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My Very First Orgasm
Posted:Sep 9, 2016 11:55 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2018 4:42 am
Welcome to INTO THE WOODS! An Erotic Blog for those who enjoy erotica ... I have reached 124 watchers so far and I do invite you to become a watcher! Heck, become a FAN too if you like! LOL I will post new stories on a regular basis! Just keep rolling down to get the latest Story! Well now moving up to the 47,000 viewer mark for this post~! I first started at Adult XXX Date in 2016 and then split for a while. It's good to be back~! Thanks Every! Funny I have had SO many readers and so few .. That might be a good thing~! LOL (but seriously, please leave a comment so I'll know you were here) Please feel free to continue to sign up. )
Jimmy B.

My very first orgasm.... A true (and very short) story.

This takes place during my puberty phase of life.

Most people are shocked when hearing about little boys being molested by older girls. Facts are facts. I enjoyed every minute of it. So in my case, I hardly call it being molested as much as being schooled. Lee Ann was our baby sitter. She lived in a house on the next block over and her mother and mine were best friends. I think Lee Ann was 15 when this story took place.

Lee Ann had several boyfriends over for sex at various times when she watched us for my parents. I had watched a few times and knew a few of the basics but had never had the chance to try them out.

We got into an argument at "bed time" night and I refused to go to bed so she wouldn't have a chance to call her boy friend to come over for a visit. Lee Ann was a head taller than me and tried to force me into the bed. I resisted and fought back. She proceeded to try and strip me down to my underwear during our battle and succeeded. That's when she discovered the hard on I was sprouting in my fruit of the looms. She started rubbing my shorts and things suddenly changed. I responded by touching her boobs.......... Her clothes came off faster than mine did.

We wound up fucking each other. First I was on top, then when she saw I didn't know what I was doing, Lee Ann switched over and got on top (Still my favorite position to this day.) and rewed me until she cum all over me. thing about this 12 boy, my penis might not have been as big as an adult but it stayed hard forever. I didn't know how to have an orgasm and wasn't even close to ejaculation by the time Lee Ann had finished. She didn't know what to think. Up till then all her guys popped off within a couple of minutes and she was left to finish herself off by hand. I was her new toy that could keep up.

This went on for a couple of months. Lee Ann even invited me to her house when her parents were g. Not once during all these fuck sessions did I even come close to popping my load. Hell, I didn't even know what a load was till she told me. (I learned NOTHING from my folks about sex). Of course it still felt like heaven while we were "doing it". By this time I was pounding her from behind doggy style and she even let me ream her in the ass while she fingered herself. Thank god for Vaseline. She had a tight ass hole. But again.... I never did cum.

evening after the girls were put to bed, Lee Ann showed up in my room with my dad's electric hair clippers (the big black s with multiple trimmer covers). Dad used the thing to keep my hair buzzed short.

"What are you going to do? Cut my pubes?" I was growing hair around my privates and I thought she was going to cut them off. "No freaking way! I need those hairs in place when I go to gym class!"

"I 'm not going to give you a trim silly. Got a treat for ya Jimmy. You are going to like this." she said as she plugged the cord into the wall. She began rubbing my cock through my jeans and up popped the little guy like magic. I was worried as she stripped my clothes off that she would cut off what few hairs I had down there. I was only of a couple of guys in my grade with hair down there and if I showed up bare naked in the showers.........I'd just die!

Lee Ann began with a sweet kiss on the tip of my swollen pecker. I shuttered as a thrill sent goose bumps all over. I grabbed her head as I pushed my penis deeper into her open mouth. She flipped on the switch on the clippers and held it against the base of my cock above my balls......................... ....OH MY GOD!

The vibrations from the clippers shot through me like an electric jolt. I gasped for breath as Lee Ann continued to lick and suck on the head of my cock. I became weak in the knees and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. My breath was coming in ragged gasps for air....I couldn't get enough air..... I let go of her head and grabbed the edge of the bed for support. I began to loose control of my mules and shook as though I were freezing. I could feel nothing but the INCREDIBLE sensations coming from her blow job.....Nothing like this had EVER felt this way! I laid back on the bed and quivered while Lee Ann continued sucking me into heaven.

I could feel heat building in my balls after a few felt awesome all at the same time. I was gasping for air even harder now. The pressure/pain/pleasure growing inside me. then I....I....blacked out.

The first thing I noticed was that my body felt like it was tingling all over. I felt a rise of panic as I couldn't remember where I was or what had happened....then I saw Lee Ann wipe something off her face. (found out later it was cum) I remembered....."Holy CRAP! is THAT what I've been missing?" She smiled and laughed.

"You wouldn't stop shooting Jimmy, I swallowed till I choked then you shot another load right in my face! Euuuuh!" then she giggled.

"Uh.....can we do that again?"..... and we did.... over and over for months to come.

True story. I found out that I could get off with just the clippers and and wound up burning it out after a few months of masturbating with it. But that's another story.

Jimmy B.

Oh by the way, I do love to "Kiss and Tell" so there are over 100 more stories listed below for your enjoyment. I have 2 more stories about Lee Ann as well as my continuing WALNUT STREET journal...... ALL are welcome! While not all of the stories are true histories, most of them do draw from personal experience. This is the real deal. 45 of the stories on this blog are true. about 20 have some "exaggerations" added and the rest are fictional with a personal touch or . See if you can pick out which is which.

If you want to share your story of your first orgasm... don't be shy..., (remember THAT ?) please leave a comment and have a great day!

All are welcome.. I am working on my 1,000th comment on my blog and need a couple of hundred more....(even the negative s LOL I need your the feedback to improve my stories.) Thanks again. Jimmy B.
How the Fuck Did You Do That?
Posted:Sep 25, 2018 12:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2018 1:17 pm
Another day at the office. My friend, Jimmy, is such a guy ya know? Older, grey headed, and absolutely helpless when it comes to computers. Any little glitch and he’s hopelessly lost. I’ll bet he still has an old UNDERWOOD #5 typewriter at home. LOL Yeah, he has a cell phone but it’s one of those flip phones that look like something from the old Star Trek show from the sixties. Like come on man, get a touch screen i phone already. Still, he’s amazingly good where it counts . When he called up for tech support I couldn’t wait to see him. So here’s what happened today:

You look at the computer screen, “oh shit how the hell do I make this stupid program do that?” Your head is pounding and you lay head in your hands on the desk. “Where the fuck is she when I need her?”

As if on cue I come bouncing into the office with a huge smile. I look at you and see your frustration.

You look me over from head to toe. The dress is new. It’s short, shorter than usual, and my legs are bare under it. I smile as I think of the surprise that I have for you.

“So what kind of excuse did you use to get down here today?”

“Lunch. But I told her you were having problems with your computer again and it looks as though I was right.” I walk around behind your chair and put my hands on your shoulders. You tip your head back till it settles between my breasts.

I bend my head down to your ear and whisper; “come with me” then walk over to the ‘couch’ across the room. I sit you down on the couch and put your arms along the back.

“Now, stay just like that, ok?”

“Yes, Ma'am,” you laugh “You’re up to something aren’t you?”

I just smile.

I straddle your thighs and sit on your lap, facing you.

I lean my head in close as I run my hands down the outside of your legs and back up between them. They reach your zipper and I look up at you. I can feel your cock against it. I look you in the eye as I rub my palm against your cock. I can feel it hardening as I stroke it through the cloth. You start to reach for your zipper to release it for me, but I stop you. “Ah, ah, ah. Hands on the back of the couch, please.”

You reluctantly put them back.

I get up and walk to a bag that you don’t remember seeing when I came in.

When I turn around my favorite vibrator is in my hands. We both jump when I turned it on because the soft buzz seems so loud in the quiet office. I walk back to the couch and stand in front of you.

"I am full of surprises today." I say as I take one of your hands and slide it under my dress. You run your hand over my ass and up my side. All you feel is warm bare skin.

“Well, I know you didn’t dress like that to impress your boss.” You smile and start to reach for me again. But I pull away and return your arms to the back of the couch.

I sit on the floor at your feet, and my hands spread your thighs apart, then your feet. I lay back and lift my legs and put my calves on your knees. It opens me up to your view. You spread your legs wider, pushing mine even farther apart.

My pussy is slick and wet. As you watch, my hands go between my legs, one holding the vibrator, the other spreading the puffy lips apart. I slowly run the buzzing toy over my clit and lips. I lean my head back, and begin to pleasure myself as you watch. Your arms become ridged on the back of the couch and it makes you shift uncomfortably in your slacks because your throbbing erection is trapped against the cloth.

The iron control it takes to keep you hands on the couch surprises both of us. You watch the motion of the vibrator as I slide it in and out slowly. I start making little whimpering sounds as I come closer to my release. You know the exact moment I find my release as my head drops back and my body convulses.

When I have recovered I sit up. I smile as I see your discomfort. I curl my legs under me and kneel in front of you. Again I run my hands up the inside of your thighs. Your control breaks and as I reach your zipper you grab my hands. Holding both of my hands in one of your hands you unzip your pants and release your throbbing cock with the other.

Your gear is restrictive. Your uniform does not allow for you to bury yourself in my hot wet pussy. Instead I smile and lean forward and capture your cock in my mouth. You release my hands and as I wrap them around you I hear a strangled sigh.

My hair covers my face but you gather it into a ponytail in the back and use it to control the rhythm as I slide your cock in and out of my hot mouth. I hold it tightly with one hand as I work the tip deeper and deeper into my throat until at last it touches. You use my hair to move my head with increasing speed. Your hips lift off of the seat as you finally release your hot come in the back of my throat. I swallow every drop.

You release my hair and lean against the back of the couch dropping your hands to your sides. I get up off my knees and sit down on the couch next to you. Your head is back and your eyes are closed.

“I guess your headache is gone?” I ask

You say nothing but glance over at me.

I smile “I guess so.”
I reach out to put my hands on your shoulders. Your hand settles in the small of my back. The firm pressure has it's desired effect. My pussy, already moist, is now wet. I pull myself harder against you and a small moan escapes. With your free hand you lift my skirt and push aside my panties. Your fingers slide into my slit and I stifle another, louder moan. As you stroke my clit I grab your shoulders and hold on tight. Do you ever wonder what I was thinking as you do that? "Oh My God!" is about the only conscious thought that I have. Followed closely but "Oh God Please Don't Let Him Stop!" I can't concentrate on anything. Standing is even difficult.

It is at this point that that selfish girl little in me comes out. I make it last ask long as I possible can. I'm sure you are thinking - "damn is she ever going to come?" It just feels so good, your fingers are hot and I push my pussy against them. "Oh God, please let him slide his finger in there..." is what I am thinking but only "Oooooh God..." makes it out of my mouth. You must think me a very religious person but I am only religious about one thing at this point and that is having you inside of me. I would even beg if you asked. I can hear myself "please- pretty please".

I rub your cock through your pants. You are hard and I want you. Now. In my mouth, in my pussy or in my ass at this point I don't care and I don't think I can wait much longer.

