was store policy as returns were not allowed. I could feel the heat rise up in my face as she loaded batteries into the vibrator and turned it on.

"This is one of our best sellers." she said as she handed the toy over to me. The vibrator has 4 settings and she cranked it up on high. "The batteries are extra if you want them too."

All I could do was nod yes, hand over the cash and get the hell out of there as fast as I could. Why does this ALWAYS happen to me? I walked out and tried not to run back to my car. Once inside I broke out in a nervous giggle over my "brave" little adventure. All I could think was thank god I didn't see anyone I knew in there. On the way home naughty thoughts about the nurse's uniform kept creeping back into my mind.....oh yeah. Tanner would just DIE!

My roommate wasn't home that evening so I spent a few minutes breaking in my new toy and forgot about the slip of paper in my purse until Saturday morning. While switching out my stuff over to my quilted bag I saw the slip again. The face book address was to a guy named Jim Bond. His blog was open to everyone. I didn't need to send a friend request. One thing caught my attention. He had a link step up for anyone living in my area. Otherwise, the stuff on the face book page was normal. He's a guy, interested in women, his photo is a thirty-something white male and a list of hobbies and interests. Not overly handsome but interesting in a rugged sort of way. His eyes were sky blue and his face squared with a strong chin. Not bad. I saw he was into weightlifting. I not too crazy about steroid bums but he didn't look the type in the photo. I decided to try the HMTL link and see where it went. I wound up on his blog. He wasn't on line but left a message where he could be reached by cell. I went through his information. Yes. he was local. No, he says he's "Unattached". I found him interesting enough to give him a call. We chatted for an hour. I finally agreed to meet him at a local bar called "The Library". A hangout for the local college crowd and one of my favorites. He said he would be there. If I wasn't interested just walk away. No harm no foul. I told him I would be carrying a blue quilted bag and be dressed in a mini skirt with a blue blouse. (My sexiest outfit).

Stephanie (my roommate) and I made plans to go to the library earlier in the week. I decided not to tell her about Jim. With Steph along I had a fall back in case things went wrong. So........... I do have a thing for older guys.......

He was sitting by himself with a beer watching the dance floor. He looked just like his photos on the net. As Steph and I walked past I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. He looked up as I walked by. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked over to a table on the opposite side of the dance floor. I gave an extra little motion to the sway of my hips with each stride. I just love the way I walk in these heels. I sat down while Steph went to get us a drink. I just glanced at Jim to see if he noticed me and to my satisfaction.... he was smiling at me when our eyes locked together. He raised his glass of beer in a salute and nodded his head. I looked away to cover the excitement I could feel building up. Stephanie came back with my drink and with a guy on her arm....Good ol Steph...Always the first one on the dance floor. I couldn't hear what she was saying over the music but I knew where she was heading when she put down her glass. "Don't wait up" she giggled in my ear before she left. Crap! Now I'm on my own!

Jim kept watching me from across the floor. I saw him wiggle his finger and pat the seat next to him, inviting me to come over. I looked away again then looked back. I copied his gesture and patted the empty seat next to me. His face changed little as a small, half smile crossed his lips. He got up and walked over to our table.

"Mind if I sit down?" his voice was even and kinda sexy with a southern drawl in it.

"Depends. Is your name Jim?" I asked.

"Now know it is or you wouldn't have called me over." DAMN.....that voice was just THICK with honey. I took in a deep breath and stared him down. He smiled again and sat down.

"First things first." He said, "What do you want?"

"Excuse me...."

"You answered my ad. I'm not a male prostitute. I'm not a nut case. I'm not your boyfriend. I'm here to provide you with what you want. But first I need to know what that is. So tell me Darlin....what do you want?"

I panicked for a second....What the FUCK did I want? Oh shit this isn't working....Wait a second what did the ad say?

"If it isn't rough it isn't enough." I said to him.... One eyebrow went up as he thought it over.
"First time?" he asked. I nodded yes before I could stop myself.

"OK. Your place, a hotel or my place?"

I thought about how safe would I be anywhere else and replied "My place."

Well Darlin, for first timers you should know there is a few rules that must be followed."

"One: No weapons allowed except those god gave you."
"Two: No freaky judo or Kung Fu fighting allowed."
"Three: No screaming or calling for help."
"Four: No biting."
"Five: No clawing of the eyes or bringing of blood."
"Six: You will agree to have a video tape of you reading and agreeing to these rules."
And the most important rule....

"Seven: If either of us say the 'Safe Word' the fantasy ends and I leave immediately."

"If that's too much for you I'll save us some time and leave now." He started to get up.

I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back down. "So tough guy...what is the "SAFE WORD"? I asked.

He looked me in the eye and said "Butterfinger" without smiling. "Deal?"

I looked him back in his baby blues and took the challenge, "Deal!"

A little later we were outside the door to my apartment. He pulled out his phone and took a video of me repeating the seven rules. He then turned the lens on himself and said today's date and time.

"So as soon as I say 'butterfinger' you will stop, let me go and leave?" I asked aloud.

"Yes. The game begins as soon as we shut the door behind us. This is your last chance to back out." Jim said.

I shut the door behind us and locked it.

I turned back and saw he already had his shirt off. He has a slight gut above his belt but his arms and chest were massive! Not that freaky pro body builder type but more like a lumberjack build. I was a little impressed until he grabbed me.

He pushed me against the wall so hard I saw stars when my head bounced off the paneling. His hands rushed under my blouse and flipped it over my head. My bra quickly followed.

"What the....?" I managed to get out before he cupped his hand across my mouth.

"Shut UP!" he growled. He tossed my clothes away then he turned me around face first to the wall and put his forearm against the back of my neck, pinning me to the wall.

"Mother Fucker!" I gasped as the fingers of his free hand went up my skirt, slipped around my panties and into me. God! It felt SOOOO good! I hadn't realized it but I was SOOO horney!!!! I spread my legs to allow him to go a little deeper.

"Come are making this TOO EASY bitch!" his hot breath blowing across my ear with each word. "You're already wet!" His fingers slipped in deeper and began to hurt a little. "Is this ALL you want?"

"You BASTARD!" I growled as I picked up my right foot and stomped my high heel on to the top of his foot. I smiled as he let me go and grunted in pain. I started to run for a door but got tripped when Jim grabbed my foot. We were both sprawled out on the rug. My high heels went flying as he pulled them off. I gave him a kick with my foot. I don't think it hurt as much as the heel but it made him let me go again. I "sprint" crawled to the bedroom door with nothing on but my miniskirt and my panties down around my ankle actually. I could feel the rug burns forming on my knees as I tried to get on my feet and close the door at the same time. I slammed it shut just to find Jim's hand caught in the way. "No no no no no NO!" I managed to say as I tried my best to crush his hand with the door.

Slowly he pushed the door open. Nothing I could do to stop him. God...he's so damn strong! He grabbed me and threw me across the room onto the bed. I looked at him and he was unbuckling his belt...."OH HELL NO!" I cried as I attempted to jump out of the bed. He caught me with one arm and slung me back on the bed while pulling his belt out of his jeans. He forced me over onto my stomach as I kicked and clawed for my life! ("NOT A BELT! PLEASE GOD NOT A BELT!") kept running through my head as I fought back.

Have I mentioned how strong he is? He pushed me down onto the bed, straddled the small of my back then pinned my arms to my sides with the belt. He buckled it in the back and ran it around my arms above the elbow. I could move my arms a little but couldn't raise them up at all. Then he proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes. (Truth is... I sort a ..kind a...helped him ...maybe a little?)

Later on:

I'm spread eagle on my stomach, handcuffed, feet tied, blindfolded and a stranger is moving around my apartment and I don't have a clue what he's doing. How the fucking hell did I let this happen?

I think back to the earlier moments when we first came into my apartment. My body responded with a sudden heat in my pussy. Damn It to HELL. When the fuck will I ever learn? The shower afterwards was so different. Jimmy's body was! There I go again. I don't even LIKE huge muscles on a man but .... wow....his chest was so .....

Your thoughts drift back to the soapy washrag as you wipe the suds across his chest. His nipples were small and erect under your touch. He has hard muscled but not "Rock Hard" with paper thin skin like those muscle freaks in the magazines. His tanned skin is soft to the touch but very firm just below. The way he gently lifted me off my feet during that kiss......yeah heart fluttered.

His strong hands roamed gently around my body, moving the soap into every part of me. I almost lost it when he found that ticklish spot of mine. Funny, I thought he would torment me when he found it but no. He touched my stomach just enough to wash it clean. He paid a lot of attention to my "perfect ass". His words..."perfect ass"... he kissed each cheek as he soaped me down. This is the same jerk that threw me around the bedroom like a rag doll?

You take a deep breath, the odor of soap mixes with the damp smell of your hair. As you let the air blow out you recall again the tenderness that was so strange during the shower. Smart, strong as hell, rough and gentle....what a strange combination. What's real and what's an act?

I insisted he wear the cuffs first. The toys had a release button that allows anyone to unlock them but I wasn't going to show him. I was going to punish him for that choking I got earlier but something in his eyes....

The next thing I knew I was swept up in his arms like a child and tossed into the bed. Oh hell NO! I fought back, jumping up and trying to leap off the bed he caught me in mid air with one arm and threw me back down. I slapped him hard, he smiled and forced my hands together as he placed the cuffs on me. He then flipped me over onto my stomach and latched the other end of both sets of cuffs to the head of the bead. I kept screaming at him. "No muther fucker NO!" (god.. my pussy is DRENCHED!)

I kicked and twisted on the bed. I know I got two or three good shots in cause my heel started hurting from the kicks. He pinned my legs down and used the velvet loops (already put in place by me earlier. I couldn't move more than a few inches and damn sure couldn't hit him (bastard) again. I cursed and yelled at him then he was on top of me, pressing me into the bed, his lips near my ear but not close enough to bite.

"Keep up the noise and one of your neighbors may call the cops. I've used this style of cuffs before. I know you can get out whenever you want, so shut the fuck up and take your medicine."

Then he pulled a blindfold down over my eyes. The world went dark. And here I am. Naked, tied up, my ass spread open to the world and a stranger walking around in my apartment. What's next?

I feel something rubbing against my hot pussy. Hard, bigger than a finger, smaller than a dildo. It slips inside easy, can't stop it.. His fingers probe inside me, pushing it deeper. My body betrays me by arching up to allow better access. I want him bad. I start to speak. "Jimmy I..." then a stinging sensation rushes in as I feel his hand slapping my ass, then a new sensation takes over. Deep inside a sudden jolt of pure pleasure.....I've felt this before. He put a vibrator inside me... that cocksucker! A gasp escapes as I struggle to catch my breath.

"New rules Luv. From now on...NO SPEAKING AT ALL! If you talk, I'll have to punish you. You can moan and groan all you want but NO WORDS!"

"Fuck yo...." The swat on my but stings again and another round of vibrations sets me off into pleasure..."mmmmmmuuuuu.....muuuuuuunnn" comes out of my mouth. He turns off the vibrations. How the hell?

I feel something cold on my asshole, ice cold...fuck your mother cold....."SHIT!" I cry...the stinging comes again just before the pleasure from within. The cold is forgotten as my body starts to squirm with a life of it's own. I pull at the cuffs and the ropes, my muscles tense.

At first i thought he placed a finger in my ass, then I felt his breath and knew it was his fucking tongue. GROSS ME OUT! He's sticking his tongue in my ASSHOLE!

I expected to throw up when the thought hit me. Problem was it felt good. Deeper and deeper I felt him licking the hole. Something sticky on my ass. Don't know what....wait a minute.....I smell ...I smell chocolate! He's licking chocolate syrup out of my ass!

"FUCK YOU JIMMY!" SLAP!!!! and pleasure again now adding the sensation his tongue is making on my butt...awesome....heavenly in fact.. I could get used to this. Then it dawns on me. I have control. All I gotta do is open my mouth and I'm "punished". Keep it shut and I get my ass reamed with his wonderful tongue. I smiled and enjoyed the sensation.

"Play with my clit." stinging slap - vibrating awesome!

"NO." he says breathing on my butt crack. "Beg for it bitch!"

"Fuck y..." the stinging is MUCH harder this time. The vibrating pleasure was withheld! (bastard!)

I waited but the vibrations didn't come. "Puh...puh...please?"

No slap on the butt, the vibrations returned and stayed on! Yesssssssss..........

I felt the loops on my ankles being removed. In one quick motion, Jimmy flipped me over on my back. The vibrations hadn't stopped.. I spread my legs willingly hoping he would fuck me now. He didn't.

I could see a little under the blindfold. I saw his face coming closer to my pussy, I felt his breath on my shaven cunt.. I practically jumped as his lovely tongue slipped inside me. OH MY GOD! MORE I GOTTA HAVE MORE!

The vibrations increased! The pleasure came pouring out of me. My pussy was sloppy wet, hot and swollen. His tongue was hard and stroked my clit...sending lightning through me. I began to grind my hips into his face. I wanted to stroke my clit! I wanted to fuck him! I wanted his tongue to be longer! I wanted his cock in me! I wanna funkin CUM!


The muscles in my vagina started to spasm. I could feel the heat shoot out, the moisture coating his face.....The room began to turn purple then faded away.........