Oh but today you are making me wait. You dispense with my panties then sit me on the desk and kneel down in front of me. Pushing my legs apart you start teasing me with your tongue. The sensation causes me throw my head back and arch my back. "Oh My God" - I'm doing it again. That religious thing. Really I am praying that you won't stop. "Oh God don't stop!" But you aren't going to are you?

You ease two fingers inside me. "Ooooooooooo God!" You work your fingers in time with your oh so talented tongue. I want to beg, plead and tell you never to stop but about all I can do is moan. You pull out your fingers then, gently at first, begin to rim the opening of my pussy and then my ass. I whimper, it's really the makings of another declarative statement like "please oh please put your finger in my ass". Are you reading my mind? I would swear so since now your fingers have penetrated both my pussy and my ass. "OOOOOOh Goooood!!!"

I am so close. I could come. Like the old saying, "you could knock me over with a feather" - well, yes I'm there just the right touch will send me catapulting out of control. You know it don't you? You must because before I realize that you have stopped - you have. You free your cock and turn me over so I am leaning over the desk. Your cock glides into me effortlessly. I am so wet. You fuck me with increasing intensity from behind. You use my hips to pull me agaist you harder each time. The sensation sends shock waves through me. "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oooooooh God!" It isn't long before I come.

Just before you reach your climax you pull your cock out of me and motion me to kneel in front of you. I do. I smile as I place it in my mouth knowing that I will get to suck all of my juices off your cock. Mmmmmmm, that tastes so good.

I hold the base of your cock and work you in and out of my mouth. Both of your hands are on my head. One is holding my hair away from my face. You use your hands to set my rhythm. Good. Your hands move my head faster and your cock goes deeper and deeper down my throat with each thrust. Isn't it a damn good thing I don't have a gag reflex? Much too soon your cum hits the back of my throat. In my mouth the two flavors mix very nicely. Mmmmmmmmm that tastes really good.

"Wow... uh.. now about my computer..." you say with a smile.

I walk over and touch the screen then remember you are set up to use a mouse. "Damn Jimmy, when are you going to upgrade to something from this century?" I click the mouse and the screen returns to normal.

"How the Fuck did you do that?"

I smile.
Walnut Street: Time for a Trim
Posted:Sep 20, 2018 2:35 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2018 1:20 pm
Back in the day I was a bit of a pussy hound. Since moving into the Big House on Walnut Street I have been involved with over 30 females in less than a year. A personal best. One such encounter came surprisingly away from the Big House. It started off innocently enough. I love getting my hair cut. It is such a sensual experience. Skilled fingers run through my hair, stroking my cheeks, holding my head steady as the scissors snip and trim. Afterwards, I look good and I feel good.

Kendra is my usual stylist. She is beautiful, in an approachable, everyday kind of way. She could never have been a model, but I'm sure she turns a lot of heads when she walks through the mall. Her hair is soft, brown curls that brush her shoulders. Her skin and features are exotic without being specifically foreign. Sometimes she looks vaguely Irish or Asian or Hispanic. I think she's from California.

Kendra is only 26 years old, but she is definitely skilled with the scissors. I had been going to her for several months before the mundane haircut experience became something so exciting. It was relaxing and therapeutic, and it left me somewhat aroused, but it had always been very professional.

She likes to wear revealing clothes to work. Her tight pants and low-cut shirts are a delight. The gentle, fruity perfume she wears is soft and feminine and never over-powering. To sit so close to her as she works on me is simply intoxicating.

Her cleavage was almost in my face and there was a lot of it visible. She did not seem to know or care what it was doing to her male customers. That beautiful valley was never far from my view. It was difficult to keep my eyes on safe, polite territory away from her lovely breasts. One day that became almost impossible.

I'd been having a really bad day. I hit a “dry spell” during the Sumer when most of the women I hung with went home as Tech let out for Sumer Break. When I sat in Kendra's chair, I was feeling a little angry, a little guilty and a whole lot of depression.. I was also just beginning to realize that my lonely bed was going to stay that way.

Kendra's ample cleavage was a welcome, needed distraction from my problems, and I had a really hard time tearing my eyes away. Keeping my gaze respectful was quite a task that day. Eventually, my attempts to be polite became frustrating and annoying for Kendra because my head kept moving as well.

She slammed the scissors down on the counter and grabbed my face with both hands. There was frustration in her eyes, but an amused smile on her face.

"Look," she said, "I had to go to school to learn how to do this. You have to be educated and licensed before you even think about touching a customer's hair. I think it's an important job. People come to me before their wedding day. They come to me before important meetings and interviews. Politicians and movie stars rely on people like to me to make them seem real."

"I do a very good job," she said. "And there's a reason I dress this way. I give you something to look at so you'll keep your head still while I work. I'm not self-conscious. Go ahead and stare. Just stop fidgeting. You can look at some tits or you can lose an ear. It‘s a simple choice."

After that, I did as she suggested. I indulged myself. I let my thoughts wander as I lost myself in that beautiful bosom. Kendra became my regular hair stylist. Her permission to ogle created a kind of intimacy between us. She would stroke my arms and massage my shoulders. Her fingernails would tickle my neck before she started cutting.

I started getting the shampoo option with my haircuts just to prolong the experience. To feel her fingers massaging my head was wonderfully relaxing. The strawberry scented shampoo was sweet and strong. The feel of her breasts pressing against me as she leaned in was more than pleasant.

During one of these wonderful shampoo sessions, the relaxation turned into erotic tension. I could feel my cock stiffening under my pants. I just went with it. Fantasies and images flowed through my mind as my hair flowed through her fingers.

She was giving me a long, slow blowjob. Her tongue was as talented as her fingers. She licked my balls and kissed my thighs. She stripped off all her clothes and climbed onto my cock. She rode my like a mechanical bull. Then we switched positions. I did her in every imaginable position. I fucked her pussy and her ass and her tits. She begged me to come in her mouth.

"It looks like you're enjoying this," she said, interrupting my erotic daydreams.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her in confusion. She gestured with her head and her eyes were definitely looking down toward my crotch. I looked down myself and saw an obvious bulge poking up from between my legs.

I was horribly embarrassed, and I apologized, but she said it was all good.

"Don't worry about it, " she said. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. It means I'm doing a good job. I hope you were thinking about me."

I was still embarrassed, but I nodded. I couldn't really deny it. It wasn't the first time I'd fantasized about her. It was just the first time I'd been caught.

"So tell me about it," she said. "Did I treat you right?"

Again, I could only nod. I wasn't about to tell her the dirty little details of my day dream.

"Let's get you in the chair," she said with a smile. "I can give you some time if you don't feel like standing up right now. The shop is closing and the other girls are just cleaning up their areas. We're not in any rush.

I smiled and thanked her, but my embarrassment had melted my erection, so I stood up. She winked at me and walked to her little corner of the shop. I followed her, trying to recover my dignity.

Once I got in the chair, and that sheet-like apron was fastened to me, I was feeling a little more in control of myself. It was just an illusion, however.

Once her magic fingers went through my hair again, the sensual eroticism flooded through me again. My erection returned, throbbing and pulsing. This time the sheet hid me from her view, so I let myself sink back into the fantasies.

We were sitting in the hot tub, and had just slipped out of our bathing suits when I decided to get a little more daring. Under the sheet, I started rubbing myself through my clothes. As I touched her in my fantasy, I touched myself in secret.

She was standing behind me, and her scissors stopped moving. She leaned down close to me and whispered in my ear.

"Go ahead and pull it out," she said. "I finished with your hair and the other girls are in the back. They'll leave through that door. The front door is already locked. Go ahead and enjoy yourself."

I was past being embarrassed. I did what she suggested. Under the protective sheet, I undid my jeans and pulled them down a little, just enough to pull out my cock. She put down the scissors and just massaged my neck and shoulders. She leaned against me, pressing her breasts against the back of my head.

It was incredibly arousing, but she wasn't finished. She moved around to my left side. I saw her glance toward the back of the shop, then she leaned forward. My face went into her cleavage. I could smell her sweet perfume in there. She grabbed my left arm and pulled it up between her legs then went back to massaging my shoulders.

My hand went straight for her pussy. I couldn't feel every detail through the fabric, but she wears tight, thin pants to work. I could feel enough. I could almost push my finger into her. If the pants had been a little looser, I could have.

It didn't take long. Kendra's pussy in my hand and her tits in my face were almost too much stimulation. The next thing I knew her hand swept back the apron and her mouth gulped down my hard cock in one swift motion. I couldn’t believe how hot and incredible her tongue was as she started to suck and jerk me off. Then she deep throated my 7 and a half inches and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had an intense orgasm. I could feel my cum shooting through my cock and into her mouth. It was incredible.

Kendra was breathing a little hard, but I don't think she'd come. I would have loved to help her, but she wasn't inviting me. She disengaged herself from my cock and went to her shelf of tools. She tore off some paper towels and used a spray bottle to wet it down. She picked up my left hand and put the paper towel into it so I could clean myself up. Some of my semen splashed on my pants.

"Don‘t worry about the mess on the chair or the apron," she told me." It‘s my area. I‘ll clean it up.

"Next time," she added, "Make an appointment a couple of days in advance. Make it for just about this time. Leave your name and ask for me. Maybe I'll wear a skirt for you. I won't guarantee anything under it."

I got dressed, and fumbled for my credit card. She charged me for the shampoo and the cut and I left her one hell of a tip.

"Thank you," she said, "but that really wasn't necessary. My profession is cutting hair. The rest of it was just for fun. Come back as soon as you can."
The Party (My First Story)
Posted:Jul 26, 2018 6:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2018 8:12 am
Found this in my files and thought I'd share it with everyone again.


I lived off campus, not too far from the stadium. The cluster of apartments were designed with 4 units on top and 4 units downstairs. My apartment was in the center on top. I had been sharing the place with my best friend until he decided to move in with his girlfriend across town. I was looking for a roommate at the time. Little did I know when I moved in that this particular apartment complex was a focal gathering point for the gay community around the Cookeville area. I found out about 2 months after Jackson moved out. I was coming home late in the afternoon when I found Janet (one of the two women living right below me) sitting on the stairs with grocery bags sitting on the floor. I looked at her and asked what was wrong.

"I went to the store without my keys and Sharon has locked me out." she said with a small frown on her face. Sharon worked at a local bar and wouldn't be back for hours. I offered to let her use my fridge for the items that needed it and she took me up on it.

"I need to call Sharon if you don't mind." I showed her the phone on the wall then moved the eggs and milk into the icebox.

After a few seconds on the phone, Janet told me she needed a lift to go get her apartment key from Sharon at the bar. I asked how did she get from the store back to here in the first place. She explained that Sharon had been with her and dropped her off on the way to work. Oh well, I thought I could use a brew while she gets her key so I said OK.

As I sat at the bar sipping my beer, I saw Janet and Sharon talking at the far end. As Janet came back to me I finished it and stood up. She thanked me and asked me to take her back to the apartment. When we unloaded her things into the grocery bags, Janet reached up to the collar of my shirt and brushed the chest hair that was sticking out with her fingers.