He grabbed me by the belt and lifted me up to a sitting position on the bed. Then he dropped his paints to the floor. His cock was hard and pointing right at my face. I knew what was coming next. I looked up at him and opened my mouth.

I'm drifting on a purple cloud.....everything is SOOOOOOO good!



“Huh?” I think to myself.



"Knock it OFF! Stop hitting me!"

I don't want to open my eyes but something is going on. My purple cloud is bouncing around and yelling something......

I look and see Jim naked standing in a corner with his hands up yelling "Stop Hitting ME!"

“What the fuck????”

Stephanie....My dear roommate Steph is standing between him and the door swinging our broom at Jim's head. She thinks I'm being attacked! OH OH OH OH OH OH SHIT!

I quickly reach up and unlock the handcuffs by flipping the hidden catch. Sitting up and yelling to Stephanie.."STOP STEPH! HE"S OK! HE'S MY DATE!"

I noticed that with each "whack" of the broom Jim's semi erect cock kept getting bigger instead of smaller. I made a note to remember that. By the 4th (or was it the 5th) whack he was fully aroused.

Steph looked around and appeared surprised that I could get out of the cuffs. "Huh? What?" she murmured.

"It's OK!" Jim said, "I'm with her!" I could see a red whelk across his arm where the last blow had struck. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

Steph kept looking back and forth between us, trying to make sense of it all. I realized she was a little drunk as I saw her weave on her feet. She sat down on the bed beside me. I realized the control for the magic egg vibrator was still hanging out of me at the time so I snatched it up in my hand.

Jim walked over and asked if we were all "cool" and I nodded yes. He sat down beside Steph. His marvelous 7 and a half inch penis at full attention.

"Sooooooo lemme get this and you are......"

I nodded yes and held her left hand.

"Soooooo then this is the guy at the dance......"

Jim said "I'm Jim, pleased to meet you."

Stephanie kept looking at Jim's big cock and smiled at me. Her left hand reached over and took hold of his cock and said, "Pleased to meet you too big fella!" and started to play with it. She looked back at me, held out her hand and said, "I believe that control belongs to me."

I handed it to her and the next thing I know she has it turned on and up to high!

"Yep, definitely better party going on in here!" she said as the vibrations started driving me up the wall.

The lovely vibrating silver bullet was removed.....awww....cleaned off and placed inside the rightful owner. Stephanie tried the handcuffs and blindfold for a while, she wasn't too keen on the idea at first but really got into it after the "punishment" switched from spanking to activation of the sex toy. I enjoyed controlling the power button to no ever loving end. Stephanie moaned and groaned with each "punishment" but wasn't able to get off on it alone. When I added my wonderful tongue to her clit and Jimmy stuffed his cock into her mouth she started shaking and jerking her limbs, pulling on the handcuffs, vocalizing something that sounded like HUKKNMUVFOGOLDEDNOX! (have you ever tried to curse with a cock stuck in your mouth?)

Her hips bucked under your mouth and a sudden gush of fluid (very WARM fluid) squirted out into my mouth and face. Oh HEAVEN! the flavor was sweet and meaty, salty and gooey like syrup! I start licking the juice up in a frenzy, Jimmy pulls out of Steph's mouth and starts to jerk off his penis. He turns to me and the expression on his face is a familiar one. He reaches out his left hand and wipes some of the cum off my face and places it into his mouth then holds his hand over his nose, while his right hand continues to jerk harder and faster on his cock. His eyes start to roll up into his head an he thrusts the end of the cock closer and closer to me.

"Arrrrugggghhhh! AH! AH! AHHHHH!" he roars as a jet of white hot semen fires out and splashes on Stephanie's vaginal area and down the side of my face. Once, twice three times he squirts out. I turn my cum covered face and gobble the end of his shaft brushing his hand away and sucking the tip dry. The taste is milder with more salt and less sweetness as Steph's cum. My head rocks back and forth as his penis moves deep into my throat. The throbbing of his heart beat starts to fade as I suck off the last of the semen. I look up into Jimmy's eyes and pull off with a "POP" sound. Then I open my mouth and show him the puddle of cum on my tongue.

Then he surprises me by reaching down for a kiss......OMG! what a kiss! His tongue moves in and lashes around playing with the cum, then it scoots back out. I playfully squirt a little back into his mouth.....well...he asked for it! His eyes widen in surprise for a moment then he pulls back and gasps for air.

"Cough! Cough! UUGH! I wasn't expecting THAT Jami !." He protests a little but you can tell he liked it. "Wanna share this dish?" he said pointing to the mixture of juices on Stephanie's pussy. I'm still enjoying this but decide to let Jimmy have a lick or two. He moves in beside me with Steph's cunt between us. He reaches for the control and looks at the settings. "You should turn this back to High. She'll enjoy it more. He turns Stephanie over on her side. Pussy facing him, anus facing you. "Will you join me in a meal at the "Y"?"

I forgive him for his attempt at humor. Stephanie's beautiful ass is begging for some attention. I can see a little of the cum juices have dripped down her crack and have moistened the hole. I remember how great Jimmy's tongue felt in my ass. My tongue starts to move with a mind of it's own.

Later that night.........

The sound woke me up from a deep slumber. Something was making the bed move. The light from the small lamp wasn't too bright as I looked to see Stephanie getting out of bed. A snoring Jimmy rolled over on his side and the sound stopped for the moment. Steph looked kind of funny at the time. This wasn't the first time I have seen her naked but she seemed very shy and reserved, not like herself at all.

"Hey Steph....Where you going?" I asked with one eye open and the other half shut. You roll up to a sitting position. "Need some company?" I whispered. I moved my legs over the edge of the bed. Jimmy was naked of course. The softening of his features by sleep made him look younger somehow. The lines of his face smoothed out. His features relaxed. His cock was rock hard and sticking out into the air. I smile and wonder what he was dreaming about.

"Uhmm....yeah Jami....I need a drink and a pee. Why don't you get a cold one and I meet you in the living room." Steph whispered back, stopped to look at Jimmy's cock, then turned to tiptoe out of the room. Again an odd look on her face.

I look around the room. Pillows were thrown across the floor. The blankets were missing altogether. Two large dildos were on the floor. The Silver Bullet is laying on the nightstand. A large strap-on cock was thrown over the chair in the corner. The sight of that made me smile. "I gotta remember using that!" I think to myself. The handcuffs are still on Jimmy's wrists. "Yeah", I smile as I think,"He's going to remember that one for a LONG time." I get up and grab a robe out to the closet to put on. As I look in the closet I see Stephanie's panties and bra on the floor inside. "Best damn game of Post Office EVER!" I remember groping around in the dark with the door closed. Damn that was FUN!

I head for the kitchen and grab two beers from the shelf inside. Steph is already on the sofa, still naked her legs folded under her. She opens the can and downs a deep swallow before looking me in the eye. A small smile crosses her face. "Jami, I had no idea you were that much into girls....I suspected you might be but sweetheart I never expected you were so good at it! So give....Are you really gay or bi?" The words just flew out without thinking.

"Why do you need to know?" I ask.

"Cause........well.......I don't know what I am anymore!.....I've always LOVED guys but I also find women very...well...exciting? I love being fucked by a big cock. Love Sucking cock but never stopped wondering how the other half got off on pussy...." She is looking down, not sure what else to say. Her situation just pulled at my heartstrings....She is where I was not to long ago. Well, there was only one thing to do. I move in close, allowing the robe to fall open exposing both of my breasts. My hand reaches out to cup her soft face as I draw near. Her breath suddenly draws in as she realizes what is about to happen. Her look into my eyes says it all "be gentle, be kind" and "yes".

Our lips are drawn together like magnets. First soft pecks, a nuzzle cheek to cheek, (no rough beard to deal with) then she slips the tip of her tongue very slightly between my lips. I take it slow, opening and inviting but not pushing it. Her tongue moves in a little deeper. Her lips are so soft and supple. I taste the flavor of beer, I smell the alcohol on her breath. My hand moves down to stroke her breast, smaller, firm and the nipple is as hard as a rock. It's almost a half inch long and the surrounding pink circle of flesh is pinched inward. Her excitement betrayed by her horny tits. At the moment of my touch, her tongue flashes into my mouth, she pulls me closer, wanting more so much more.

I look over Stephanie's shoulder and see Jimmy with a crooked smile on his face and the boner still poaking out behind the towel he had thrown on. I murmured out loud, “Here we go again.”

“That’s what she said.” Jim drawled in that sexy southern twang.
Where Did You Lose It?
Posted:Feb 20, 2018 4:34 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2018 5:31 am

Some want to know where you lost your virginity. I personally lost it in my own bedroom but that's another story.
In a bed.
In a car.
In the woods.
on a boat.
In a park.
In a motel or hotel.
In an airplane.
In a school.
In a church.
Somewhere else (leave a comment telling us where)
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In a Mercedes
Posted:Feb 16, 2018 9:18 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2018 12:35 pm
Veronica was depressed. Nothing that unusual, for she was often depressed, some would say she was always depressed. But this was different; it was not of the usual topics that was depressing her. It wasn't her lank, mousy hair, her droopy 36 D tits, her sturdy thighs or big ass. It wasn't the fact that she couldn't find a real boyfriend and that she had a series of short-term relationships, usually ending with them ditching her. It wasn't even the fact that Johnny her roommate had g away, although she would willingly have ratched the eyes out of the rawny, flat-chested friend he'd g on a weekend trip with. It was, oddly enough, because she had landed a part.

Veronica had slept with or, had given blow jobs to most of the TV production companies in Nashville casting directors, the male s that is; the female s hadn't wanted blow jobs. And to a large extent that had got her nowhere. Sure a few bits and pieces here and there, the odd in out of the way reps, walk on parts in TV commercials and several non-speaking extra parts in TV films and some soaps. But in the main her "self-promotion" hadn't met with much success. Then out of the blue a part, a real part, a speaking part, in a soap opera. She had to tell James.

James was kind of an odd guy. He was probably married, but refused to talk about his personal life, so Veronica wasn't sure. She didn't actually care, though she pretended to, for his sake.

Veronica had been seeing James for a couple of after meeting him at an acting workshop he gave. He captivated her with his mature, thespian looks and assured, confident manner and he fucked her behind the stage with his long, thick dick, less than an hour after they had met. He was actually quite a good fuck when sober, which he was on rare occasions.

When drunk he wasn't actually that good fuck, she often thought and, going further, sometimes felt he wasn't that interested in penetrative sex. Often, especially in the early days when they saw each frequently, he would lick or finger her to a climax then have her suck him off or he would cum on her big juicy tits. He liked that, but then so did she. Slowly, though, their experiences got weirder or more adventurous dependent on your viewpoint. Adventurous, if you think him making her cum in restaurants and weird, if you feel that him making her pick up a guy in a bar and giving him a blow job as James watched.

With sex, Veronica had come to understand 'you s your and you takes your choice;' it was all part of being an actress, well a fairly unsuccessful at least. So she had taken her choice with him and that's why she had dressed up as a hoolgirl, bent over when he told her to, let him roll her short skirt up and pull her full white panties down and then squirmed, moaned, cried out and finally cum as he spanked her ass. She had paid her when he tied her up and ran feathers over her until she nearly, but not quite, climaxed. Then he had jacked off on her tits and had left her there sticky and smelling as he went out to dinner. It took her almost an hour to untie herself.

There had been many other incidents similar to these. Incidents that many, most really, women would hate, but which for some reason did a lot for Veronica. She was, she had concluded a clear submissive with a very high need to be abused and demeaned.

So she pulled the pale green and white, silky dress out from the back of her wardrobe. It was a simple dress. V necked, buttons all the way down the front, inches above the knee, pulled in, tightly at the waist and flowing nicely over the flair of the hips and ass. Well that was the theory and how it used to be, Veronica thought looking at herself in the mirror in the hall. Her tits were spilling out of it and her cleavage looked like a deep crevice that a man could lose his face in. The material molded itself round each breast riding over her, always, pronounced nipples, but which now were so evident, and yes of course, she said to herself, were hardening as she looked at herself. Fucking exhibitionist as well, she smiled, cupping her tits and running her hands over them. She knew she would jack off before this fitting was over.

Her ass didn't look too bad, big sure, but a good shape; it was her stomach that was the problem. That bulged, damn it, she thought, wishing she had stayed on that diet, but then realized she would have not got the part if she hadn't been a slightly plump girl going to seed would she?

So she said out loud. "Fuck it" took the dress off and masturbated looking at herself in the mirror.

As it happened, and Veronica was completely aware of this, James liked bigger women. He had shown her some photos of what he termed BBWs. Compared to them Veronica was a mere wisp of a woman. Yes she was fucking sexy. She knew how to carry her curves and flaunt what she had. And above all else she had great tits and fantastic nipples.

She was on her way to his apartment by bus wearing a light coat over the dress when she got a on her mobile.

"I want you to go to the Crown Club in Jackson Hill," James said, not introducing himself, saying hello or goodbye.

A short time later she walked into the bar. It was crowded, but then it was a Friday night. She couldn't see him so went to the bar and ordered a vodka and water. Although she was a ballsy girl and used to being single, she was always a little embarrassed in bars. After all they are good pick up joints and you sometimes found working girls inside. Veronica didn't like being mistaken for , which she had been several times.

"Where the hell is that asshole?" she asked herself looking around, sipping her drink and feeling the warmth of the bar getting to her. She wished she hadn't worn the coat, but then she had to because the dress was so tight, she couldn't possibly take it off.

Nothing happened for ten minutes or so, apart from her finishing her drink, having guys offer to buy her , another couple making eyes at her and her becoming hotter and hotter.

Her ph rang.

"Warm are you?" James asked.

"Fucking boiling, where are you?"

"I told you to just wear the dress."

"I am."

"No you aren't."

Veronica lowered her voice as much as she could and still felt he would hear her over the noise in the bar.

"I am, I'm not wearing panties or a bra."

"You've got a fucking coat on," he said.

"Yes well I have to."

"No you don't."

"Yes I do James."

"I told you that you don't, so you don't."

"Don't what?"

"Don’t wear the fucking coat. Take it off"

"I can't."

"You can and you will, now do as you are told and take the fucking thing off."

"Please James, no."

"Take it off."

"I really can't"

"OK, just open it then."

"Where are you?"

"Mind your own business and do as I tell you."

"Let me go outside?"

"No stay there and now undo that fucking coat, you are getting on my nerves."

Veronica's fingers were trembling as she undid the top buttons.

"Mmm nice cleavage." He said from the ph.

She looked around. "Where the hell are you?"

"Mind your own business, now undo some more buttons."

Looking around Veronica saw that a few guys were looking at her. Was it the actress in her or the actor she wanted to be in her? Was it her outgoing theatrical nature or her sexually induced exhibitionism? She didn't know, but suddenly her strongest feelings were not shyness, fear, apprehension and embarrassment, but excitement, arousal and sheer fucking horss.

She undid all the buttons. She stood facing the bar and occasionally side on, she couldn't bring herself to turn her back to it and face her audience full on.

"That's better, that's nice," he said. "See their eyes Veronica, see them looking? Like that do you? Like all these guys looking at your big tits and fat gut? Do you like that?"

"Yes, yes James I do like it."

"You like them imagining you with that dress off don't you?"

"Yes I do."

"Imagining them seeing you naked, your huge tits hanging down and your belly sticking out."


"You know most of them think you're a hooker don't you?"

"No, I don't"

"Well they do and they want to fuck you."

"Oh James don't please. Stop it"

"Don't tell me what to do Veronica. This is my game and you are going to or get the fuck out."

"Sorry James, I shouldn't have said that."

"No you shouldn't, right, so undo the rest of the coat, turn your back to the bar and let your audience see you, all of you now."

Suddenly it didn't seem impossible, embarrassing or awkward, now it was the obvious thing to do and she wanted to do it. With the ph cradled between her neck and shoulder, still facing the bar, Veronica as surreptitiously as possible slipped the remaining buttons und. She glanced down just to make sure that the pressure on the buttons from the ridiculous tightness of the green and white dress hadn't popped any and then slowly turned round.

The looks on the men's' faces as they stared at her made her feel fantastic. It also made her feel cheap, sluttish, demeaned and abused, and she fucking well-loved that. She leaned back against the bar and slowly lifted her glass towards her mouth, very aware that would stretch the dress even more, making it gape further and show more of her skin.

It was then that she saw James walking towards her. He strode right up to her, grabbed by her arm and started pulling her towards the door. Veronica managed to put her glass on the bar before he hauled her off towards the door saying loud enough for many of the people in the bar to hear.

"Come on you slut! I have told you time and time again not to flash your big tits in public."

Outside, he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

"That was awesome Veronica, you were great," he whispered cupping of her boobs as his tongue slid into her mouth.

It was moments like that, which made the abuse and degradation so satisfying, at least to Veronica.

James was a man that women found attractive. Tall and well-built with a surprisingly athletic figure considering he did no sport, did not work out and drank and smoked far too much, he had a mane of blonde hair that was just starting to lose the battle with greyness. Distinguished was the term women used to deribe both him and his hair.

He was also rather rich. A lucky break had made his first fortune from a surprising global TV hit show and a good investment his second just before the dotcom crash. In many ways the feature of him that was attractive to a certain type of woman, was his arrogance and total disdain. It was as if he had no interest in them whatsoever, which as people he, of course, didn't. It was purely a body to torment, a mind to manipulate and a pussy to occasionally fuck that he saw in a woman.

He liked Veronica though. She liked being dominated and humiliated, having her fat ass spanked and being insulted, abused and degraded in front of others. She also had no apparent morals, nice big tits and a loose pussy that she was willing to open for any he suggested and an ass as an alternative if the fancy took him. Just what he liked.

"Where we going?" Veronica asked when James walked towards a car in the bar car park

"For a drive," he replied opening the door of the large Mercedes.

"I didn't know you had a car."

"I don't, I rented it."

"Nice, but why?"

"You'll see, now get in, shut up, undo that dress and get your tits out."

She got in and lay back on the big front seat, which James had reclined so she wa laying almost flat.

He got in the other side. "I said get your tits out."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see, but you won't unless you get your tits out, for I'm not moving until you do. It is dark Veronica and you know how much you flashing your tits excite me." James leaned across and started undoing the buttons on her dress. He went on. "And you know how showing them off turns you on, like in the bar earlier."

It was actually a bit of a relief for Veronica when the buttons were und as it reduced the pressure from the overly tight dress. It was also quite nice to have James being fairly tender and gentle towards her as by , he undid the buttons down to her waist. He leaned further across and kissed her. Veronica opened her mouth immediately and eagerly, she so liked to please him. It felt good as his hand slid into the dress and cupped her right breast; he squeezed and pinched the nipple, which immediately came alive. He repeated that with her other breast and then peeled the dress away.

Her tits, he thought moving back and staring at them, actually looked rather good. Her position on the seat bent backwards slightly, from the waist, meant they didn't flop and sag, the dress gave them a little support and her enflamed nipples stood out very clearly.

He bent over, he licked each nipple, he slid his hand up her skirt, he pressed on her thigh ordering her to open them, she did, he shoved his finger against her lips, he took a nipple in his mouth and then in movement, almost, he shoved fingers right up her pussy and bit hard on her nipple.

"Ouch, fuckin hell James, that hurt," she grunted, forgetting the southern, accent she tried to maintain with the well-spoken actor.

"Then slut, next time, do as you are told when I tell you to do it, ok?"

"Yes James," she said meekly.

It was a strange journey for both of them, particularly for Veronica. Sitting slightly reclined on the front seat of a big Mercedes with her dress und and her tits bare was a new experience for her and for James come to that. What was probably the most surprising thing, as far as Veronica was concerned, was that only twice did she catch the eye of some who had seen her above the waist, near-nakedness. The looks on their faces were, firstly astonishment and then sheer lust; she liked that. Despite few people obviously seeing her, it was still a highly erotic car trip for both of them, so much so that James got a hard on driving and glancing across at his slag, as he thought of her.

Having d the cruising thing, James steered the Mercedes along the busy Veterans Boulevard in the direction of Madison and the cemetery where so many veterans were buried, Veronica reed for some strange reason. They went past the main entrance, alongside the huge cemetery with the marble angels and other statues, and down a quiet lane to side. He did a few lefts and rights and they entered a wooded area. She had, she suddenly realized almost totally forgotten that her dress was unbuttd to the waist and that her breasts were bare.

James slowed the car obviously looking for somewhere.

"What are you looking for?" Veronica asked.

"There should be a fucking parking lot around here."

Veronica's heart leaped, "He's going to fuck me in the car, how sexy and, for him romantic," she thought.

"There it is," Veronica said pointing out of the window on her side.

"I thought it was on my side."

"Perhaps we came from a different direction," she offered as they pulled into it.

She was surprised to see several cars parked round the perimeter. She was even more surprised to see that some had their internal lights on, some were flashing their headlights and that others had windows open. What was even more surprising was that as James slowly steered the car towards an opening where they could park, she saw quite a few people walking around in the car park, they were walking from car to car, looking in, standing staring and waiting.

He stopped the car in a vacant slot with about ten or twelve feet either side of the Mercedes from the other cars. James cut the engine and Veronica was immediately hit by the quietness. She looked at him thinking, what the hell's going on and what the fuck is going to happen now? She hoped that he was going to fuck her, but worried about the number of other cars and the people wandering around. Taking sex risks in places where there was chance of getting caught was thing, actually getting caught, as seemed highly likely here, was quite another, particularly to an aspiring acting star.

"Ok, undo the rest of the buttons," he said, turning and looking at her as he unzipped his pants.

As she undressed the crowd began to gather around the Mercedes looking into the windows. Veronica’s heart was pounding a mile a minute. She reached over to James’ big hard penis and popped it into her mouth. Then she looked up and saw people with cell phs out recording her, while James ran his hand behind her ass and slipped fingers inside her. The first of amazing orgasms began as she squirted all over the seat of the Mercedes.
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I Owe You Big Time
Posted:Feb 5, 2018 11:48 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2018 10:22 am
Hey Jessy! This is Mandy. So... do you remember a few months back when you emailed me about you hitting it with Betty's dad? Well, I am sure you do! Lol!

Your email got me into a lot of trouble!

Let me explain...

During the summer campus s us out of the dorms so I have to stay with my mom. My mom, as you are well aware, is happily divorced, with my mom renting a 2 bedroom apartment. My mom's apartment complex is really made up of 4 different neighboring apartment complexes that have, some how, all fallen under the same management group, and as such tenants of any of them are welcome to any of the pools. Most people go to the bigger by the central office, since it is right by the work out room and people from the office come out and offer free refreshments from time to time, but the by my mom's apartment is my favorite. It is much smaller, but more private. Surrounded by a tall chain link fence covered in ivy and tall hedges so it is REALLY private, you can’t see in until you are touching the gate, and it has a small pool so it is favored by several parents and their kids who are too young to with the bigger kids at the other pools. There is a building with unisex bathrooms which most of the older women change in so as not to have to walk across the parking lot in their swimwear. It is a private enough pool to where I am usually there al and even if some is there it is usually another woman. That is except for Mr B. I’m not telling his name for a good reason, I ‘m making sure you don’t get your claws into him…LOL.

Mr B is in his early forties, has a flat chested but super thin wife, little boys, and is a total hunk. He comes to tan, like the rest of us, and whenever he makes an appearance without his wife he invariably ends up flirting with the other women there, putting lotion on their backs, that kind of thing. When he was g, more than a few housewives and single moms would wonder and gossip about the log he keeps in his trunks! He and I had only spoken a few times by the time you sent me that email since I am normally so shy, and twice he had put lotion on my back. He whispered that he loved my "beautiful skin" and had he not been married he would ask to do my front as well! He said it as a good natured jest, and I know he speaks to EVERY other woman that way, but it was hot!

After reading YOUR email, I kind of became obsessed with Mr. B. I would imagine his hands back on me, exploring freely, or imagine him taking me like Betty's dad did to you in a parking lot! I mean, at the time I couldn't imagine ever actually sleeping with him. I told myself that my principles were way too strong, and that he was married and too old for me. But flirting couldn't hurt, right? I mean, you had already d so much more with a married guy....

So day, feeling extremely turned on, I sat in my room reading a trashy romance novel when I saw Mr.B walking to the pool al, and I decided to try to get a third suntan massage! I went down wearing the sexiest, form emphasizing swimsuits I owned! You know me, I am not "super thin", but luckily I am not flat chested either, and the suit I put on draws a lot of attention to my goods! It pushed my boobs up to my chin!

HE was there, but his wife and kids were too! I turned around to run back up to the apartment thinking I could just run up and take care of my own frustration, then realized I looked kind of rude, especially because I was sure Mrs B saw my smile turn into a frown when I looked from Mr. B to her so I half turned to go back, but I kind of needed an excuse now to have turned away in the first place!

I decided to pretend like I had forgotten something. They had seen me with my towel already, so I went to the fridge back in mom's apartment and poured myself a glass of lemonade, then grabbed a popsicle from the freezer, and grabbed my sleazy book off of the table.

Back at the pool, I apologized for being a dork and told the B's I had forgotten my snack. Jimmy, well, he didn't seem like he could care less, but Mrs. B looked relieved that I was not avoiding her. It was a good thing I came back! I would hate for the woman to hate me thinking I was already doing something I had only dreamed about!

As usual, the boys were ing well in the pool while Jimmy was lying face down sunning his back and Mrs B was sunning her front. I laid face up sunning my front on the other side of the pool, sipping my lemonade and sucking on my cherry popsicle, reading my book, and generally feeling frustrated and jealous of how skinny and hot Mrs B looked..

I was taking my time with the Popsicle, ing more attention to the steamy romance novel in my hands, so it was a total surprise when the cold red liquid fell from my half melted Popsicle onto my sun warmed cleavage. Reflexively I gasped and looked around to see if any had seen me embarrass myself and made immediate eye contact with Mr B!

Apparently he had turned face up at some point while his wife had flipped onto her back He made no move to pretend that he did not see what I had d, and in in fact went so far as to look down at my chest and lick his lips! I could feel the cold liquid trailing down my chest!

I mentid before that Jimmy was a flirty man but the way he looked at me was not just flirty, it was hungry! While his wife was lying a foot from him completely unaware!