"Sharon's off work tomorrow evening and we are having a little get together. Would you like to join us around six o'clock?"

"Uhhh, yeah sure." I managed to say. The look she gave me and her two fingers stroking my chest caused a sudden shift in the suddenly tight pants I was wearing. "I'll be there." I watched her ass move back and forth as she walked out the door. She turned suddenly and caught me staring.

"Don't be late." she said with a smile that would light up a room.

The next day I was slightly distracted at school. After classes, I went to my part time job at the radio station and cleaned the offices. Around 4:30 pm I ate with a few of my friends at the student center, looking forward to the "little get together" at six. By 5:45 I had showered, shaved and trimmed my mustache. Then I dabbed on a little aftershave. Not wanting to show up empty handed, I drove by BUD's drive thru and bought 2 six packs of Bud Light to take with me. I rang the doorbell at 6:05. The music coming from inside the apartment was loud but not enough to disturb the neighbors. Some dude with a grin on his face and a joint in his mouth answered the door and invited me in as soon as he saw the beer.

Just then the smell of pot hit me like a train wreck. While I had tried smoking that stuff back in high school, I avoided becoming involved with it. Seen too many good friends throw away their futures with drugs. I preferred beer and wine myself. Oh well, I can always wash the smell out of my clothes later. Mr Teeth pointed me to the kitchen and offered me a tote on his joint. I held up the two six packs and said "Maybe later man, my hands are full."

I won't bore you with too many details; almost everyone from the apartment complex was there. Some were smoking, some drinking, a couple of girls making out on the couch ..... girls making out????? ..... Hummm, this WAS getting interesting.

About that time I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and Janet smiled and said she was glad I came. She then took the beers from me, put them in the fridge. Then she pulled one off the plastic rings , opened it, took a swallow and handed it to me. With a wrinkled nose and a sly smile she said "Enjoy." and moved away into the living room.

My eyes drifted down to her ass as it swayed with the beat of the song playing in the background. "Damn!!!" I thought to myself. Then I took a deep breath and a sip of the beer and followed.

I knew the faces if not the names of the neighbors gathered. The two girls making out lived in the building across the parking lot. There was Jerry and Keith from my floor and the older guy from downstairs, plus a few like Mr. Teeth that I did not know. Small talk and drinking while watching the women in the crowd seemed harmless enough. Some were really fine looking but some were also very ...... well I got to say it....scary looking. Gothic makeup, side by side with one chick dressed up like a lumberjack complete with flannel shirt and boots. The guys were a shocker. Some were normal looking and some looked like they were wearing feminine eyeshadow????

OK, I was a little confused. To cover myself I downed the beer and headed back for another. I walked in on Mr. Teeth and the older guy in a lip lock in the kitchen. I was confused no longer. It was an "alternative lifestyle" party. With that revelation I turned and took another look at the crowd and suddenly everything made sense. Almost everyone here was a couple, guys with guys and girls with girls. My odds of getting laid just doubled in a way I wasn't exactly happy about.

Sure enough, three guys hit on me before the crowd realized I was straight. I thanked each one and said I was flattered but no. I watched as Sharon and Janet were talking and laughing by the bedroom door, I think they were being entertained by my situation. But with five beers in me, and the fact that Janet was really hot, I decided to be as cool as I could and not spoil the buzz I was working on. I moved about the party, chatted with various people. Funny thing was, most of the women knew I wasn't gay but most of the men couldn't tell. We laughed about it. I kept saying that it was wishful thinking at work.

Around 11:30 there was a sudden exodus. People had paired (or "tripled" ) up and were leaving. I looked up one minute and everyone was gone except Sharon and Janet.

"Uhhhh...well... " I started to say when they started dancing to a slow song in the middle of the floor.

Sharon's hands were moving across Janet's body in a very slow sexy caress from behind, moving across her chest then down her stomach.

Sharon's hands brushed back upward under Janet's shirt. (I had noticed earlier she wasn't wearing a I studied her slim figure from across the room. The way her long blond hair with subtle waves hung down her back moved with a life of it's own with each turn of her head. Her eyebrows nearly invisible above the sky blue eyes made my mouth water). Now my hopes were shattered....Janet and Sharon .... just great! For the first time ever I wished I was a woman for a moment. Then I wished I was anywhere but here.

Janet turned around in Sharon's arms and began a deep open mouthed kiss. My pants became crowded as my penis suddenly grew to twice it's size. They were so involved with each other I felt like I was forgotten, a third wheel as it were. So I quietly got up and headed for the door before my embarrassing hard-on was noticed.

As I reached for the door Sharon said out loud, "Just a minute Sugar. Where the hell do you think you're going?" Sharon was the opposite of Janet. Very dark hair, taller and with the kind of tan you have to be born with. ( I found out later her people were from the middle east a couple of generations ago.) Where Janet had smaller, firm breasts, Sharon sported size D's and never went anywhere without full bra support.

The first thought that went through my head was "Huh?" Then I turned and saw the expressions on their faces....( please understand I was a little drunk and not on my best game) ... I said something to the effect that they wanted privacy so..... maybe I had better……

"God, " said Sharon, "you sure can pick 'em Jan." Her southern dialect was very thick. I kinda liked it. "Come 'ere Sugar, Moma's got somethin for her hero."

Then it sunk in "JACKPOT!!!" I thought to myself as the two of them grabbed an arm each and led me to one of the bedrooms.

As we walked into the bedroom, I kept thinking to myself, "Please don't wake up....please don't wake up...." or at least something close to that. Sharon whipped off her top and the succulent twins popped out swinging inside a black lacy bra. I turned to look at Janet but she had already thrown off her shirt, her nipples were standing out pink and hard. Within a heartbeat I pulled my Nike tee shirt over my head and was pulling at my belt.

"Slow down Sugar." Sharon said.

"Yeah, Jimmy, I wanna do that!" Janet whispered as she moved my hands away from my belt. "You need to kick off the shoes first lover."

The girls shoved me onto the bed then started unlacing my shoes, tugging them off then pulling off the socks. My crotch was straining to get out the zipper holding it back. They took their good sweet time reaching for the belt buckle. I could hardly stand it. Janet loosened the belt, and slowly pulled the zipper down while Sharon slipped off her bra. WOW!!!! .....Just WOW!!!.....

Now, I'm an ass man myself, I love to watch a woman's butt....but I had to admit it, Sharon's tits were breathtaking. As my mouth hung open, Janet had succeeded in pulling my pants and boxers down to my knees. With a quick tug the clothes were history. By this time, Sharon had dropped her blue jean shorts and panties. She moved in to allow Janet her turn at undressing. Sharon touched my cock with her soft hands, First she licked the tip then gently blew her breath across it. The sudden chill sent a shiver all the way down to my toes.

I was busy watching Janet. She turned her back to the bed, slowly undid the front of her pants, then slowly pulled them down, inch by inch. Bending over as she made a little left then right twist, then she bent lower as the pants popped off her hips. She dropped them and looked at me over her shoulder just like the day before. Her smile was dazzling; her ass was to die for! By this time my hands were busy squeezing Sharon's breasts as she was licking and kissing my dick.

Janet slid in on my right side, her attention divided between my cock and Sharon's face. Janet's hand went to my balls and gently massaged them as her lips started moving up and down the side of my penis with a slow steady rhythm. Sharon, on the left matched the motion going up then down on the side. Their lips were touching as they went up and down. Then as they reached the end of the staff, they proceeded to french kiss each other with the head of my cock flicking in and out of each mouth. Janet's hand began stroking my shaft as the kiss continued.

"HOLY FUCK!!!! what's THAT?!?!?'" I gasped out loud.
Sharon had pressed something up against the base of my penis that sent a shock-wave of pleasure through my body. I looked and saw the biggest damn vibrator I have ever seen being pressed against my cock. It was about 18 inches long, sculpted to look like a man's penis on both ends!!! The middle had a bulge with a red on/off switch.

"What are you planning to do with that?" I asked as I tried to get up.

Sharon shoved me back onto the bed, I tried to get up again and Janet sprung onto the bed to hold me down. She managed this by throwing her leg across my head and sitting on my face. Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity, I plunged my tongue into her sweet pussy for a taste.

As my tongue slipped between Janet's tender folds, I stopped struggling on the bed. The salty sweet taste filled my mouth and the aroma of her natural musk went straight into my brain. What a wonderful way to subdue a guy. I highly recommend it over a choke hold.

Janet leaned forward to rejoin Sharon in stimulating my hard-on while Sharon was busy stroking the base of my cock with the vibrator. Janet started going down on the top of my shaft. They were making a game out of seeing who could stuff my dick deeper and suck it harder while the vibrations of the double dildo kept driving me up the wall!

All this and a face full of pussy.....I had died and gone to heaven for sure. I still remember the funny sound Sharon made each time she pulled her mouth off the top of my dick "POP!!" ....."POP!!" .... "POP!!". She did put more suction into the work than Janet, but Janet did go down further. I couldn't decide who was better. This continued for a few minutes.

I felt something tugging at the tip of my penis. Being somewhat sloppy wet by now, I wasn't sure at first but then I realized one of them was putting a condom over my manhood. I was too busy licking Janet's sweet pussy to complain. Sharon moved up and started rubbing her vagina across my rubber coated dick. Janet shifted into a sitting position on my face as Sharon stuffed my penis into herself. Straddled face to face on top of me, the two of them started kissing, fondling, and sucking each other while they began to grind on yours truly. Sharon clamped down on me as she rotated her hips. I could feel her hand rubbing on the outside of her clit close to my cock. Janet was moving like a belly dancer, her clit was moving across my tongue, my nose, my tongue, my chin then back to my tongue increasing the pressure as she slid back and forth.

It started as a warm pressure in my balls, I tried to hold back, I was greedy and didn't want to stop. The heat rose up through my guts into the base of my cock. My balls were swelling with the most joyful pain I have ever felt. Faster and faster they moved. Hotter and hotter the pressure kept building..... until......I exploded and the room went dim.....

When I opened my eyes, Janet and Sharon were looking at me with matching wicked smiles. "He lasted longer than anyone had before." said Sharon. "I guess you really CAN pick 'em Jan. Now Sugar, it's our turn. We know you can fuck, but can you just watch without touching? No touching us or yourself. You can't join in unless we ask you to. Can you handle that?"

Shit. After what had just happened, she could have told me to walk to town naked and I would have agreed on the spot. Yeah, I was thinking with my dick again.
"Hell yeah! I‘d LOVE to watch." I said.

As I sat in the chair and watched, the girls turned it on big time. I was feeling a little out of place so while they were busy with each other I got up to go get a brew. I needed to replenish fluids if you know what I mean. When I got back they had moved from making out to full oral "69" with Sharon on top, her tits mashed against Janet's stomach, I could not see the other end but I could hear Janet moaning with each movement of the top of her head.

Sharon wrapped one arm around Janet's leg and had placed her middle finger deep into Janet's ass. With the other hand, Sharon was rubbing Janet's clit if swift, circular strokes in between each long loving french kiss, her tongue probing in and out the wet pink folds.