More than a little turned on already, I took his open stare as a challenge! Setting the book down on my leg, I used a free finger to oop up the red juice from where it was running down my breasts and sucked the juice off of my finger, all the while maintaining eye contact with Mr B! He smiled broadly and winked, then shook his head watching me. His hands stayed still on the armrests of his chair though, so since he wasn't going to return the tease I feigned indifference and picked my book back up, pretending like I WASN'T ing complete attention to him!

Out of the corner of my eye I realized that he was not going to look away from me anytime soon, so still pretending to be engrossed in the book I started working the Popsicle into my mouth like I was sucking a cock. His cock, in my mind. Without looking directly, I could see he was still watching closely. I let the red cherry goo accumulate on the Popsicle while I worked it in and out of my pouty lips, and let if fall in droplets onto my chest!

He kept shifting while he watched and his hand fell into his lap!

Getting carried away with the tease, I started arching my back to catch more juice as it pooled onto my chest! I laid the book on the table, working the Popsicle in my mouth faster and faster as if it was cumming, of course imagining Jimmy Bond himself pumping his seed down my throat, then I dropped back to the lounge chair as is if both myself and the Popsicle cock were spent, dropping the popsicle onto my boobs. It was sooo cold! I even rubbed the Popsicle off across my tits as my boyfriend Billy does with his cock! I was leaving red trails EVERYWHERE~!

Then to further tease the old guy I put my book down and dove into the pool knowing my top was still untied from sun bathing. Naturally the top came off in the water and floated to the surface. I came up with just my head above the water and pretended I couldn’t find my top for a few seconds.
It wasn't until I slipped my top back on in the water that I looked directly back over at Mr B. He wasn't just staring, his jaw had dropped and his hand was gripping his rock hard cock through his trunks! This time, it was my turn to give a nonchalant wink. He groaned loud enough for me to hear him across the pool! After tying my top in the back, I got out of the water and went back to my book.

THAT made his wife sit up to murmer to him, so I quickly dabbed the water away with my towel. She didn't see anything, but my heart was racing!!!

So then I realized I had pushed things too far and decided to leave, but I didn't want to leave just after he had moaned out loud and draw attention to myself. Jimmy had told every woman he had ever flirted with how unreasonably short tempered and jealous his wife could be. My plans for a direte exit were foiled though when Mrs B had apparently decided that was the ideal moment to get the kids ready to visit their grandmother! Trying to control my breathing, I kept my nose in the book and watched lessly as Mrs B gathered up the kids and left me al with her husband. His eyes fell back on me immediately and his hand drifted to his cock as soon as she was passed the gate!! Christ what had I d!?

I was freaking out, and very swiftly stood and grabbed my towel, book, and long forgotten lemonade together to rush out the little gate. I was halfway there when Mr B ed for me to come over for a second. I froze. I should just waive like a tease and go, but my traitorous feet decided that I might as well see what he wanted...

Mr B sat back in his sun chair and looked me over approvingly while my eyes looked him over as well. He was very in shape, well-tanned, and his cock looked huge in his blue swim trunks. He casually squeezed his cock while he spoke. "You put on quite the show. Are you sure you have to run off so soon?" he asked me.

Christ I wanted to kneel down and take his cock in my mouth right there, when his wife could have come back at any moment!

"Yeah, my mom will be expecting me back...." God I am soooo lame!

"I thought you were in college by now."

"Yeah but I summer with her..."

"Is she home right now?"

"Yeah, totally." I lied.

He smiled, letting his eyes run up and down my body. I felt way too exposed in the tiny bikini! What had I been thinking! My heart was racing. It was like a fight or flight response, but more like a fuck or flight. My brain was reaming at my body to go home and pretend this never happened!

"You’re going to want to see something first." Jimmy said confidently as he got to his feet. He took me by the hand and started leading me to of the unisex bathroom/changing room thing! He was going to show me his cock! I needed to go, but if my feet waived and my hand squeezed his encouragingly as he pulled me along. "Trust me," he said, "It is important that you get a good look at this."

Once in the bathroom he turned me to the mirror above the sink. My eyes were on his face at first, and since he towered over me I did not notice what he wanted me to see, I just met his eyes in the mirror as he stood behind me as his eyes slowly drifted from the reflection to look down at my chest over my shoulder. "Look." He instructed me, squeezing my shoulders comfortingly. It was only then that I looked at my reflection, and saw the cherry red trails still all over my big white boobs! The quick dip in the pol hadn’t washed off the color very much. "I assume your mom would ask some pretty awkward questions if she noticed those first!" His voice was filled with mirth and amusement! He sounded like he was trying not to laugh! There was nothing sexy about those red stains! I was so embarrassed I didn't even notice that he had moved from behind me to lock the bathroom door until I hear the door click!

I froze in place as he walked back up and pressed himself against me, inching me forward until my stomach was pressed against the sink. With his hard body pressed firmly against my back, he reached passed me. He turned on the cold water. He soaked his hands. He brought his cold, wet hands up to my chest, and he stared wiping down my tits with his bare hands!

I closed my eyes and moaned, gripping the sink with both hands as his hands shifted subtly and wonderfully from rinsing to massaging my exposed and slightly sunburned skin, then worked their way confidently under my top to massage my not so exposed skin! My breath caught as I realized both of my areola were suddenly being needed in his freezing wet hands! He saw the look in my eye and assured me he was just making sure n of the cherry had run under my suite!

I mean, that sounded like a good enough excuse to me!

I closed my eyes and fell back against him as his fingers worked some magic on my rock hard nipples! I felt like they could cut diamonds! He started whispering compliments to me in this sexy voice, and I barely noticed that he was sliding my top off of my shoulders. His hands were away from me only long enough to fling the top into a corner before they were back on my full tits working there magic!

So we flirt while he has his way with my chest of course, and he ends up mentioning how he had never thought he could be jealous of a simple Popsicle!! I told him exactly who I was pretending that Popsicle was, and before I knew it I was forced down on my knees and Mr. Jimmy Bond was stepping out of his trunks! I would have been nervous or maybe objected, but he had fists firmly gripping handfuls of my hair and gave me no choice but to show him I was not all talk.

Jimmy has a huge cock, and he precums a lot! I felt like I was swallowing cum the whole time I had my mouth on him!

Eventually, but way too soon, Mr B halls me up by my hair and pushes me back over the sink. Without a word, he drops the rest of the swimsuit to my ankles and lined himself up with my soaking wet pussy! I mean, it was way too late to take the moral high road now!

I can't imagine any has been fucked as hard as he fucked me in that bathroom. He was huge! And rough! With both hands pressed against the wall my head still hit the mirror twice! I felt like I was cumming the whole time!

By the time he actually came in me I was way passed objecting. I'm on the pill anyway, cause Billy won't wear condoms...

After we were dressed, he told me the only thing he regretted about getting married to the love of his life, is that his wife didn't have any tits, that she likes gentle sex, and refuses to suck cock!

I told him I was up for anything anytime he asked!

He asks me or times a week!

He has fucked me in my mom's apartment, his apartment, his SUV, in my car, on my car, a ground, in the pool, by the pool, in the woods and in a park! All in months! Fuck girl... I am really digging older guys now... They seem more interested in taking their time and making sure I get off too! Billy... well ..not so much.

And ALL of this is your fault for sending me that dirty email!!!!!

I owe you big time!

Love you! - Mandy
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Fuck Snow And Ice... Seriously ...Fuck It.
Posted:Jan 25, 2018 11:16 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2018 9:53 am
Fuck snow and ice… Seriously…Fuck it.

Normally I HATE winter. Hate snow, hate ice, and I hate cold specifiy. But today? … Not so much.

We were buried under the flannel sheets and the down comforter, our naked bodies touching as much as we could manage, so when she asked the question, the stark reality of it pulled me out of the moment briefly.

"If I got pregnant, what would you do?" she suddenly asked. I pulled away from her a little so I could look into her eyes. Her big brown eyes turned up to me and looked back, unblinking.

"Is there something you need to tell me?" I asked in response, with a stomach suddenly full of butterflies. Her beautiful face broke into a smile and she actually giggled.

"You mean like did I forget to take a pill or something?" she replied, "No, it just occurred to me. We've been friends for a long time and we've essentially taken our friendship to a very different level – a level that could have that potential consequence. I don't think it is a likely consequence, but I just wondered ntheless."

I brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face. I didn't even need to think about my answer.

"If, during this, our first occasion of having sex together, despite you being on the pill, we created a baby this weekend, I would take it as a sign. I would take it as a sign that after all these , we were meant to be together. I would ask you to marry me and want to raise our child together. And I would love you forever."

My response may have been a little deeper than she was expecting. Her eyes welled up with tears and she smiled before wrapping her arms around me and pulling me against her. When she pulled away again and looked into my earnest face, she asked, "Do you love me?"

"Tre," I started, "I have loved you for a long time. But I think it has taken a long time and a lot of growth and change in both of us to bring us to where we are today, right now. I really feel that if we had dated at some point in the past, it wouldn't have worked. I feel that right now, at this moment, everything is coming together. Even the snow outside, I think, is part of the big plan. It certainly ed its part in making this weekend happen the way it did."

The snow outside was about 26 inches deep at that point. It had effectively kept us in Theresa's apartment for over 30 hours so far with little to do but make love and relish each other's company. The whole thing – the weekend, the snow and the turning point in both of our lives – had started on Friday night, as weekends generally do. My roommate, Rob, had ditched his girlfriend so we could go to a titty bar. of his coworkers had given him some sort of special passes to get us into a back room with a smaller bar and better access to the dancers. Titty bars had never really been my thing, but I was curious about this back room, so I gave it a shot.

Neither of us ended up being all that impressed so we were there for less than hours. From there, we headed to a party at a friend's apartment, which was pretty tame. We hung out for a while, socializing and downing a couple of beers, then decided to it a night. It was around midnight and the snow had just started to fall. The forecasters were predicting a big storm, but everybody seemed to be taking that with a grain of salt.

We got home and Rob ed is girlfriend. It was a short – he basiy woke her up and she said she'd be right over. I checked our messages and was pleasantly surprised that there was from Theresa from a few hours ago. She was just ing to see what was up, since we hadn't talked in a while. I admit I was feeling a little bit buzzed when I decided to go ahead and her back at that hour. Of course, she was asleep but didn't seem too upset that I had woken her up. I asked her what she was doing, knowing full well she'd been sleeping.

"I'm talking on the ph," was her smart-ass reply, "prior to which I was sleeping."

"So, you're in bed," I said in my best seductive voice.

"Yes," she replied, "that's where I do most of my sleeping."

"I'll bet your bed is so warm and cozy," I continued, really hamming up the "love" voice, "Any chance I could come over and join you?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea," was her matter-of-fact reply.

"Oh, come on, Tre. You know I could be over there in minutes and in the morning, I would be there to shovel your car out."

"Why don't you just come over in the morning and shovel it out?"

"I can't. The roads will be blocked with snow."

"Then why do I need my car shoveled out?"

"So that when the roads are clear, you can get out and drive it."

"Why don't you come over when the roads are clear and shovel my car out?"

"I'll be too tired from shoveling my own car out. If I come over tonight and park next to your car, in the morning we can work together to shovel them both out."

Our conversation continued along this vein for a while, me trying to convince her to let me come over and her trying to think of reasons for me not to. I felt like I was wearing her down and, even though I had never been to that particular apartment of hers, I had myself convinced that I really needed to spend the night there. I was at the point where I didn't even care if nothing happened between us, I just wanted to be in her bed that night and if I had to stay home in my own bed, I'd be sorely disappointed. It got to where I was practiy begging and her resolve was weakening. I told her that no matter what happened, she knew we would have a good time and she agreed.

"Plus," I continued, "since we'll be snowed in tomorrow, you know that I won't get up in the morning and run off." I think that was what finally got her. I suspect every woman fears that if she lets a guy into her bed, if he isn't g before she wakes up, he will be soon after. I'd been that guy a few times myself.

"Okay," she finally said, "I'm getting up to unlock the door, so you better be here soon so no else comes in and attacks me." I told her I was on my way out the door and hung up. Glancing out the window, I saw that the snow was falling harder and there was already a light coating on the ground. I grabbed some warm clothes and some condoms, threw them in a bag and went by Rob's room. His girlfriend hadn't arrived yet so he was watching TV. I explained to him what was going on and he seemed impressed that I had talked my way into Theresa's bed at that late hour. My buzz was completely g at that point, so I grabbed my keys and left. I had to brush the snow off my car as it warmed up, but was quickly on the road.

Theresa lived literally minutes away in an upstairs apartment in an old house that had been converted into apartments. In fact, my brother lived in the apartment directly below her, coincidentally. On the drive over, I was thinking about how my brother had told me that the only noise he ever heard from her was when she wore her cowboy boots. Her floors weren't carpeted, so the sound of her heels carried right through his ceiling. It wasn't a complaint, though, it was just an observation on his part.

For some reason, after he told me that, I had this vision of Theresa walking around her apartment wearing nothing but the cowboy boots. I don't know why. I had never seen her naked, but I had this picture of her, totally in the buff, her cowboy boots clunking on the floor. I'm sure I had even masturbated to that vision. I had reed this whole thing when thinking about her getting out of bed to unlock the door. If she slept naked, she'd probably just dash across to the door naked, unlock it and jump back in bed. Would she pause long enough to pull on her cowboy boots? Probably not.

The snow didn't slow down my trip much; the roads were still pretty clear. I arrived and parked my Civic in back right next to Theresa's Saturn. I wasn't worried about running into my brother or his friends at that late hour, but I walked around the opposite side of the house anyway. I quietly entered the front door and aended the stairs to her apartment door. As she had said, it was unlocked, but it wasn't as dark inside as I had expected. She had apparently not jumped right back in bed after unlocking the door, as there were a number of candles lit both in this, the living room, and in what I presumed to be the bedroom. I hadn't laced up my boots, so I just stepped out of them by the front door and dropped my coat and bag beside them. I locked the door and made my way to the next room, which was, in fact, the bedroom. Theresa hadn't said anything yet, but as I approached the bed I could see that she had been watching me from the time I entered.

"Hi," she said softly, her head the only thing visible among the pillows and comforter. I knelt down beside the bed and brushed a stray lock of hair out off her forehead.

"Hi," I replied, "you look cozy."

"I am," she agreed, "but the other side of the bed is freezing cold, so I'm glad you're here to warm it up."

"So am I," I replied, "What's the dress code?"

"Stick a hand under here and find out for yourself." I slid my hand up under the comforter and flannel sheets and the first thing I encountered was her bare arm. I ran my hand up her arm toward her shoulder.

"Okay, feels like short sleeved, no, sleeveless, no, strapless," I had reached her shoulder and traced my fingers along her collarb, then down between her bare breasts, "um, topless," I crossed the soft skin of her stomach and moved toward her hip and down her leg, "and bottomless, wait," I brought my hand back up to her stomach and slid it down until I barely touched the top of her bush, "ah, at least I don't have to shave first." I slid my hand out from under the covers. Theresa had a smile and a faraway look on her face. "I guess the dress code is birthday suits only?" Theresa nodded so I stood up.

I started to unbutton my top shirt while she softly hummed some striptease music for me. I pulled the tails out as I unbuttd, then let it slide down my arms and drop to the floor. Next, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttd my jeans and slid the zipper down. I pushed my jeans off my hips and let them drop to my ankles, then stepped out of them and ed them aside. Now I was wearing just boxer briefs, a black t-shirt and socks. I pulled the socks off with my feet while pulling the t-shirt over my head and was soon wearing only the briefs.

On the drive over, I'd had butterflies in my stomach, not really knowing what to expect once I got there. Since slipping my hand under the covers and diovering Theresa to be nude, however, I had become quite aroused. I wasn't too concerned that Theresa would be shocked by my state, even though it may have been presumptuous of me to assume that she would be expecting it. In any case, the front of my boxer briefs was being pushed out by my rigid cock. I was watching Theresa's eyes as I grabbed the waistband, and they were locked below my waist. I pushed my boxer briefs down slowly, my cock gradually being exposed until it popped up and pointed at her. I noticed her eyes getting wide and her curious smirk turning into a smile. My briefs dropped to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

I walked around to the other side of the bed and slipped under the covers. It wasn't exactly freezing, but it was definitely warmer the closer I got to Theresa. I reached out for her and found my hand on her hip, so I pulled her closer to me as I maneuvered closer to her. Her arms went around my neck and she brought her lips up to meet mine. This wasn't the first time we'd kissed, but it was the first time we'd kissed while naked together. My cock was a steel rod between us and, as I moved closer to her, the head brushed against her pubes. She reached down between us and grasped it in her small, warm hand, stroking it gently and rubbing the head against her clit. I slid my own hand around from her hip to her ass, running it over the smooth globe.

I pulled her as I rolled over onto my back, so that she was on top of me still holding my cock against her pussy. Getting her knees under her, she held my cock at the opening of her pussy and sat down on it. Her pussy was hot and wet and she was clearly very worked up. Her tits, which I had never seen uncovered before, were hanging right in front of me. I brought my hands up to them as she started to move up and down on my cock. Her tits were average size but she had really big areolas topping them and her nipples were nice and hard. Raising my head slightly, I licked around her areolas, switching from titty to the other before alternately sucking each of her nipples.

Her pussy felt amazing sliding up and down my rod and she appeared to be enjoying the ride. I just lay there, licking and sucking her nipples, essentially letting her do all the work in the hopes that she would get off. I was so horned up, between the titty bar and being here with her, that I was afraid I'd be d in just a few seconds. That was part of the reason I'd pulled her on top of me so quickly – staying power. A condom probably would have been ful, as well, but I had completely forgotten about them. I murmured something about getting and she replied between moans not to worry about it, that she was on the pill.

She rode me for about ten minutes before slowing down and shuddering as her orgasm passed through her. I pushed deeply into her, hoping that would with the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Pulling her down against me so I could kiss her, we slid our tongues into each other's mouths. My cock was still buried deep into her, so I rolled her over onto her back. As I continued to kiss her, I started pumping my cock in and out of the snug, slippery confines of her pussy again. Having made sure that she was satisfied, it was now my turn for an intense climax. I just kept pushing into her, thinking there is no way a pussy could feel better that Theresa's. I wanted to fuck her for the rest of my life. After 2 or 3 minutes of hard thrusting, I felt an orgasm unlike any I'd experienced before washing over me. I don't think there was any blood going to my brain at all as I started shooting my load deep into of my dearest friends.

I collapsed on top of her as we both panted, trying to catch our breath. We were no longer feeling the chill of the snow outside, our bodies damp with sweat. I rolled off to her side, fearing I was too heavy and not wanting to squash her. She continued to hold me tightly, pressing her face against my shoulder. Prior to this night, we had never g beyond a little making out and now it was going to be important that we were both on the same page when we parted company at the end of this weekend. Theresa pulled back from me slightly and, looking into my eyes in the dim, candlelit room, asked question:

"Why didn't we do this sor?"

"Because it wouldn't have been like this if we had d it at another time, under a different circumstance," I answered, sounding unusually deep, especially given the late hour. It was now around 1 am and we were both having trouble keeping our eyelids up. Tre had enough of her wits about her to get up and extinguish all of the candles and I admired her nude figure moving about the apartment until it was too dark to see it any longer. She was back in bed, snuggled up against me, quickly and before long we were both asleep.

The next morning, I woke enough to realize Theresa was getting out of bed, but not enough to ask where she was going or what time it was. I dozed off again pretty quickly. I stirred a little bit again when I felt her get back into bed, but I didn't feel her snuggle up against me this time. What I did feel was her hand on my semi-rigid cock, followed by the warm, moist environment of her mouth. I groaned with pleasure as she began to blow me. I began to wake more and more, and I don't mean just below my waist. I was able to determine that she was on her hands and knees and her ass was just a few feet from my head. I lifted the covers, letting in enough light so that I could see her head bobbing up and down and my cock disappearing between her lips. Damn was she good!

Looking to my right, I saw Theresa's breasts hanging down, so I reached out and cupped the closer . Her nipple was hard against my palm, but she didn't start at my attention; she was focused on the task at hand. After fondling it for a moment or , I removed my hand from her breast and ran it over her ass, then between her legs. Her pussy was wet again, so I toyed with it before pulling her over toward me. While still sucking my cock, she maneuvered into a 69, positioning her pussy over my face.

I don't know if my dick could have gotten any harder, but staring up at her pussy, it sure felt like it did. I immediately slipped a finger into her while raising my head enough to start licking her clit. This time, she did pause long enough to let out a moan before returning to sucking my cock. She really was a fantastic cocksucker, knowing exactly what to do not only with her mouth, but with her hands and her tongue as well. Despite being focused on licking her pussy and trying to get her to an orgasm, I could feel an orgasm of my own coming on. I continued to work on her, trying to get her to orgasm, even as I felt my cock swelling within the confines of her mouth. I paused only as I felt my load shooting from the end of my cock, a wave of pleasure washing over me. As Theresa swallowed my cum, I went back to trying to make her cum.

Theresa let my limp cock drop from her mouth as she rested her head on my thigh. She was getting more vocal the longer I worked on her. I just hoped that I was giving her as much pleasure as she had given me. It sounded as though she was enjoying herself, so that was encouraging. I was sliding a single digit in and out of the snug, slippery confines of her pussy while my tongue lapped at her engorged clit. I could feel her starting to move her hips in rhythm with my licking and her moans were getting shorter and closer together. It was only a few minutes after I had cum that she let out a long cry and I felt her body shudder and suddenly I was slurping up a fresh flow of her pungent juice.

Maneuvering around again, Theresa lay next to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her back hard. When I finally let her go, she asked me how I like my coffee as she began to climb out of bed again. I told her and, before she headed back to the kitchen, she said that she'd turned the heat up enough so that we wouldn't have to get dressed if we didn't want to. She also suggested that I look out the window to check out the snowfall. I crawled to the edge of the bed then walked over to the window. I was stunned! There was at least 12 inches of snow already on the ground and it was still coming down hard. As I stood there naked watching the snow fall, Theresa came up behind me, wrapping her arms around me with a cup of coffee in hand. I took the coffee and she just wrapped her arms tightly around me and looked out the window with me. After a few minutes and a few sips of coffee, I turned away from the window and set the cup down on the top of her dresser, which was beside the window. I took her hands as I faced her and just looked her over.

"I've been trying to picture you naked since, well, pretty much since I met you," I told her, "You look even more amazing than I could have imagined, so forgive me if I seem like a kid in a candy shop."

I led her back over to the bed and had her lay down right in the middle of it. Kneeling beside her, I first ran my fingers over her face and down her neck. I placed a hand on each breast, feeling their shape and size and her hard nipples against my palms. I leaned down to kiss her, then kissed down her neck to her tits. I licked around each of her areolas and sucked on her nipples. Straightening up again, I ran my hands over her ribs and her smooth stomach and down to her hips. Moving around, I repositid myself kneeling between her legs.

I ran my hands from her hips, down her thighs and shins to her feet, then back up again. I gazed upon her nude form before me, appreciating it like no man before me probably ever had. Her pretty face, her firm, young tits, her waist and hips, her legs and, finally, what was in between. I looked at the trim brown bush before me, which I had forever wanted to see, to eat, to fuck and now had d all . I could feel the blood beginning to return to my groin and I leaned down for a closer look at her pussy. I pushed her legs apart and admired the grooming job and her pussy lips before spreading them open and eyeballing her clit. Theresa was already moaning softly before I leaned in and began to lick her clit again. I slipped a finger into her wet pussy and pumped it in and out as I lapped at her clit. Theresa grabbed my head and held handfuls of hair as I ate her pussy. I worked on her pussy until I knew she was good and worked up, then raised my head and crawled up her body.

I positid the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed, dropping down on top of her. We began to make out as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her. I lost track of time as we made love in the missionary position for what seemed like ages. I felt her tongue in my mouth and her warm flesh beneath me, the warm grip of her pussy stroking my cock. The world could have come to an end but I never would have noticed, I was so lost in her. Theresa was pushing her hips up at my incoming thrusts and, after some period of time I couldn't even define, she shuddered beneath me as she came. As her orgasm increased the lubrication in her pussy, there was no way I could have held out any longer myself even if I had wanted to. I pumped her amazing pussy maybe a half dozen more times before I was shooting off my load. I rolled off next to her again and we gazed into each other's eyes.

"We've spent less than 12 hours together so far and already this is the best weekend of my life," Theresa confessed. I agreed and pointed out that we still had more than 24 hours of weekend ahead of us. "Then we better get some nutrition," she said. We got up, I grabbed my coffee and we headed to the kitchen. The bathroom was just off the kitchen, so I set my coffee cup on the counter and ducked in to take a leak. The bathroom was immaculate. Of course, being a guy and living with another guy, the bathroom I was accustomed to was a pit. Theresa's tub was great and it looked like she used it for the occasional soak. I had a vision of the of us in there that I knew would be fulfilled before the weekend was over.

Back in the kitchen, Theresa was debating about what would make a good breakfast, having piled a few things on the counter. I knew what I wanted as soon as I entered the small room. I grabbed the bear-shaped hy container off the counter and squeezed some hy onto Theresa's distended nipples. Before it could drip off onto the floor, I had set the container down and was sucking on her nipples.

Once I was sure they were clean and had raised my head, Theresa grabbed the plastic container of cream cheese sitting beside the package of bagels and removed the lid. As she dropped to her knees, she dipped her fingers into the plastic container. My cock began to respond as she spread the cream cheese on it and began to really grow as she sucked it off.

She stood once I was cleaned off and looked at me as if to say "quid pro quo" so I looked around. Taking a banana from the bunch, I began to peel it as Theresa's eyes got wide. I had her sit on the small table that barely fit in her small kitchen and dropped to my knees before her. Setting the peel aside, I gently inserted half of the banana into Theresa's slick pussy. I started nibbling from the end and, as the rest of it gradually slid out, I continued to eat it until there was n left. By this point I had another raging hard-on. I stood and, grasping it in my fist, guided it toward the space recently vacated by the banana. I pushed myself into Theresa's pussy again as she leaned back. The table was so small that she was sitting on the edge and leaning against the wall at the same time. I leaned forward, my palms flat on the table, and began to kiss her neck as I fucked her again.