Sharon's ass was slowly thrusting back and forth across Janet's face. I watched as her fingers rotated in the same direction in Janet's ass and on her clit. Between the deep licks Sharon was talking dirty to Janet saying things like " Taste my pussy juice you cunt." and "You little bitch, suck it, suck my clit." and at other times just "UUUAARGH! FUCK IT FUCK ME HARD!" The only thing I could make out from Janet was a muffled moaning sound. I took a deep swallow and realized I had finished the beer without even knowing it.

The 69 action continued for a few more minutes. I saw that Sharon and Janet both kept looking at me from time to time, getting louder after each eye contact. I was watching and trying to remember not to touch myself. For the record, between the beer and the double fuck earlier, my cock was still resting half limp much to my surprise. Normally just watching a rabbit cross the road would give me a hard on but for some reason I was less than full mast at the time. They noticed too.

Sharon rolled off the top of Janet and grabbed the big blue double dildo off the nightstand. She waved it at Janet who grabbed the end and stuck it in her mouth while watching me.

"Give it to me Bitch... Give it to me NOW!" Janet whispered as she moved into position on her hands and knees, her lovely ass facing me. Sharon moved the wet tip of the dildo up and down Janet's pussy. I could hear the humming sound
coming from the BOB (that's shorthand for Battery Operated Boyfriend – I found out later). The vibrations were causing Janet to jerk almost uncontrollably.
"Now, NOW....Bitch I SAID NOW!" she growled at Sharon. The look on her face was pure greed and lust as she looked at me across the room.

Sharon placed the tip at her slick lips and glided it in. OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!" rushed out of Janet's mouth as the vibrator slid home. Sharon stroked it in and out a few times, each stroke in resulting in another loud "OOOOHHH!!" coming from Janet. Then Sharon rolled around with her butt up facing away from Janet. She then guided the other end of the dildo into herself and pushed back ass to ass, cheek to cheek on all fours facing away from Janet.

"UUUUUHHHHHGGGHHH!" came out of Sharon's mouth as the vibrations hit home. Then each began to thrust with their hips grinding down on the big blue BOB. In near perfect timing grind... thrust... back...moan....grind.... thrust....back...MOAN! again and again. I have never watched anything like it before.

"Oh my God!" crosses my mind as my cock suddenly springs to life begging for some attention.

The moaning continued with each grind and thrust. My dick began to throb with a life of it's own. "Get some!" was screaming into my brain from my "other" head. Sharon was watching my penis poking up between my legs, moving i time with each grind the girls were performing on the bed.

"NO touching prick! Remember the rules!" Sharon gasped between moans. My hand moved away from my throbbing cock.

I wasn't sure if she was calling me a prick or just reminding me what I wasn't allowed to touch it. Sharon's eyes were glued to my penis as she continued to fuck Janet.

Janet's moans became louder and an octave higher. "OOOOHHHH......OOOOOOHHHH" turned into "OOHHHHHHMMMM .... ......OOOOOOHHHHHMMMMMY........ OOOOOHHHHHHHMMMMMY........
OOOOHHHHMMMYYY GGGGGuh.... OOOOHHHHMMMMYYY GGGGAAAWWW...... Then she stopped moving, squealed out loud "OH MY GGGGGGAAAAWWWDDD!" at the top of her lungs and crashed forward onto the bed, pulling the dildo with her and out of Sharon.

Sharon cried out "Oh Shit, Shit, Shit!" as she rolled over onto her back, her hand already rubbing her clit hard and fast. I turned to look at Janet. Her eyes were fluttering and I remember being a little confused when I saw the dick shaped dildo sticking out the back.

"Get your ass over here Sugar!" Sharon cried, "Momma needs your tongue on her NOW!"

I realized I was being summoned so I almost leaped out of the chair, relief was on the way! Sharon grabbed my hair as I settled my face between her legs. no time for foreplay. She proceeded to grind my face into her hot spot. The juices were flowing steady and I was hungry. She jerked and tugged my hair with each movement. Somehow, the pain made it even better. Sharon's mouth was spewing obscenities while trying to pull my whole face inside her pussy. I remember words like Cocksucker, Asswipe Mother Fucker and Bastard" being repeated over and over. I remembered how Sharon worked on Janet, so I licked my finger and pushed it into her asshole while I was probing her pussy with my tongue.

She jerked as I entered both holes and continued her cursing. I flipped my tongue across her clit, moved in for a kiss and then sucked it into my mouth, stroking it with the tip while sucking on it. I tasted the salty sweet juices as my mouth was pressed deep into the folds. After a few seconds of this, Sharon made a grunting sound as she pulled my hair back, forcing my face away from her cunt. My finger was still inside her ass when the oddest thing happened. Her asshole started to quiver and spasm.... clamping down around my finger rapidly. Then a HOT stream of juice squirted out her pussy and right into my face and mouth. I drove my face forward to suck up each drop.

Funny thing about eating pussy. I have found that no two women taste exactly the same. Even trying to describe the flavor, in general, is rather difficult, but up till this point, I had never tasted a woman's cum. If you took the aroma of freshly grilled tuna, added a dash of salt, lemon,saffron, walnut and sunflower oil with a strong earthy bit of truffles in a butter/wine sauce, blend them all into a creamy liquid you are getting close. Truth is the only way to describe the flavor in one word.

It tastes like SEX. And I was eating it up.

Sharon quivered, took a deep breath, and smiled. "Yeah, I guess Jan can really pick 'em." she said as she released my hair, and rolled over onto her side. I was still enjoying the moment when I heard Janet clear her throat. "Hey Jimmy, is it my turn now?" she whispered as she got back up on all fours and wiggled her marvelous ass at me. The dildo was nowhere to be seen and my penis was screaming for attention.

As I looked at Janet's bare ass I noticed she was reaching for something on the nightstand. It was a smaller dildo (made for one only) and a tube of KY jelly. She gave me another one of those megawatt smiles of hers and softly purred,"I wanna take you like a man."

Again I was a little confused. Maybe it was the beer , maybe it was the fact that all the blood was rushing away from my brain and filling my penis, I just did not get it. When I moved in to insert tab A into slot B doggy style she pulled away and said, "No Jimmy, I want it in my ass....Don't you like my tight little ass?"

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH..YEAAAAAAHHH! I figured out what the KY was for. She inserted the BOB into her pussy and made a soft "mewing" sound. Then, while still on her hands and knees, Janet handed me the tube of lube.

She then whispered, "Be gentle as first...then when I tell you, I want you to ass fuck me hard....long and hard!"

I glanced back at Sharon and she was in the chair playing with the big blue BOB. Her eyes half closed but watching still. I opened the lube, squeezed it between the cheeks of her butt and started working it into the pink puckered hole with my finger. I inserted first one then two fingers working the lube deeper into her. I added more lube then stick the finger of my other hand beside the first two. I gently rotated the fingers, I could feel the vibrations drifting up through her from the dildo in the other hole. Janet had stopped talking and was moaning with each breath. The muscles in her anus were beginning to relax a bit, I continued to pull and stretch the opening, moving deeper and deeper. I moved another finger into the hole and pulled it open further, the lube fully coating the inside made my grip very slippery.

"OH DAMN IT!" she cried, "NOW! Jimmy NOW!"

I pulled my right hand out, wiped the lube on my shaft and slipped it in slowly. With each inch Janet cried out "OH! ....OH! Yessss.....Yesss!" When I buried my penis full in, I stopped long enough to pick up the KY tube. As I pulled out, I coated the shaft with more then slid it home hard.

"Holy FUCK!" Janet gasped, "Do it baby....Do it hard!" I heard a groan coming from Sharon. I turned to smile at her when I saw she had her eyes literally rolling back in her head, the big blue BOB sticking up made her look like a guy jerking off for a second. A guy with size D boobs bouncing back and forth with
each movement of the plastic cock. I turned and got back to business.

I figured by now that Janet was into the pain so I gave her ass a smack with my hand for the fun of it. She threw her head back, her long hair splashing across her back. I grabbed a handful and pulled on it a little. A very animalistic growl came out of her as I took another swat at her ass cheek. It was turning red by now. I began to concentrate on the slippery tightness around my cock. The vibrations from the BOB along with the sensations of fucking her ass was heavenly. Listening to her grunt with each thrust pushed me closer and closer.....I could feel the pressure building inside, my balls were beginning to hurt and the heat began to rise again. I tried to think of cold weather, rain, swimming, anything at all to get my mind off it and last a little longer.

Then I heard Janet cry out "OOOHHHH my GOD!" and felt her ass clamp down around my dick. She was cuming and that pushed me over the edge big time.

I pulled out and shot my load across her back. The white stream gushed out in one..two...three...FOUR squirts… then two more small spasms shooting blanks before I relaxed and let go of her hair.

"You PRICK!" Sharon screamed at me. "You mother Fucken PRICK!"

Suddenly she was on the bed holding my Nike tee shirt and trying to mop up the mess off Janet's ass and back. Needless to say I was at a loss for words
"What's wrong?" I managed to ask.

Sharon continued to clean up and shot me a look that would kill. "You PRICK!" she kept saying over and over. She then threw the shirt at me and said, "Condoms you ASS WIPE! You didn't use a RUBBER!" She pointed to the nightstand. "GET OUT YOU PRICK!" she screamed at me, "GET THE FUCK OUT!"

She grabbed my shoes and threw them at me. One missed and the other hit me in the chest. Janet had recovered and was trying to calm Sharon down when I grabbed what I could had headed out the bedroom door. I heard Sharon screaming at Janet and decided that I had overstayed my welcome for sure so I ran for the door and bolted out holding my stuff. The door shut behind me then I realized in my drunken state I was standing outside naked with two shoes, one sock and a cum soaked shirt.

My paints and (more importantly) my keys were still inside. I slipped on the shirt (yuk) and shoes leaving only the sock to cover myself. I felt like I was in that stupid Red Hot Chili Peppers video with my cock hidden by a sock. No way in hell was I going to get back in my apartment without my keys...... I knocked on the door with my fingers crossed....Thank god Janet answered.

"Uh.....I'm locked out and was wondering.... " it dawned on me that was how all this started in the first place and I started laughing and Janet began laughing also.

She said "You look like you could use a drink."

So we went to my apartment and finished off the beer I had in the fridge. That's the last thing I remember. We woke up the next morning in Sharon's bed naked. How we got there I haven't a clue!

Comments are welcome.

Jimmy B
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Dear Diary
Posted:Sep 13, 2018 1:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2018 10:17 am
Dear Diary

I was having a fairly normal day. The morning was warm but not too humid. Really the day began much like any other. As usual, today, I'm feeling extremely horny. I don't know why, but all day I've had sex on my mind and nothing I do is helping. I've masturbated in bed when I woke up. Again, in the shower. After breakfast, I was watching TV and these two people were flirting and it turned me on so much! I went online, looked for some porn and got off again. It was no use, no matter how often I did, I still felt unsatisfied. The boredom of the day was getting to me, I needed to get out there and do something wild!

I got naked and started looking through my closet for something nice to wear. I chose a wrap-around dress. I put in on, put I skipped my bra and panties. It felt so sexy to feel the silky fabric slide on my naked skin. Once the dress was wrapped around me and tied, I got in front of the mirror and looked at myself while I ran my hands around my hips, over my belly, on my breasts and around and around my nipples several times. My nipples got hard and I could see them through the fabric. My breasts were heavy, you could tell I wasn't wearing a bra and that's exactly what I want for what I have in mind.

I took my purse and filled it with a few important items. My vibrator, the small one for my clit. Also, a butt plug and a dildo. Hey, a kinky girl like me can never be too prepared! I head out the door and walk to the nearest bus station. The wrap-round dress lets me show off my thighs as I walk, since the fabric naturally slits up the leg. It would just take a little wind and people would get to see more than just my thighs! The thought turns me on and the lust I've been feeling all day just keeps growing. I decided to catch an early bus to town.

I've made it to the bus stop. It's not very busy, which is perfect. I take a seat and I wait, looking around me at the men in the bus station with me. After a while, I notice a man, nice looking, mid thirties, get in the bus and he sits in front of me, but slightly to my left. He looks at me and I smile. He smiles back and them opens his briefcase to take out his newspaper. I keep staring at him and every once in a while he looks up and I smile at him again. Now he knows I'm staring at him and he keeps smiling, event when he's looking down at his newspaper. He's looking up at me more and more often.

That's perfect, I've got his interest! Next time he looks up at me, he finds me playing with my hair and gently biting my lip. He stares longer than the other times. I look around us, left to right, and no one is paying attention to us. I slide my hand down from my hair to my neck, down to my cleavage, an I push the side of my wrap around dress over my left breast, exposing my whole tit and nipple to the cool air. Immediately, the cold and the excitement harden my nipple and it stands there, erect, for him to see. His face is shock and awe. He definitely likes the sight. He puts down his newspaper and now he never looks away from me. I smile at him again, but he's not watching my face. His focus is on my hand, the one that's teasing my nipple. I'm so aroused, the feeling is amazing. I leave my breast bare, even though another man has entered the bus. He sits in front of me and notices my bare tit right away.

He looks to his side at the other man and they share what looks like incredulous happiness. I laugh when they shrug and both look back at me. My excitement grows, now that I have a bigger audience. I keep playing with my nipple and slowly I start parting my legs, a little at a time. I want to see how mesmerized they are by the movement of my hand on my chest, how long before they notice that if they shift their gaze, they can see my pussy.

The guy on the right finally notices and he exhales loudly. I can tell he's aroused through his pants. I don't know about the stranger on the left, because he still has his newspaper on his lap. I let my hand glide down my body, and now the second man also notices my spread thighs and my glistening hairless pussy. He grunts. The sound is music to my ears. This is exactly what I needed. Showing off my body to total strangers like this is exactly what I needed!

My hand is now on my thigh, going up towards my pussy. When I finally touch myself, it's electric and I gasp. I'm so wet, so turned on by what I'm doing right now! I get up, put my tit back in my dress. I tell the men I'm getting off at the next stop, but they are welcome to follow me and see the rest of the show!

No hesitation, they both get up and follow me. This part is always scary and exciting to me. I want them to watch me, but I won't have sex with them. The only thing is, I can never be sure they won't decide to take things further without my permission. I've always been very lucky so far, but I make smart decisions. I never go far from a crowd, so I can be heard if I need to scream. But this time is different, it's the first time there are two men! But if I'm honest with myself, this is the most excited I've ever been!

I know this bus stop well. We're in the heart of downtown and there is an alley that's somewhat private not far from here. I walk towards there, moving my hips teasingly as they follow me. Once in the alley I tell them they can watch but not touch. I hope they will respect that! I lean back against the brick wall and I slowly untie my dress. It hangs open and I'm fully exposed to them. I play with my tits, teasing my nipples while they watch. My right hand stays on my boobs while my left hand goes down my belly and into my wetness. Immediately, I start moaning and groaning. I'm so horny, so wet, I can't wait to get off but I want to make this last!

I look into my purse for my butt plug. I'm feeling especially naughty! Once I have it, I run my hand over my pussy, collecting my juices so I can lubricate the butt plug. I turn around, bend over as I lift my dress over my ass to expose myself even more than before! Legs spread, I use my left hand to move my butt cheeks apart so I can insert the plug with my right. Slowly, working it back and forth until I'm ready to take it all, and then it's in. I luxuriate in the feeling then, still bent over and my left hand still holding my cheeks spread, I look over my shoulder at the strangers standing there looking at me.

One of them is stroking his cock through his pants, but the other one is bolder and his dick is out in his hands. It's hard, the tip is glistening, and he's stroking it slowly. I moan, this is so hot! I use my right hand to stroke my pussy, but soon it's not enough, I need more! I stand up and turn around. I take my dildo out of my bag and I start sucking it to make it nice and wet. Both guys have their hard ons out for me to see, now. I squat down, legs spread, and I push the dildo inside me. Fuck this feels amazing! The butt plug and the dildo being there at the same time makes me feel so fucking full!

One of the men is stroking his cock so fast now, I think he might cum. I tell him to wait, slow down because I want to be closer to cumming before he does. He nods his head and slows down the pace. I decide to lie down on the ground so I can stretch out. I leave the dildo and the plug in and I simply start playing furiously with my clit with my right hand while my left pushes the dildo in and out of my pussy. The sound of their heavy breathing, the wetness of my pussy and my groans is really turning me on, getting me closer to getting off. I start telling them over and over that I'm about to cum. One of the men comes closer, standing over me. The other one decides to follow and now here I am, fucking myself with a huge dildo while these men jerk off over me and it's fucking amazing. One of the men starts moaning and soon enough I feel his hot load land on my stomach. I yell out "yes, cover me with your jizz, show me how much I turn you on, cum on me" and more of his cum falls on me as he keeps jerking off. He steps back, out of breath.

I'm fucking myself so hard and fast now, I'm ready to cum. I bite my lip, I don't want to scream too hard and attract attention of the pedestrians not far on Main Street. I buckle my hips, the orgasm rocks my body and I keep going for another one. Each time I slow down and then start masturbating again and again. I love this, how we women can have so many orgasms and keep going!

The second man is still above me. I had closed my eyes while I was cumming an now I open them and look in his eyes. It seems like that's what was needed to send him over the edge, as he almost immediately cums all over my tits.

I get up, take some wet naps out of my purse to clean up and I offer some to the guys. None of us talk, we just get straightened up and walk out of the alley, returning to the bus station like strangers, like nothing happened.

My lust is finally satisfied for the day. I head back home, content, and take a bath to get ready for bed.
A poll about a pole
Posted:Sep 11, 2018 12:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2018 11:10 am

You leave a comment on a woman's blog about the size of men's cocks. You say, " 7 and a half inches long and have never had any complaints about my size." Another woman comes on and comments on your comment saying:

"Not all women want bigger. The women YOU was with did."

Now would you be insulted by that comment?
Maybe not
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Walnut Street: Robin's Diary
Posted:Sep 4, 2018 1:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2018 6:52 am
Excerpt from Robin’s Diary April 12th 1980something.

Dear Diary:
As I write this, my pussy and ass are still sore and throbbing from the pounding you guys gave me earlier tonight. amped up and can't sleep, and you've both passed out from exhaustion, so I thought I would just sneak into the office here and write this all down so I can remember every detail of the incredible session of sucking and fucking that we just finished about an hour ago...

When my roommate's friend Jimmy shows up to watch the game, I figure it's just another guy football night so I don't even give it much thought. I let him in and I swear he gives me a little "look," but then I think maybe I just imagined it. I mean he's been over to our place a hundred times, right? Sure, I've told my roommate Mike that maybe I have a little "thing" for him and that the idea of him and Jimmy giving me a good double fucking has fueled many a masturbation session. But so far it's always remained just a fantasy, and surely Mike never actually TOLD Jimmy that I felt that way. So I go about my business, finishing up a report for work and doing some straightening up before heading to the hot tub for a little soak before bed.

I get undressed outside, climb in to the hot tub, and settle in for a nice relaxing soak. One great thing about renting this house was the private jacuzzi in the back and we've had many a wild party here. Hmmmm, just thinking about some of the things that have gone on here... I glance towards the den, where I can just see the edge of the couch and I hear the guys yelling at the TV. I breathe deeply and let the water wash over my naked skin. It feels so good...and I guess I drift off for a few minutes.

I awaken to splashing and see both of them buck naked climbing into the jacuzzi with me. momentarily shocked. I mean, not that it isn't a very nice site. They're both in great shape and the contrast between them is great...Mike with the dark hair and eyes and smooth olive skin and Jimmy, fairer, light brown hair and blue eyes, a few freckles...yes, very nice. I've seen Mike naked before of course, I mean we're roommates and occasional fuck buddies; he's very nicely endowed but I glance at Jimmy before he's submerged his lower half in the water, and WOW. I feel a little tingle in my groin... I couldn’t help but notice how BIG he was while still soft. My God…... his balls are huge, biggest I’ve ever seen on a guy! This is turning out to be an interesting evening.

"Hope you don't mind if we join you," Mike says, giving me a clearly devious little smile.

"Not at all," I say, trying to it cool.

Jimmy just kind of smiles at me. Yeah, they've definitely been planning something.

I look back and forth between them. "OK, what are you two up to?" I say.

"Oh, like you don't know, Robin." Jimmy says. "Mike told me about your little fantasy."

I stared at Mike, stammering, "Oh my God, you TOLD him?? so embarrassed!! How could you do that??" I was glad it was dark out here so neither of them could see me blushing furiously

"Don't be embarrassed," Jimmy said. "I've wanted to have at you since the first time I saw you." He slides over next to me as Mike slides up on the other side. I don't even really have time to say anything before Jimmy pulls me back towards him and starts to massage the back of my neck. Mike gets in front of me and starts lightly tracing his hands over my breasts, rubbing the nipples with his fingertips until they start to stiffen. I slip my hands around Mike's neck and start kissing him tentatively, my lips brushing against his and my tongue tracing the contours of his lips. Jimmy tilts my head back and starts kissing me on the neck while Mike crushes his lips against mine, parting them with the tip of his tongue and beginning to explore the inside of my mouth. Mike is an amazing kisser and he doesn't disappoint me this time either. I can feel my pussy start to tingle as his tongue flicks mine, and the addition of Jimmy kissing and sucking my neck is really getting me going. I take one hand off Mike and reach down and behind me, feeling for Jimmy's cock, but he grabs my hand and brings it back up. "Don't rush it baby, we want to take our time with you," he breathes in my ear.