Theresa wrapped her arms and legs around me and moaned in my ear as I pumped in and out of her. It was amazing – if you had asked me 24 hours earlier if I thought there was any chance I'd be fucking Theresa any time in the near future, I'd have said no friggin' way. We'd known each other for almost 10 , and I'd probably lusted after her tight body for the entire time, but we'd become good friends and the most we'd ever d was some making out. It was rapidly becoming apparent that there was a definite sexual chemistry between us. There was no question that we were both very into our newfound activity but where would it lead us? Would we just become fuck buddies or something more? I wasn't actually thinking about these questions as I banged her on her kitchen table.

The table itself was banging against the wall with each thrust and I did briefly wonder whether my brother was hearing it and putting and together. Mostly, though, I was reveling in the fact that Theresa's sweet, snug pussy was currently milking another orgasm out of my throbbing member. The noise the table made as it slammed against the wall was drowned out to me as Theresa moaned louder and louder into my ear. We were really in synch because I could feel my own orgasm getting closer the wetter her pussy seemed to get. When her moans became some sort of squeaks and I could feel a quiver in her pussy, my cock started to spasm itself, sending another jet of cum into Theresa.

We held each other as we recovered, then I ed Theresa off the table and we kissed again. We decided on what to eat, gathered it up and headed to the couch with both of our coffee cups topped off. We turned on the news to see how badly the snow was rewing everything else up. With an afghan draped over us, we ate and watched as foolish news reporters stood out in the blowing snow talking about what was closed and why you shouldn't go out if you didn't have to.

When Tre got up to use the bathroom, I grabbed her ph and ed my roommate. I told him I just didn't want him to worry that I was frozen in my car somewhere because Theresa had sent me packing. He asked how things were going and I told him better than my best-case enario and not to expect me home any time soon. I asked if they were doing like we were, sitting around naked. He responded that now that he knew I wouldn't be home soon, they probably would be. I told him to take some pictures then said goodbye. Theresa was back and we snuggled under the afghan as we continued to watch the news. I don't know how long we had been watching when I felt her hand creep into my lap and wrap around my limp tool. She just casually toyed with it while we watched and it gradually began to grow.

Once I was completely rigid, Theresa threw off the afghan and swung her leg over me. She guided my cock to its destination and sat down on it. I was very pleased by this position for main reasons: first, her tits were right in my face, so I immediately started licking and sucking them and, second, my hands went right to her ass cheeks and held on as she rode up and down on my cock. Pussy, ass and tits all in the process of making me happy at the same time. I ran my hands up and down over her cheeks while tracing circles around her areolas with my tongue and sucking on her nipples as she, holding onto the back of the couch, rose and deended.

I was still amazed by how her pussy felt – so snug, so slippery and so warm. I don't know how I didn't just cum each time I entered her. I was feeling more pleasure fucking her than I could have imagined. I was living the dream, although up to that point the dream had been just to have non-committal free-reign over her tight body for brief periods of time. The dream was quickly changing to something more serious – the long-standing friendship was combining with the sexual chemistry to create a whole new level of potential good times. Of course I didn't know if Theresa was feeling this way, too, but I was kind of getting that vibe from her.

She just continued riding up and down my stiff prick, her pace increasing with the volume of the noises that were eaping from her. I was feeling that amazing pussy of hers drawing yet another orgasm out of me and began to push upward off the couch cushion each time she lowered herself. When I finally started cumming, I was briefly concerned about leaving her unsatisfied, but with the first or second shot, she let out a yelp and I could feel her shuddering. She finally went limp in my arms and sat there catching her breath while my shrinking cock began to slip out of her.

After a few minutes, she got up and headed to the bathroom and I couldn't but watch her ass until it was out of sight. I watched her as she crossed the floor on her return as well and was prompted to ask her where she kept her cowboy boots. She responded that they were in the bedroom closet, but wondered why I was asking. I spilled the beans about my fantasy, including its origin, and she chuckled that sweet, endearing laugh of hers. She headed into the bedroom and when she returned, she did so noisily, her boots clunking across the wood floor.

She paraded around a bit before coming to sit next to me, keeping the boots on. My cock tried valiantly to revive, but it was just plain exhausted – for the time being, at least. I told her how much I appreciated her indulging me and gave her a kiss. We watched TV for a while longer with her eventually ditching the boots next to the couch. The snow continued to pile up and the shivering reporters continued to tell the same stories over and over. Eventually, we both dozed off.

I don't know how much time passed before Theresa got up. I didn't wake up until I heard water running in the bathroom. It sounded like she was filling the tub. She had turned the TV off when she got up and when she came back into the living room, she sought out just the right CD to . I'm not sure she knew I was awake, so I just stared at her ass feeling other parts of me beginning to wake up, too. She put on something mellow and when she turned and saw that I was awake, she coaxed me up. Together we went to the bathroom where a very sudsy bath was about d filling. The only light came from a bunch of candles attered about the room.

Tre had me get in the tub first and lean against the end. She got in and leaned back against me and we sat there in the hot water listening to the tunes from the other room. I had to tell her how much this beat being outside anywhere right now. She agreed. We talked just a little bit, and softly at that, wondering what our other friends were up to today, how shocked they'd be if they knew what we were up to and how much snow we'd end up with.

It was very relaxing to be soaking in the hot water, enjoying the smells and the music. The bath oil in the water made her smooth skin feel slick, so after a while I was running my hands over her shoulders and arms and finally around to her tits. Her nipples were hard, despite the warmth of the water and the room itself. I toyed with them gently before sliding my hands down over her belly and between her legs. She spread her legs as wide as she could in the tub, allowing me access to her goodies, which I began to stimulate with both hands. I gently rubbed her clit while inserting a finger into her pussy. Tre let out a contented moan and continued to relax against me as I worked on her. My cock was beginning to grow against her back.

Tre had put her hair up before we got in the tub, so I was also kissing the back of her neck and nibbling her earlobes. Her hands went from gripping my knees to ing with her tits and nipples. I knew she was approaching another orgasm, but before she actually got there, she took my hands off of her and maneuvered around to face me. She leaned in to press her lips against mine as she repositid herself to straddle me. She grasped my cock and guided the head to her lips, then sat down hard on it. Grasping the edge of the tub behind me, she began to ride up and down, making waves in the bathwater. I ran my hands around to her ass to pull her down on me while raising my head to lick her hardened nipples just above me.

Tre continued to amaze me because I never knew before how sexually charged she was. She was making it clear to me that, not only was she really into having sex, she was also very good at it. This revelation was resulting in a change to my own attitude. Where I had always thought that I'd be satisfied to get naked with her once or twice, just for the experience and to satisfy my curiosity, I was now starting to feel that I wanted more than just that. Part of it was that I never expected the sex to be so good. Maybe I had always assumed a lack of experience on her part and, therefore, had low expectations. I don't know if she had more experience than I was expecting or if she was just a natural but, to be hst, it didn't matter. I was pleased to be on the receiving end and I was hoping to keep myself in that position.

I had abandd Theresa's nipples and relaxed against the end of the tub with my eyes closed when her noises and actions indicated she was approaching yet another orgasm. I knew I could time mine to coincide with hers, so I let myself go, pushing myself as deeply into her as I could. Just as I felt myself beginning to swell within her, I also felt her lubrication increasing. For the first time that weekend, at the exact moment when Theresa began to cum, I started shooting a load deep into her as well. We had achieved simultaneous orgasms.

After a couple minutes of recovery time, Theresa stood and reached for a towel, drying herself as she stepped from the tub. She handed me a towel as I stood and, with her towel wrapped around her, reached over to drain the tub. I dried off and tied the towel around my waist as we headed to the kitchen. I checked the clock, having lost track of the time for most of the day and wasn't surprised that it was after 5:30pm. We spent some time pulling together a decent dinner, which we ate at her small kitchen table still wearing our towels. We opened a bottle of wine, too, and by the time we adjourned to the living room again, I was starting to feel a slight buzz. I checked out the window to find the snow still falling with somewhere around 24 inches piled up by then.

Just after we'd turned the TV on again to see what was going on in the outside world, the ph rang. It occurred to me that this was the first Theresa had received all day. It ended up being her sister, Michelle, ing to check up on her. Without going into too much detail, she let her sister know that she had company to get her through the long, boring day. I heard my name and "No, I'm not kidding," as Theresa headed toward her bedroom to continue the conversation. They talked for a while as I caught up on the weather conditions. When she came back, I ed Rob to see what was going on with him. It turned out to be pretty much the same as what we were up to. Nobody had ed to check up on me, so I let him go and we went back to watching TV.

We finished the bottle of wine and headed to bed at a relatively early hour. We didn't make love again before we fell asleep but snuggled our naked bodies against each other. The combination of wine and the day's activities put us out pretty quickly.

I don't remember Tre getting out of bed the next morning, but when I heard her clunking across the floor, I knew she had donned her cowboy boots again so I was quickly awake. I watched her as she approached through the living room, my dick getting rock hard seeing the vision I'd had so many times in my head. She was naked, her breasts bouncing slightly as she walked, and I was once again in awe of how great she looked. She stopped by the bed and stood there with her hands on her hips, smiling at me. I threw the covers back, exposing my raging hard on and enlightening her to what she had caused.

Getting up to my knees, I shuffled to the edge of the bed, my stiff cock pointing the way. I took her in my arms and, after laying a kiss on her, pulled her around until she was laying on her back on the bed. I moved her around until I was above her and between her legs, then guided my cock into her waiting pussy. As I pushed into her, I hooked her legs over my arms and could feel her boots against my ribs. I was living my fantasy, fucking Theresa, naked but for her cowboy boots. I leaned down and kissed her tenderly while pumping my cock in and out of her dripping pussy.

Her knees were practiy touching her tits as the heels of her boots rested on my back. We looked into each other's eyes as I fucked her hard and I could see the smoldering passion within hers. She couldn't raise her hips to meet my thrusts in this position, but it didn't look like she was missing out on anything because of it. She started out pretty quiet, but the longer I thrust into her, the more vocal she got. Her hands came up to with her tits and her mouth hung agape while her eyelids fluttered. She was approaching another orgasm, which pleased me to no end. I loved that she had no problem cumming and seemed to do it pretty quickly. That familiar surge of lubrication flooded her pussy, so I knew it was just a matter of time. I could feel the tremors in her pussy as she finally came, a low moaning eaping from her open mouth.

Once her orgasm had abated, her mouth still hung open, so I pulled myself free of her depths, let go of her legs and crawled up the bed. Straddling her chest with my knees in her armpits, I leaned forward and pushed my cock into her mouth. She raised her head and took my entire length, closing her lips around my shaft. She slid her mouth up and down as I pumped my hips in and out. The only match for her amazing pussy was her amazing oral skills. She brought me to the brink of orgasm and managed to keep me there, prolonging my pleasure, before finally allowing me to explode into her mouth.

When I was empty and limp, I lay down beside her and pulled the covers up over both of us. She reached under the covers and pulled off her boots, letting them drop to the floor beside the bed, then snuggled right up against me. It came as no surprise that Theresa didn't get pregnant that weekend, though there was a boom of births about 9 months after that snowstorm. And that’s how I wound up with my first ex-wife.
Fucking in the Big House on Walnut Street
Posted:Jan 5, 2018 10:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2018 11:32 am
"Hey Jimmy. Ready to fuck?"

My eyes opened wide at the adorable, dark haired pixie standing in the doorway. She was wearing a grey hool sweatshirt that was probably sizes too large for her tiny frame. The fabric was big, bulky, and barely covered her ass. My eyes took a long, meandering look up and down her body for good measure. I was betting that this coed cutie wasn't wearing anything underneath that sweatshirt.

"Wow," I chuckled, "I wasn't anticipating seeing you here tonight Robin."

"Why not? I live here." At first I thought she was sassing me back, but then I realized from Robin's blank expression that she was genuinely confused.

"Good point," I replied, adjusting my words to Robin's slightly slower speeds. "I had just expected to see Cora, that's all. A couple of hours ago she ed me and asked me if she could come over."

"Oh totally, that's true."

"Is she here?'

"Yeah, she told me to get the door."

"Oh cool."

"But Cora has been tied up ever since she ed you," Robin said airily, before bursting with a fit of giggles.

I squinted, soaking up just how adorable this raven haired cutie really was. She may be petite, but damn did she have some wicked curves. "No problem, Robin, I can wait. But girl, I must say, you look good tonight. It's been too long..."

"Since you fucked me?" Robin interrupted.

My words stopped cold.

Robin grinned, obviously enjoying throwing me off my game. She lifted a hand and ed with a strand of her hair, twirling it absently as she started to talk. "I quite agree. I need to get bd. Hard."

"My pussy won't just fuck itself," Robin said, matter-of-factly. "Neither will Cora's. So maybe you would like to come into my room?"

My jaw dropped open and I think I gave her the dopiest smile in the history of dopey smiles.

So Robin batted her eye lashes and bulldozed on. Her t was slightly conspiratorial, but she still didn't have any shame. "Of course we don't have to do that. We could totally continue to talk and talk and talk about how we are going to hook up with each other. Eventually though, I'd get so hot that I'd have to reach for your wiener and start blowing you right here in the hallway. And guess what Jimmy? That might, like, get me noticed, choking all over your fat dick. Oh yum! I can be such a slut sometimes." I wondered where Mike was hiding or if he were anywhere in the house at all.

Robin picked up speed as she prattled on. Her face lit up, bursting with uncontainable excitement. She clapped her hands, punctuating her words and exclaimed; "Hey, I have an even funnier idea. Oh I can't believe I'm going to say this, but perhaps you'd like all of our friends in the house to watch me giving you head? I could totally give lessons even."

I gasped. While I didn't believe she was serious, with Robin could never be sure.

Robin looked at the startled expression on my face, erupted with laughter, and punched me lightly on the arm. "Just kidding, I'm totally ing with you. Jeez you're way too easy and such a perv, Jimmy." But before I too could entirely laugh off the moment, she leaned in and purred, "I still want to suck you cock, though."

I had forgotten how naughty Robin could be. I guess being a horndog slut had become a way of life for her. Then I had a thought. Could I test her? Give her an "oral exam" of sorts?

"Ummmm..." I mumbled, calculating my response.

I grinned widely, locking eyes with Robin. The large chested beauty held my gaze.

I could see no hesitation. Or fear...

And then I lowered my zipper.

Robin's eyes widened: the brown beauties were as big as saucers. For an instant her breath caught. She shook her head and bit her lower lip.

The slut was out of practice. She never dreamed that I would actually her bluff.

"No is coming," I whispered.

Robin turned her head in both directions to verify that we wouldn't have any on-lookers. I could see the trepidation in her face. The hall was still empty, but would it remain that way for long? There were about 8 people living in the Big House on Walnut Street this time of the hool year.

"Go for it," I said quietly. "Suck my cock." This time though, my voice had an edge. My words were not a plea or a suggestion: they were a command.

Robin nodded and fell to her knees. Her tiny hand reached into my jeans and pulled out my stiffening shaft. I wasn't quite hard yet, but clearly the idea of getting head in the hall of our house appealed to me. Robin licked her lips once and then her mouth deended.

I knew that this girl wouldn't be able to resist the naughty thrill of blowing me in a public place. Really, I think most women want to perform and get caught. My multiple relations with the rumptious college coeds had born out this theory. All their pussies got hotter than hell with the thought that they might accidentally be putting on a show. I wondered (not for the first time) if I could somehow do academic research on this topic. If so, would I have to change my grad degree to psych?

Robin took about half of my monster in a single gulp. Her mouth was soft and warm. I couldn't but groan as her tongue ran along the underside of my shaft. She paused there for a moment holding the position, before releasing herself with a sputter.

We looked at each other and grinned. I don't think either of us believed that this moment was real. Were we really doing this?

Yes, we fucking were. Robin wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke. She licked the tip and then hocked a big load of spit all over my dick. The moisture made everything slippery. But like a dutiful slut, Robin worked the saliva into my skin.

Robin smiled devilishly as she reached around and grabbed my butt with both hands. "Do it, Jimmy," she implored me softly. "It has been a long time and I need the cock. Shove that shit in soft, it'll get hard. Trust me. Fuck my face."

I shook my head and chortled demoniy. Damn girl! I grabbed her hair in my hands, bunching it. I held the soft strands tightly so I could control the pace of the skull fucking.

Then without further delay I pulled her onto my cock. My clothing soon fell off for some reason.

Robin took most of my meat on the first thrust. Her lips created a delicious suction. Saliva burbled up from her throat, coating the front of my jeans. I heard her gag. Feeling sorry for her, I took a step back so I could pull out.
We slipped to the floor and I flipped her thong to the side and began licking her hot tasty pussy right there in the hall way. A true 69 with me on top fucking her in the face as I licked her hy pot. I started to get back up.

Robin would have n of that. The slut clutched my ass tightly and forcibly pulled me back onto her face. She wanted it, damn it! No half-assed shit. Fair enough. I bucked my hips up and down, stabbing my cock deeper. My skin past her teeth. The friction stung a little, but I didn't care.

I was deep in her throat and it was time for another thrust. My cock was now painfully erect. I pulled back and with a growl I roared forward. I wouldn't stop until my nuts were resting on Robin's chin. Back and forth I went each time demanding a little more ground as I sucked her clit.

Robin was gagging. The noise coming from her throat sounded like a quacking duck. Drool was flowing freely. A long stringer dangled lewdly from her chin.

And there it was. I was rock hard and fully buried in Robin's throat. The dark haired slut had actually d it. Robin might be a ditz, but she was helluva cocksucker. Her nose was against my ball sack. There was zero space between us. She held that pause: , , , , fifteen, and then a release. She let go of my ass and uncorked from my dick, gasping.

Robin looked a little different. Drool and saliva coated the bottom half of her face. The heat of our bodies smudged her maara (which I hadn't noticed before) and made it drippy. Tears were forming around her eyes and her hair was a disheveled mess. But most interestingly, there was massive grin illuminating Robin's pretty face.

Robin kissed my dick lightly on the tip.

"Ohh... nice cock," she murmured, as she stood up. She giggled lightly and wiped away the spittle from her face. "Oh Jimmy, that was so yummy. I can't tell you how much I needed that. Oh fuck, my coochie is tingling."

"Ohmigawd!!! That was, like, such a treat," Robin said, all bubbly and bouncy. She flipped her hair and continued, "The 69 certainly wasn't in the plan. But that's no biggie. I think she can deal for an extra minute or ."


"Oh silly," Robin gushed, slapping me on the arm. She then explained, as if to a child,

"C'mon. You know I mean my roomie. Cora's been in all kinds of knots until she could see you."

Robin bubbled over with giggles. I shook my head in disbelief at her ease over the situation.

And at that moment our good luck ran out. I guess it was inevitable. can only fuck naked in a semi-busy hallway for a little while before somebody happens along.

In this case it was a girl coming from the showers. Wearing an old high hool t-shirt and bulky boxers, she didn't look ready for company. The girl had a towel wrapped around her head and carried a bucket of shampoo and body wash.

She was lost in her own thoughts. While the girl didn't see us at first, she stopped dead in her tracks about fifteen feet away. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. I guess we were a pretty unusual and jarring dis.

"Ummm... Robbie," the girl stammered, as she turned an odd shade of purple. "Excuse me. I didn't mean... umm... yeah so, yeah..."

I immediately averted my eyes and tried to pull my clothing back over my naked body while my cock was still hard and dripping with fresh saliva.

Robin squealed and dove behind me, trying to block her obvious nudity with my body.

"Ellie, wow, fuck," Robin exclaimed.

Just moments ago Robin had been all confidence and bravado. That façade was shattered. While she might enjoy ing like an über-slut, the situation had spun too far, too fast. Robin had never seemed comfortable thinking on her feet: and this would certainly be the kind of situation that would test even the most unflappable of individuals. The dark haired pixie was rendered senseless. In response, all she could do was curse and make a strangled gasp.

Ellie, as I now knew her, regained her composure and closed the distance between us.

"Sorry guys, umm I'm just going to my room," she said, her words tumbling from her lips in a nervous jumble. "Excuse me. If I could just oot by... Shit. No problem, though. Don't worry about it. It happens all the time. I'm sure I'll forget all about it. I don't even know what I saw."

I snorted. I couldn't myself. The situation was just so goddamn ridiculous. This poor girl was just out for a shower and she bumbled on nearly naked pervs getting frisky in her dorm hallway. At least she wasn't yelling and threatening anything serious.

Holy fuck!

As she passed us Ellie's gaze drifted downward and landed directly on my cock! A private smile crept across her face as she licked her lips. She twittered lightly and then met my eyes for the briefest of moments. Ellie wasn't trying to hide at all. Quite the opposite actually; this chick was actively checking out my cock. She started to speak, but thought better of it. Instead she bit her lip and threw her head back as if to ask the heavens "why?"

Seeing that Ellie hadn't g berserk, I looked at her dead in the face and shrugged my shoulders. For an instant her forehead runched in thought. Then she went white, took a deep breath, and averted her eyes again.

How puzzling! Ellie quickly walked off and turned to her room, just a little further down the hall. She held up her hand and gave us a backwards wave. Ellie wiggled her fingers and said, "Nice Shan, very nice. You lovebirds have a pleasant evening." And then she was g.

Robin, who was hyperventilating, let go of my arm (damn she had nails!) and fell against the door jam. "What the fuck?!" she blurted. "Right here? Whoa."

Really? Really, really??? I could only throw up my arms and say, "What did you think was going to happen? We were out in the open! At least she didn't catch us while you were blowing me."

"Oh fuck!" Robin exclaimed, as her eyes became saucers. I don't think that possibility had occurred to her yet. The bubble floating around her head had finally popped.

She sprung, grabbing my collar, and roughly tugging. Robin was a tiny thing but still had some impressive mules. Floundering off the adrenaline rush, we wobbled together into the sanctuary of her bed room. Robin closed the door, flipped the lock, and breathed an audible sigh of relief.

I fell to the floor. Sweet exhilaration poured out of me. Robin and I had passed through the shit and emerged clean on the other side. It was pretty clear that Ellie, while thrown, wouldn't report our extra-curricular activities.

Of course Cora was waiting and ready.

Obviously, the ladies had put a lot of thought into this evening.

The girls had moved their bunk bed to the center of the room so that it could be accessed freely from all angles. The aroma of vanilla hung thickly in the air. Cora, who lay face down on the bed, was dimly lit by a flickering backdrop of just a few candles.

My coed cutie was clothed in virginal white. Cora was a dream in stockings, a garter belt, and a corset. There were no panties. Her arms and legs were tied with loose pink ribbons to the corners of the bed, putting her most private girl parts into full and open view. A sleep mask blindfolded her, and Cora's long blonde hair was pulled into a single, lustrous ponytail.

Most startling though, Cora couldn't speak. There was a ball gag in her mouth.

If possible, my raging hard-on got even harder.

The humor was broken. The image of Cora bound and gagged changed the ene. Suddenly the world became very still. The beating of my heart echoed in my ears. My dream girl was there waiting and anxious, yet still and patient. I knew what this meant.

While hot, this bondage wasn't about kink. Cora had relinquished control and was giving herself to me, completely. She possessed total trust. My dream girl was bare before me, presenting me with the most beautiful and personal gift I could imagine.

Robin moved in close behind me. Her naked flesh pressed hotly against my body. I was still on the floor, so the dark haired beauty leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Jimmy, she wanted this," Robin said. "This was all her idea; I don't think Cora has thought about anything else for the last month. She was so desperate. She begged me to her."

I was still stunned. "Thank you, Robin."

"There are some naughty goodies over there on my desk. Cora doesn't know anything about them. It'd be like a total hot surprise if you used them on her while she's all tied up like that. It'd drive her nuts trying to figure out what's going on. I'm betting the bitch would squirm everywhere." Robin giggled, softly. "I'd like that."

I rolled my eyes and smiled sagely.

"By the way, don't think I didn't get mine out of the deal," Robin smirked. "Cora more than paid me off. But she also told me I could totally watch if that's ok with you? What do you say?"

I must have paused too long, dumbstruck by the vision before me because Robin added, "Pleeeeeease?"

"Would it be ok to just watch? This is our first time together since last semester. I'd like this to be about her and me."

Robin stood on her tip-toes and nibbled on my earlobe. Her hot breath caaded down my neck, sending a shiver along my spine. hand slid under my shirt until she found my nipple.

Clutching the nub between her forefinger and thumb she gave it a light pinch. I couldn't but moan.

And then Robin spoke so softly that her words were like a desert breeze. "Anything you like Jimmy, for now..."

Robin slowly withdrew and sauntered across the room. Her perfect ass swayed with total comfort and utter confidence. She knew I was watching, memorizing every curve to her tiny frame. In the corner, Robin settled into a bean bag chair propped up against the wall. Legs spread lewdly she nibbled nervously on of her fingernails. She nodded and gave me a wink. I had no doubt that she would make herself cum. It was time for me to move on to Cora.

I stood up and crossed the floor. I saw the items Robin had mentid. She had laid out quite an assortment of possible pleasure devices: ice in a bucket, whipped cream, a couple of dildos, a belt, baby oil, a wash cloth, lotion, a hairbrush, fabric swatches ( silk and the other burlap), hy, clothespins, a teddy bear, chocolate syrup, a feather, and a math book (?). I grinned. I would be hard pressed to find a use for all of these items. I would have to pick and choose carefully.
Where to begin?

Not saying a word, I picked up the brush and ran it through Cora's long, blonde ponytail.

My girl was a princess and deserved to be treated accordingly. I brushed in slow, deliberate strokes working her locks from top to bottom. The bristles moved smoothly through her hair. There were no tangles or knots just a beautiful, shiny mane.

I moved Cora's blonde hair to the side and flipped the brush over. Satisfied that she had been properly pampered, it was now time to change my t. Cora would shift (quite willingly) from princess to slut.

Starting at the space between her shoulder blades I ran the hard, smooth plastic against her skin. The mules in her back rippled at the brush's touch. Cora had no idea where this first act was going, but I knew that mystery was intoxicating.

I moved the brush down her spine, over the corset, through the small of her back, and eventually up to the top of her ass. I performed this action at an excruciatingly slow rate times (the second was brush side down). I needed her to tingle over every lingering sensation.

With the hairbrush resting against the round and fleshy globes of Cora's booty, I was sure that she expected a spanking to quickly follow.

Indeed, she was a perfect target. Her ass was delightfully firm and ripe. But surprise is sometimes an end unto itself. Why satiate an appetite when the burn is so delicious? The tease was a chasm that could only grow from this point.