I kind of moan and press my ass against him, feeling how hard his cock is already and I want to feel that cock in my mouth NOW, but I can see that in for a night of teasing. Mike laughs a little and lowers his mouth to my nipples, which are just above the surface of the water. He holds one of my ample boobs in one hand, massaging the stiff nip while he sucks on the other one. I moan and roll my hips a little bit and momentarily I feel Jimmy' hand between my thighs, teasing my pussy with his fingertips. He runs them up and down my slit, barely touching; then, slowly he works the swollen lips apart and flicks a finger over my stiff clit. I moan and arch my back, trying to get his fingers deeper into my pussy but he pulls back and just continues to tease me for a while.

"You guys are killing me," I moan, my head still tilted back and my eyes closed.

"Oh we haven't even begun to tease you yet," Jimmy says, standing up and turning me around so his cock is right in front of my face. "You want to suck this, don't you?"

I nod vigorously, my mouth watering for that thick has to be at least 8 inches, about 1 inch bigger than Mike’s penis and those balls…... oh God.

"Tell me how much you want to suck it.

"Oh my God, please let me..." I moan.

"Let you what?"

"Please let me suck your cock," I say.

He looks at Mike. "What do you think, does she deserve it?"

Mike waits a minute....a LONG minute.... before nodding. Those bastards, I think, but too horny to care. I wrap my lips around Jimmy' thick cock and flick my tongue around the head. I hear him moan a little and know he's loving it so I slide as much of that cock as I can into my throat and flatten out my tongue, letting it rub back and forth on the underside of his cock. When it's good and wet, I wrap my hand around the base and start sliding it up and down while I suck at the head. I massage his balls with the other hand and when I feel his hand twine through my wet hair and pull it tightly, I know doing a good job. I feel Mike come up behind me, his own cock rock hard against my ass.

"OK, I can't have all the fun here," Jimmy breathes, turning me around toward Mike's throbbing dick. I slide it into my mouth, deep throating his 7 inches, while he holds my hair in one hand and reaches down to with my tits with the other. Jimmy goes for my pussy again and I gasp as he easily slides two and then three fingers into my slit, reaching up with his thumb to rub my stiff nub. Fuck, they're gonna make me cum already, I think as I continue to pump Mike's cock in my mouth. moaning around his cock, rolling my hips back and forth against Jimmy' fingers and just as I feel like about to go over the edge, Jimmy pulls his fingers out of my pussy as Mike pulls out of my mouth. I groan in frustration, but they both lift me out of the water towards the edge of the jacuzzi.

"Let's take Robin inside and give her a proper fucking," Mike says. I tingling all over as we quickly dry off and head for the king size bed in Mike's bedroom...more than enough room for three people to . I lay down first and they lay down on either side of me, and in an instant I feel hands all over my body. Jimmy is on his knees with that delicious cock once again right in my face, so I turn my head slightly and begin flicking my tongue against the purple head. Mike gets down between my thighs and goes to work on my pussy. He spreads my lips gently with two fingers and lowers his mouth, kissing all around the outer lips before zeroing in on my now throbbing clit. He grazes it a few times with his lips and tongue, but I thrust my hips at him, moaning while I suck Jimmy's cock down my throat. Taking my mouth from the cock for just a minute, I tell him to lick my clit...please... before I go back to sucking. He finally does, burying his tongue in my snatch, and then flicking my clit in tight little circles. The fasted he goes on me, the more furiously I suck at Jimmy and before long we're both moaning as we get close to explosion. first, taking my mouth off his cock to scream that cumming, still pumping his cock up and down with my fist and in a minute he's moaning for me to suck him, so I stuff his cock back in my mouth just as I feel a stream of hot cum shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow all of it, licking the head of his cock clean while I look up at him. He has an evil smile on his face and I know he wants to cram that cock into my dripping pussy. Mike meanwhile is licking my juices from his lips as he crawls up on top of me. He crushes his lips against mine so I can taste my own sweet pussy and I know it's time to really get down to business. "Get on your hands and knees," Mike says to me and I do, knowing what's gonna come next. Mike kneels in front of me, pulling my hair just hard enough to send a shiver throughout my body. "Suck my cock," he says, looking directly into my eyes. I eagerly start sucking him, while I feel Jimmy come up behind me. My ass is high in the air and I feel his hands first on my hips and then kneading my ass.

"Goddamn Mike, Robin's got a great ass, doesn't she?" he says, giving one cheek a sound smack. I groan and suck harder at Mike's cock. "Fuck yeah, she does," Mike says, his eyes closed and his head tilted back slightly. "Amazing pussy too...why don't you fuck her and see for yourself."

I feel my pussy start throbbing again just at the thought of that fat cock sliding into me, but fortunately I don't have to wait long to feel the real thing. He's rock hard again and already dripping wet from Mike's pussy eating, so he has no trouble sliding in, though I can feel my pussy walls stretching to accommodate him. I groan in the back of my throat as he slowly penetrates me, inch by inch until he's balls deep in my cunt. He starts to slowly stroke back and forth and it feels fucking amazing. I push back against him to get all of him as deep inside me as possible and he's hitting my g spot with every stroke. Lost in the sensation of having his huge cock filling my pussy and Mike's tool filling my mouth, I almost don't notice that Mike is close to coming. He grabs my head and rams his cock into my throat and brought back to reality for a minute. He's fucking my throat furiously while Jimmy speeds up his own thrusting.

"Oh fuck, gonna cum!!" Mike grunts, spraying his load in my mouth and over my lips. Some drips down my chin and catches my tits before hitting the bed spread. "Jesus Christ, you suck amazing cock," he breathes as he falls back on the bed momentarily. I smile a little, licking his jizz from my lips. My tits swing back and forth as Jimmy continues to pound me from behind and Mike just takes in the whole site. Then he looks at Jimmy, raising an eyebrow.

"I think it's time to switch places again," Mike says and Jimmy replies, "my thought exactly."

Before I can protest, Jimmy slides out and lays on his back. "Come over here and ride my cock," he says to me and only too happy to oblige. I straddle him, letting his cock slowly sink into me as I lower all my weight onto him. Mike gets behind me and gently pushes me down onto Jimmy, making sure he has total access to my tight asshole. As I start to ride Jimmy again, Mike works one and then two lubed fingers into my ass, slowly opening me. I gasp at first, but then relax so he can get me good and lubed up. I look back at him while he fingers me, his other hand stroking his cock back up until it's stiff again. When lubed up, he gets behind me, his hands on my hips, and slowly teases my asshole with the tip of his cock. Jimmy starts to massage my clit as Mike works his way into my ass and the feeling is amazing. I roll my hips back and forth, clenching Jimmy' cock in my tight pussy as Mike's cock fills my ass. When he's all the way in, the two of them start stroking in unison, filling every inch of me with their cocks. I have never felt so FULL before and the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time, Jimmy stroking my clit and Mike kissing and biting my neck, begins to send me over the edge.

"You like having 2 dicks in you, don't know?" Mike whispers.

"Oh, fuck yes," I moan.

"Yeah, I know you do. You're our little cock slut, aren't you?"

"Uh huh," I grunt.

"Damn right you are," Jimmy says from below me, rubbing my clit furiously while Mike squeezes my nipples. "And you're gonna come all over our cocks, aren't you?"

"Oh God, yesssss...." I groan. I really am close to cumming and this is putting me over the edge.

"Cum for us," Mike says as they both speed up their thrusting.

It's too much for me. The feeling of both of their cocks working in my holes, my clit being fingered, my nipples being pinched and squeezed.

"Oh fuck...oh FUCK... gonna cummmmm!!!" I scream and within seconds, coming like I never have before, drenching the bed in girl juice as I explode.

"Goddamn, feel that pussy squeeze....oh fuck, she squirted all over me," Jimmy says, smiling up at Mike. "Goddamn that's hot....gonna make me cum too..."

"I know, me too....fuck...FUCK," Mike grunts.

I am laying on Jimmy as I feel both of their cocks get even harder and then Mike pulls out, spraying jizz all over my back as Jimmy empties his load into my pussy. Jimmy pulls out and some of his cum drips onto my red, raw pussy. We all lay in the tangle of sheets for a while, breathing hard and trying to return to our senses. I really think Jimmy will be visiting more least if I have anything to say about it.
A Full Physical Examination
Posted:Aug 31, 2018 7:58 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2018 10:29 am
"Mr. Bond?" I called, looking over the patients sitting in the waiting room. I looked down at the chart again, for a first name.

"James Bond?" I asked, waiting for one of the patients to get up. I looked over them. There were a couple older gentlemen, a middle-aged woman, and, finally, a patient that looked like he could match the birth date on the chart. Sure enough, he began to get up. Funny, he doesn’t look anything like the actors that played the part.

My patient was an older gentleman with slightly grey hair and a heavy build. Muscular like a football player or pro wrestler. He wore a short-sleeved brown t-shirt and some nice dark jeans. I smiled as he walked across the waiting room. “Really? James Bond? You are kidding right?” I said with a smile. Some patients don’t want their name used and will come up with the craziest things for their ID.
“I prefer to be called Jimmy.” He said with a crooked grin, “James is a name I don’t care for much, even though it has gotten me ….. ah… lots of companionship in the past. I was named James by my father a couple of years before “Dr. No” hit the theaters.”

“I’m going to have to see some ID sir,” I said and then almost swallowed my tongue when I read “Jimmy F. Bond” along with the address on the insurance application. I blinked a couple of times and then looked up at him again as I handed him back his driver’s license. It was either real or the best fake I had ever seen.

“Ok, ‘Jimmy’, we are here for a physical for some life insurance. Is that right? I asked.

I looked back down at the chart again. The note at the top read very clearly "Full physical examination: don't leave anything out, Kathy." "Full" was even underlined twice. Apparently, I had a habit of skimping on some of the exams, especially the more invasive or time-consuming procedures. I couldn't get around it this time. I would have to be thorough.

I looked back up at my patient, “Jimmy”. He smiled at me, giving me a look as if to wonder if we were actually going back or if I'm doing the exam in the waiting room. I watched his eyes quickly glance over my body, and then quickly back to my face to avoid me noticing.

I began to walk back through the door, and gestured for him to follow.

"I'm Kathy, I'll be your nurse for today, and I'll be doing your exam. Are you just here for the physical? You never answered me the first time." I asked, as I walked down the hall in front of him. While I couldn't see my patient, I could sort of feel his eyes examining the back of my legs and my ass, covered in my tight, short, white uniform skirt to only about my mid-thigh. My panties were usually visible through it, in the right light, especially today as I wore some that didn't match the skirt: a light pink pair of bikini-cut cotton ones. Nothing too fancy.

"Yes," he mumbled a little. "My insurance agent said I needed a full exam, I guess. Are you doing my physical?"

"If it's alright, I will be, yes. Step up on the scale." I turned toward him and he stepped on the scale in the hallway. I read his weight from the digital display on the wall and took note of it. I caught him stealing a glance at my cleavage, revealed in my close-fitting, short-sleeved, white snap-button uniform top. I had the top two snaps undone, so some cleavage was very clearly showing as it barely contained my breasts.

"Oh, it's quite alright." He said, giving me a quick grin.

"Thanks. You can step down." I told him, returning his smile. I led him to the door of the next exam room and opened it, letting him walk in.

"I'll be back in just a second." I said, closing the door after him. I grabbed a stethoscope, thermometer and blood pressure cuff from the box in the nurses' station. I put them around my neck, and tucked the thermometer into my front breast pocket. I returned to the room, changing the sign on the door to read: "Exam in progress."

I came in to find my patient standing in the middle of the room, looking at one of the posters on the wall explaining the body's sexual organs. It was very anatomical and scientific, and frankly, I always thought the poster didn't quite do them justice. But I was the youngest nurse on staff, and I think they always thought me kind of a trouble-maker, so I never said anything. I took the stethoscope and cuff from my neck and threw back my dark blonde, curly hair. I set them on the exam table.

"So have you've been sick lately?" I said, breaking the silence. I was a little nervous; it'd been a while since I had performed a "full" examination.

"Nope, healthy as a horse. I have good insurance but my term life expires next month and I need to extend the policy for another 20 years." He chuckled, returning to his study of the female pussy, diagrammed on the wall.

"Haha, alright. Well, I like to get my patients relaxed, so hopefully that diagram will at least make you feel a little better." I smiled again at my patient.

"Sounds good. Where do you want to examine me?" He asked, looking back down at me.

"Oh, on this exam table. Here, hop up." I gestured, pointing to the table next to me.

He looked over at the table and then back at me. He began to walk over.

"I meant, where on my body?" He asked.

"Oh, well, I'd like to do a full examination... very thorough." I said, with a slight chuckle, remembering the note on the chart. His body perked up, tensing a little.

"I must closely examine every part of your body, making sure everything is in working order." I finished, looking over him from head to toe with my eyes.

"Um, do I have to get naked?" He asked, a little nervous.

"Yes, I'm afraid you do." I answered, gesturing again to the table.

"Just be gentle." He said, trying to assess my tendency toward pain with my patients.

"I'll try. But for some of the tests I might need to be a little rough. I’ll need to get blood samples so I will be giving you a little prick." I teased, secretly enjoying my patient's moment of tension.

“No thanks. My prick is quite large enough, I don’t need a little one.”

What did he say? Oh boy, I’m going to have some fun with this one. “We’ll see about that.”

"How so?"

"Well, I’ll check out the size in a few minutes because it'll probably get your heart rate up." I hinted, playfully.

"Hmmmm. Will I get to check your heartbeat too?" He said, checking me out again.

"Hmmm. Well, part of the procedure will require me to get my heart rate up too, so yeah, you could check if you want." I'd never quite had a patient ask me that before.

"What if I said you'd have to at least remove your outfit?" He asked, suggestively. I thought of the chart, "don't leave anything out, Kathy."

"I have to test some of your bodily functions, and it will require me to .. ah.. remove some of my clothes as well. I hope you don't mind..." I said, trying to comfort him. Damn~! He’s a smooth one.

"No no, it's quite alright. All of your clothes?" He asked, leading.

"Some patients prefer if I remove some of my clothes..." I answered, as he let out an anticipatory sigh. "But that part of the procedure only requires the removal of a couple items." I explained, as professionally as I could muster.

"Which ones?"

"It's up to you." I smiled again.

"Well, I mean, which 'bodily function' are you testing?" He said, with patronizing "air-quotes." I began to blush a little.

"Well, I'm going to have to at least remove my panties and lift my skirt during the procedure," "Ohhh okay..." "but that's all that's really required. However, I can remove other items at the patient's request." He nodded while I explained it to him.

"What if I said that wasn't acceptable?" He asked.

"Well, I'm afraid I need to do it to be able to do part of the examination. Just relax, I think you'll find it's one of the easier procedures..." I answered, watching his tension subside. "Some patients even find it enjoyable." He smiled again, happy to see I would be taking care of him.

"Now hop up on the table, we need to start the process." I said, gesturing yet again to the exam table. He jumped up and looked back at me, his feet dangling off the edge of the table.

"I need you to take off your shirt, sir, so I can check your heartbeat." I asked.

"Will you do it for me, please?" He responded, raising his arms. I slowly and carefully slid his shirt up his chest with my fingers, running them gently against his sides and arms. Finally, the shirt came off, and I tossed it to the side on the table. "There we go."

"Thank you so much." He replied, looking up at me.

I first took his temperature and asked about drugs and allergies when I began the exam. We exchanged eye contact, and he stole a few glances over the curves in my uniform. I touched my fingers to his chest again as I took the stethoscope in them, pressing it against his skin. He jumped, a little startled. His chest was both muscular and very covered with the silkiest hair I have ever felt on a man.

"It's a little cold!" I had forgotten to warm it up. I took it back from him and brought it to my own chest, rubbing it vigorously against my soft breast, making it jiggle as I shook it with the stethoscope.

"I'm sorry. I forgot." I apologized, but his eyes were fixated on my hand rubbing my boob, and my nipples poking clearly though the tight-stretched white fabric of my uniform. My uniform was a size too small, supposedly an ordering error on the part of the male reception clerk. I didn't mind, I thought it looked kinda cute that way. But it barely fit around my torso, and the fabric stretched a little at the snap-buttons which held the front of it together. I returned the stethoscope to my patient's chest. "Better?"

"Much better, nurse, thank you."

"Good. Now breathe in." I diligently listened to his breathing and heartbeat as I examined his chest. He breathed in and out at my instruction and while his lungs sounded clear, his heart was obviously racing. Pounding in my ears.

"Your heart is pounding, is that normal?" I asked, it didn't seem too worrisome, but I thought I'd check.

"I think it may just be a little excitement." He explained. I got where he was going. I felt it a little bit too.

"Ah, okay. Well try to relax. I'm going to check your blood pressure." I replied, sliding the cuff onto his arm. I caressed his firm muscles as I did it, impressed with their definition. He noticed and looked a little puzzled.

"Very good, have you been exercising?"

"Trying to..." He answered.

"Keep that up." I said, gently squeezing his arm again. I began pumping the cuff up and touched my fingers to his arm.

"You're gonna feel a little squeeze here... the first of a few, in fact." I say, shooting him a seductive smile. He looked confused by my comment, but I continued pumping up the cuff. I read the dial as I let out the air, taking note of his blood pressure. He seemed perfectly healthy.

"Your blood pressure is near perfect, Mr. Bond."

"Please call me Jimmy. Well, that's good to hear." He answers, feigning relief as if he had been unnecessarily worried about it. I laugh to myself a little. I check everything -- reflexes, eyes, ears, I look into his mouth. I go over everything, as thorough as possible. But there is still much, much more I have to check, and I can tell he's becoming stressed...

"Now I'm going to need you to turn over and lay on your stomach,"

"What do you check that way?" He seemed baffled.

"In order to continue, I'm going to have to relieve some of the tension in your back." He looked stressed, and I knew a quick massage would probably help make him more comfortable. He nodded and rolled over, laying his head on his hands. I climbed up on the table and knelt over him, my short skirt riding up my smooth, naked thighs as I spread my knees apart. I took my hands to his upper back and began massaging, softly, as I sat on his lower back. The skin of my inner thighs and warmth of my cotton-covered crotch pressed against his back as I slowly rocked back and forth on him, taking my hands up and down the muscles, feeling them melt under my caress. I massaged him with care, rubbing the tension from his shoulders.

"Wow, this is amazing. Is this a special examination?" He asked, clearly enjoying the feeling of my hands along his skin.

"No, I'm just relieving some tension, is it helping?" I said, continuing with my small fingers and soft palms. I felt him seem to liquefy into the table, becoming more and more relaxed.

"Very much so. I'm feeling very relaxed." He answered.

"Ah, excellent. Just relaxed?" I asked, finishing the massage, but still sitting on him.

"Is there anything else I should feel?"

"It's normal for some patients at this point to begin to experience sensations of arousal. It's perfectly normal, but I'd like to make a note of it in your chart..." I answer, with a clearly sexual tone in my voice, and climb off of the table. I readjust my skirt and blouse, having been slightly disturbed by climbing on and off the table.

"Maybe you should double check for me," he suggested, still lying on his stomach.

"Well, I can check in the next procedure. If you don't mind, I need you to stand up and remove your pants and underwear." I ask, as he begins to roll over. My patient stands up virtually right next to me, with the hard nipples of my breasts only inches from his chest, and he drops his pants and boxers to his ankles. We stood almost touching each other for a second or two, his naked cock and balls hanging very close to my stomach, covered only by the thin uniform. I look down at them, hardly able to see them over my breasts.

"Does everything look okay?" He asked, looking down at me from above.

"So far, yes," I say, looking up at him so his eyes meet mine. "But I need to examine you more closely."

"What do I need to do?" He asked.

"Just stand there, like that." I slowly brought myself down to my knees in front of him, my face only inches from his thick penis.

"What examination are you going to do?" He said, looking down at me, kneeling at his crotch.

"I need to examine your testicles and penis now, if that's okay." I looked up at him.

"I thought that happened with your hands?" He asked, looking confused. I knew what he was implying, and trust me, some part of me was tempted to try to take his dick into my mouth and suck on it. But I had to continue with the procedure.

"It does." I take his balls in my hand, rolling them between my fingers, checking carefully for any irregularities. I could see clearly as his penis began to swell, almost hitting me in the face as his erection grew. His balls were a little odd. The left one rode very high while the right side hung very low. I don’t believe I have ever seen a pair quite as large as these two. I would guess they were probably more than 3 inches in diameter. I may have looked a little longer than necessary.

"Then why are you still knelt down there?" He asked, looking down at me, the young, blonde, cute nurse in a short skirt with her hand on his genitals.

"So I can examine them visually." I said, studying his balls as I squeezed them gently.

"Okay. You're the nurse."

"The way these hang down is a little unusual," I say, with one hand closing around the girth of his hardening penis. I began to gently stroke it, feeling it harden more and throb in my grasp. "Have you had any problems lately with these? Any pain or other problems? With um, your sexual organs?"

"Well, uh.. I … uh.. when I have an orgasm… er.. ah.. sometimes one of my balls will pull itself up into me and I have to .. ah.. pull it back out? Is that normal?." He tensed a little as I pulled on him.

"Have you had any trouble becoming erect?"

"I'm pretty sure that it's all normal. Are you going to test it?" He said, smiling suggestively.

"Yes, for this examination, I'm going to need to test all of your sexual functions. So the left ball disappears inside you?" I replied, still working his cock.

"No, it’s the right nut that .. ah.. slips back inside. Oh wait, my right side, your left side. Okay.. yeah.”

"It appears your penis is becoming swollen from my stroking, so it seems that's working. Are you feeling aroused?" I asked, looking up again at him. His hard dick was now almost at full attention, still right in front of my face, and I removed my hand from it.

"Very much so." He answered. I stood up and made some quick notes in the chart.

"Jimmy, when's the last time you had sex?" I asked, as straight-faced as I could manage. He dropped his head and blushed, looking a little shy. "It's okay, I just need to make a note of it."

"Pretty much every day usually. Three times a day if you count masturbation." He answered. I was stunned. "That's really bad, isn't it?" He finished.