I wanted to gauge Cora's desire, so I dipped a finger inside of her hy pot. I slid in easily with a soft, crinkly sound. While still tight, there was almost no resistance. She was absolutely soaking wet.

When I tried to remove my finger, she moaned through the gag and moved her ass back. I was amused; she was really fucking horny. No dice though, Cora. It was time to move on.

Instead, I pulled my finger completely out of her pussy and moved around to the front of the bed. I leaned down and blew gently into her ear. The touch of my breath cut right through her pr body. My presence orched her skin.

She quaked with obvious lust and had no place to put it; she wriggled against her binds, enslaved to a fever that couldn't be articulated or sated.

This was not a new lust. Cora had been simmering for some time. She wanted more than anything to boil over. I wondered how long she had been tied down. With Robin in charge, it could have been a couple of hours ago.

Let's begin this in earnest, I thought. I was still fully - and painfully - erect. Clothes were an annoyance now. I tugged my shirt over my shoulders before stripping off my pants. I finally stepped out of my boxers leaving me completely naked.

Cora had ed me bust a nut earlier that afternoon. Then shortly afterward she worked me up to the brink a second time. She was such a sexy slut I couldn't but to succumb to a fresh erection. Just as I was hard and desperate to fuck, she begged off telling me that she had to leave. With a girlish giggle and a wave she was g, g, fucking g. Whether the blonde cutie really needed to rush to class or she just enjoyed the sadistic pleasure of being a tease (probably a little of both); she had left me with a merciless case of blue balls.

Robin and her exhibitionistic desires had revved me up anew. My cock had gotten excruciatingly hard shortly after she popped it into her mouth. The incident with Ellie, while terrifying, had d nothing to diminish my erection (I guess I have my own exhibitionist streak). Now I had Cora bound and gagged, sed out before me like the Devil's buffet.

And I needed some fucking relief.

I decided to break the silence. "Oh dear, what did you get yourself into?" I murmured softly. Cora trembled at the sound of my voice. "What did you get yourself into?"

Holding my cock at the root, I stood in front of Cora. I touched my dick, just the tip, to her forehead. Her body tensed and I could hear her sigh through the ball gag.

"That is my cock Cora. But you know that, don't you? Now it's just a hair's breadth from your mouth. Think about how good it would taste."

I picked up the belt and cracked the leather so that it resonated with a loud . Cora tensed and twitched. She hadn't expected the jarring incongruous crackle of leather on leather. Good.

I held the belt by the buckle and dangled it over her ass, touching it briefly against her skin. Again Cora shuddered, but only half as powerfully as when I flicked the leather strap against her shapely buttocks.

Once, twice, times I smacked the belt against Cora's ass.

From past experience, I knew that Cora's carnal cravings would be inflamed by the sharp crackle of a good spanking. I didn't hit her too hard (hurting Cora was the furthest thing from any of my desires), just enough to warm her up.

After each "thwack" I grabbed the meaty flesh of her butt. The skin became hotly crimson where the belt landed. I'd then give that darling, supple globe of her ass a brief comforting rub to ease the sting. The sharpness would diminish. And then it would be time for another spanking.

As I raised my arm for a th swing, a deep and resonant bonging flared from the speakers behind me. The repetitive, tinny sound was reminient of an alarm clock. Quickly that noise fell away and was replaced by a driving electronic rhythm. A third sound then was mixed into the beat followed by a shattering explosion of drums.

I grinned and looked back at Robin. At my startled reaction, she put her hand over her mouth to contain yet another fit of giggles.

Then she cranked up the volume. Robin had searched her Ipod and selected the perfect song for this moment, "Smack My Bitch Up," by Prodigy.

I shook away my disbelief at Robin's audacity and steeled my back. I gave into the music. Now the driving rhythm moved me. A rumbling depth of bass echoed in my chest. My arm rose and fell to the beat. Cora's ass danced under my ministrations, perfectly in time with the music. She was still silent because of the ball gag, but I could almost envision her moaning in syncopation with the siren's in the song. Together their voices would curl upward, winding together and fully interlink. The women would soar higher and higher to a gossamer creendo of femi delight. And on the edge of the knife...

"Smack my bitch up!"

I dropped the belt on the floor and moved to the front of the bed. I released the ball gag and pulled it from Cora's mouth. She gasped and sputtered, before releasing a keening wail,


My hands were on either side of her head. Cora moaned again at my firm and directing touch. I stepped forward. My cock pressed against her mouth. The tip grazed her lips ever so slightly. Would she take it in?

Was it even a question?

Cora wriggled and ooted on her stomach, moving forward as much as the loose bindings will allow. I backed up, fully. She smiled broadly as tears of joy streamed down her face.

Cora opened wide, licking her lips.

"Please, please, please, oh please Jimmy," she whined. "Don't move away. I have to have your cock. Gimme... I must.... I'll be soooooo good." The slut was telling the truth; her deepest being craved my cock. Her body was wracked with anticipation. And then in the ultimate plea, Cora formed her mouth into a perfect "O" and waited...

But again I wasn't going to her game.

She had handed control over to me: I would be the dictating the rules tonight. Cora expected me to fuck her face. I couldn't give her the satisfaction of predicting my moves.

Instead the unexpected was required. It was time to change holes.

I tapped my cock times against Cora's face and moved behind her. Robin caught my attention as I changed positions. She was slumped in the bean bag chair sans thong.

Her left hand was buried in her crotch; a small pink vibrator was humming away on top of her clit. A stereo remote control was clutched in her other hand. Robin's eyes were half closed, as she gave into a wave of sensation. I gave her a nod. She licked her lips and returned me a distracted thumb's up.

Seeking to surprise Cora, I leapt onto the bed. I positid myself between the blonde's legs, grabbed her hips roughly, and tugged them upward. She groaned, deep and guttural, as I dug my fingertips into the tender flesh of her still smarting ass. Her cunt beckd to me. Wide open and leaking, a pool of pussy juice had gushed onto the dorm regulation bed sheet. Her entire torso had been resting in an enormous wet spot. Fuck she was turned on! I am not sure if I had ever seen her so juicy.

If I wanted to maintain surprise I needed to act quickly. Thinking wasn't necessary. thrust and my meat was sheathed inside Cora's slippery cunt. There was almost zero resistance. A slight spray of pussy juice coated my pelvis as I plummeted into her depths. Waves of pleasure echoed over me. For the first time in over a month I was submerged in pure, liquid warmth.

How could I have lived so long without this amazing pussy? Our joining flooded me with memories. I felt every touch anew. Cora's pussy was too good. It held me tight, clutching my dick. The walls of her teenage snatch fluttered, prompting my eyes to roll back in my head. Fuck, Cora had been doing Kegel exercises.

Prodigy ended and the song changed. A less menacing brand of electronic dance music blared from Robin's speakers. This time Justin Timberlake implored Cora and I (and I guess Robin too) to, get our "sexy on." Preach on brother!

Inspired by the music, I leaned forward and bore down on doggie-style Cora. My arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her tight to me. My chest touched her back so that I could nibble on her ear. Our sweat mingled, soaking her corset, as we were consumed by a ferocious heat.

"Beat it up," Cora groaned, as she felt my w press down upon her. "Now really fucking put some ass into it."

I was glad that I had spent the winter months doing flexibility exercises at the gym. I was able to move my hips so that I could bang

Cora from a downward angle – both as a thrust and as a grind. About every fifth or th stroke I changed up the angle, swiveling my hips in a circular pattern for variety.

Back and forth I went, sliding my dick in and out of her body. While she was tight, movement was still easy. Fuck, Cora's een year old pussy was so wet and slippery.

I pinched her nipple and then gave her tit a slap.

Cora's response was electric, "Oh yes..... God!!! That pussy is getting beat up. That's the way it should be. I don't want to be able to walk later!"

I spanked her ass times in rapid succession. Cora's mules tightened, straining against the bindings holding her in place. She was fucking me back as hard as I was rewing her.

Not to hold back my blonde, coed cutie reamed, "Thrust me onto that dick. Pound that pussy. Take it. It is yours to take. Just take it. I'm such a whore.... Ooooohhhh.... I like it when just grab on like that. Just taking it.

You can have my pussy. I'm such a whore you can have it anytime you want. Just FUCK meeeeeeee...."

The torrent of sex seized me. This was in a million fuck, a fornication for the ages, and a reunion of our loins. Cumming was beside the point. I'd held off all day. Hell, I hadn't had a rew in over a month. No matter how good Cora's twat felt, I couldn't just shoot my load. That would be too easy and more than a little pathetic. No, I needed to dig in, to drive forward, and to pummel the shit out of Cora's sweet, goddamn pussy.

And so I did. I swallowed, steeling my breath. Biting my lips, I dug deep for the strength to resist the inevitable orgasm.

Somewhere inside of me I found it. I could harness that Zen with a simple mantra: fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck....

The whole room smelled of sex. The tang of Cora's succulent pussy hung thickly in the air. The slapping, squelching sound of skin-on-skin (occasionally punctuated by an ass-slap) made a lewd, counter-beat to Robin's sexually overloaded musical selections.

Cora was flat on the bed and completely beyond words. I towered over her, clutching both ass cheeks in my hands, as I continued to drill her cunt without mercy. For the last several minutes she spoke in an endless litany of garbled groans and grunts, until she finally collapsed under a spasming form of pre-language. Tapping into a bestial spirit, Cora became Neanderthal. Raw sensation of cock and pussy was her only truth.

And then I wriggled my index finger up Cora's ass. My second knuckle popped past her sphincter and...


A violent orgasm, perhaps the most powerful I had ever seen, seized my teenaged cock-slut. Cora quaked and shook: every mule in her body tensed. I watched her neck strain as she whipped her head from side to side. Her blonde hair wildly smacked my face as it twirled through the air.

I pounded my way through Cora's orgasm and then through small, additional quakes. A thick coat of sweat covered us both. Cora lay limply on the bed. Her moans were now a dull hum. She couldn't even spend enough energy to grunt properly. And now I was almost ready to cum myself.

The whole evening had been hot and sexy. Finding Cora tied up, blindfolded, and gagged would be a great memory for a lifetime. But I didn't want our first time together again to end this way. me a hopeless romantic but I wanted to be able to stare into her eyes as I finally filled my darling slut up with cum.

Springing from the bed, I withdrew my cock from Cora's pussy. She let out a soft whine, but otherwise lay back inert.

I looked over at Robin and commanded, " me." For a moment, she looked confused (the vibrator was now -thirds of the way inside her cunt), but then she smiled knowingly and nodded. Together Robin and I undid the pink ribbons around Cora's ankles and wrists. I also removed the blindfold. A smile crept to my face, watching her blink away the total darkness. Fuck, she was adorable.

Cora was now free to move, but still lay completely motionless on the bed. Robin gave me brief hug. I could feel my cock boring into her flat, hard body stomach.

Robin stood on her toes and whispered into my ear, "Take her, Jimmy. Cum inside her. Cora wants it so very badly. She is yours. I'll get mine later." I gave Robin's ass a ful squeeze and she released me with a squeal.

I walked to the side of the bed and grabbed Cora around the waist. Gently I flipped her over. Without any additional delay I got on top of the bed and maneuvered between Cora's legs. I fisted my cock and prepared to return home. Her cunt was swollen and red from pounding abuse. Poor girl! No more. Right now would be different: Cora would see a final side of me.

Once again, I was awash in Cora's pussy.

Without thought she opened herself to me. She welcomed me inside, eagerly accepting everything that I had to give. All I felt was an incredible wetness and heat. Her y, sweet walls were like velvet clutching my cock.

Wanting to feel my skin against hers, I laid down on top of Cora. I pulled her close, kissing her neck. I lightly nibbled on her skin causing her to mew contentedly underneath my w. The salty sweetness of our combined sweat crystallized on my tongue. Instinctually her legs wrapped around me, locking around my thighs. Our hips bucked against each other seamlessly as her hands clawed at my back.

We were inspired. The fever was amplifying. A white ball of heat raged inside my skin. It kept expanding and expanding threatening to consume me. I would give in to that burning bliss very shortly, as Cora already had.

Yet thing was still paramount. This moment could be perfect.

Breathing deeply, I opened my eyes. I looked down at Cora, to see her returning my gaze. Her eyes were wide open and pleading.

Inside of her I could sense something as deep and yearning as the fire threatening to engulf me. This ultimate truth was resonant to my core. The maxim was so very simple: she wanted me, oh God yes... Cora wanted me.

"Kiss me," I cried.

Cora broke into beatific grin and then pursed her lips expectantly. The kink and bondage were forgotten. They were façade, a mask to shelter us from staring too blindly into the sun. No. We were lovers waiting desperately. Self was subsumed in an underlying meaning of connectivity. This moment was inevitable. We could only crash into each other.

The gap between us closed in a heartbeat.

Her cherry lips mashed against mine. Our tongues intertwined. We were joined, perfect, and resolute. Life was sunlight and rainbows; somehow we had found each other. Again.

And now I could cum.

My seed burst into Cora in several frantic spurts. Her body welcomed me, drinking in every drop. Jet after jet of cum filled her greedy pussy. I gasped and thought; too perfect - this moment is too perfect.

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