"Hmmm well if that's the case, I think we're going to have to test and make sure your ejaculatory functions are not worn out." I say, looking back to him from the chart. "This next part of the examination is going to require you to, well, 'examine' part of me as well."

"Just tell me what I need to do and I'll do it, Nurse Kathy." He said, still standing naked at the edge of the exam table. His 8 inch cock pointed straight up and he clearly was enjoying the suggestion.

"Well," I began, hesitating slightly. This part always made me a little nervous. "It's important during this procedure that the patient assumes a comfortable position. So I need you to think about what position you'd like to undergo the procedure in. In the meantime, I need to remove my panties for the procedure."

He smiled, still not quite sure what I was saying. "What 'procedure' is it, nurse?"

I lifted my skirt and with my hands pulled the panties slowly down my legs, bending over as I took them past my knees and off my ankles and feet. I felt very naked without them, but I couldn't imagine how he was feeling, watching me strip them off.

"Well, um, in order to properly test your sexual functions, I need you to fuck me in this procedure. Is that going to be okay with you, sir?" I answer, trying to hide my nervousness. I feel my own heart pounding and I'm clearly nipping through my tight top. He studies the curves of my body, the outlines of my nipples, my cleavage, my flat stomach and the tan skin of my legs, arms and face. He smiles, takes my hand, and pulls me toward the table. God I just love older men.

"If you hop up on the edge of the table, you could wrap your legs around me while we do it. I think that'd be comfortable." He said, motioning me to the exam table. With my arms, I pull myself up onto the table so my feet and legs hang from it. My legs are slightly open, but as he moves closer to me, he puts his hands on my knees and spreads them wider. He's now standing right in front of me, between my legs, and he looks down as I lift my skirt for him. My slit is feeling warm and wet, and I'm dripping a little bit onto the edge of the table.

I look up at him.

"Although the removal of my panties is all that's necessary for this procedure, some patients feel more comfortable if I remove more of my clothing. Are you comfortable? Would you like me to strip?" I said in my most professional voice.

He grabbed my shirt by the opening and pulled it open. He pulls it down off my shoulders and my breasts remain covered only in my tight, white cotton bra. He looks down at them, taking one of his hands to my left tit. His thumb lightly teases my hard nipple as he begins to grope it, enjoying the feeling of my breast in his hand.

"Wow, how big are your breasts, nurse Kathy?"

"They're 34D's, sir. If that's acceptable. I can get another nurse if they're not sufficient." I say, looking up into his eyes.

"God..." he exclaims, looking down to my breasts and pussy, then back up to meet my eyes with his, "...your body is amazing."

I smiled as he took his hand from my tit to my cheek and began to brush my silky blonde curls back. He comes in closer to me and his big, masculine hand slides down my smooth shoulder and my arm. His hard cock grazes the inside of my thigh, and I feel it wipe some precum on me. I gasp.

"Is everything okay? You seem startled, Kathy." He whispers.

"Everything's fine. It's normal for me to feel somewhat aroused also during this part of the examination. Don't be bothered by it." And aroused I was. Here I was spread open on the edge of the table, my skirt was up around my waist and I was feeling totally revealed to him.

He presses his hard-on against my wet swollen clit and slowly begins rubbing me with it, as I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra. Pulling it down, my ample tits bounce out into his view and he pulls me closer to the edge of the table, closer to him. As I completely remove the bra from my chest, I feel him push the head of his hard cock inside of me.

"Ahhh..." I let out a gentle, erotic sigh as my tits bounce free. "You're doing very well. I can tell your penis is completely erect, isn't it?" I say, feeling my pussy stretch over his tip.

"Hmmm... let's find out." He answers, and pulls me toward him to the very edge of the table, impaling me completely on his massive erection. As I'm fully penetrated, my naked tits squeeze close against his chest, and I roll my hips closer to him. He stays deep inside of me and presses his body against mine. I put my arms around his neck, and bring my face close to his.

"Um, do you need visual confirmation of my ejaculation?" He asks, still holding the dick close between my legs. I feel like I'm just almost too tight for it. My eyes drift to the poster featuring the sex organs on the wall. Just then, as I actually absorb his rigid penis, I think to myself, 'Now, THIS will do them justice...' I chuckle.

"No, vaginal confirmation should be enough." I smile mischievously, giving him permission to cum inside of my tight, wet pussy. He starts slow, sliding in and out of me.

"Just wanted to make sure what was necessary."

"If it makes you more comfortable to cum outside of me or on my body, then you can." I add, smiling. Always the caring nurse: putting a patient's comfort first. He thrusts hard into me and I'm startled by the sudden motion.

"Oh god! Yes! Damn... you're a good patient." I say, taking his cock as he begins to fuck me harder.

I moan gently against him, I'm breathing hard and he fucks me with the full length of his throbbing erection. I feel the heat building inside of me, and I know soon I'm going to be screaming out in sexual delight.

I look up at him and his eyes meet mine and for a moment, we're passionate... He holds perfect eye contact with me as he continues pounding my cunt, enjoying my warmth around his rigid member. Despite the violence of his thrusts, his beautiful blue eyes remain locked unwaveringly from mine. I can barely stand the passion of it any longer; part of me longs to scream out.

"Jimmy?" I whisper to him.

"Yes, Kathy?"

"I may orgasm --unh!- from this... is that mmmm... okay?" I ask, my heavy breathing and erotic grunts stuttering my speech.

"Oh babygirl, of course that's okay. I'd like nothing more than to see you cum with me." He says, taking one of his hands from my side to pet my hair gently. Thank god. I'm not sure I would have been able to hold back.

"Mmmmm... how am I doing?" He asks me, while his thick cock fills me deeper.

"Oh your sexual functions appear to be, well, perfect!" I reply, struggling to hide my obvious arousal.


"So far! MMMMMM god yeah!" I moan, again pleasured with him throbbing inside of me.

"Ahhhh, I'm glad." He whispers, almost just exhaling. He begins thrusting faster, and looks down at my jiggling, luscious tits. My hot wet pussy closes tight around him, squeezing his dick and pulling it deeper into me. I tip my head back in erotic bliss, and I shiver as he caresses my hip with one of his hands. I can't bear it much longer, I'm sure I'm going to cum on his mighty, rock-hard cock.

Just as he lifts his eyes back to meet mine, I look back up at him. We exchange intense and loving eye contact, still humping each other.

"Oh yes! Mmmmm... are you enjoying your exam, sir?" I ask, trembling with ecstasy, and moaning.

"Ohhhh very much so, Kathy." He smiles, touching his nose gently to mine. We're so close now, intimate, even. "Is it possible you're always my nurse?"

He's thrusting relentlessly and he stimulates me against my swollen clit, stretching open my wet pussy. I'm breathing hard and pressing myself into him. My heart pounds, and I can feel his too, as my soft skin rubs against his...

"Talk to reception --oh!- they mmmm often can arrange that. Oh god yes! Fuck me!!" I scream, in response. He takes his hands to my arms and takes his head out from between them. I let go as he does it and he pushes me back onto the exam table, so I'm laying down on it. He gets up on the table, climbing over me, and remarkably, manages to keep his cock inside of my tight cunt the whole time. I spread my legs so they're dangling off the table, and lean forward just enough to steal a peck on his lips.

"Oh god I'm so sorry sir, that was mmmm very unprofessional of me. It's really hard -- ash! -- for me to maintain control during this -- " I start, but he silences me placing his finger on my lips. He slides himself completely inside and stops, holding me completely impaled on his hard-on.

"Shut up, Kathy." He whispers, looking down at my wet lips, and then takes his finger away to embrace me in a full, passionate kiss. My eyes close and, unconsciously, I open my mouth and we begin making out, our tongues dancing together. He pushes mine against the top of my mouth and slowly resumes, sensually, fucking me. He thrusts harder and harder into me, and the table begins to squeak and shake violently. I feel so full with him inside, his dick is so big! I can't take it...

"OH GOD! You're fucking me so hard!!" I scream, breaking off our kiss and arching my back, heaving my breasts up into him.

"Mmmm is that okay?"

"YESSS! It's more than okay! I'm going to cum on your hard cock! Keep fucking me baby! DON'T STOP!" I scream, totally out of control. My hands clutch the edges of the table.

His fingers drift up my spine, and following them is a wave of unbelievable pleasure.

"I... can't... wait to test your mmmmm orgasm!" I squeal, wrapping my legs around his ass and using them to pull him deeper into my crotch. His hand moves over my body and clenches one of my scrumptious breasts tight, squeezing it hard. The slight pain of his grip only adds to my pleasure though, and I can't help but scream again!

"AHH!! No patient ever fucks me like this!" I take my one of my hands from the table and wipe the sweat from my forehead, throwing my hair back seductively.

"MMMMM! GOD KATHY!" He moans back, and then kisses my neck. I take both my tender hands to his face and turn him back to meet mine, and again we meet for an intimate French kiss. He begins to thrust forcefully into me, nearly tearing my snug wet cunt apart with his thick cock!

"AH! Is this good Kathy?" He gasps.

"FUCK YES! MMMMM! Please, don't stop!" I feel myself quivering.

"Yeah?" He smiles.

"YEAH!!! Oh I need you to keep fucking me till you cum! Please, I wanna feel your cum fill my tight young pussy."

"DAMN! Kathy, you're amazing!" He screams, fucking the shit out of me. We kiss one more time, and hold it, gently, passionately. Right as we end it, I whisper gently to him:

"I love you." I feel his cock bulge and I'm pushed over the top.

"MMMMMMMM!!! YES!" I throw my big breasts into him and squeeze his masculine, muscular body against my soft feminine one, and he begins to feel me convulse and cum against him. My pussy clamps down on his cock, so tight, and it twitches violently inside of me.

"FUCK! UNHHHHHH!" He grunts. He slams his member all the way in as I cum and I feel a gush of thick warmth while his cock explodes all over my cunt.

We both collapse against the table, exhausted, out of breath, and sweaty. I can barely move.

"Damn. That was the single greatest fuck I've ever received since I've been doing this procedure." I tell him. He smiles.

"Are you going to continue this procedure with other patients?" He asks.

"Hmmm I dunno. But I do know you passed with flying colors, baby." He lays over me, still in my pussy, smiling. He kisses me gently again on the lips.

"Mmmm did you enjoy the procedure, baby?"

"Oh yes I did, very much, sweetie."

"Oh baby, so did I." I smile again at him. He pulls out and steps down from the table. I look down at him standing there, with his dick all wet from our juices.

"Do you want me to lick that off for you before you get dressed again?" I ask, with a sexy grin on my face.

"Oh that would be wonderful, Kathy! Can you?" He says, pointing it up toward me.

"Of course!" I hop off the table and get down on my knees in front of him. I softly slide my hand up his inner thigh, and wrap it firmly around him. I touch the head to my lips, and then trace my tongue up his shaft, licking off the hot mixture of our juices. It was then I noticed the left ball was missing from his stratum. I gently probed up with my fingers and found it neatly tucked away just above the loose skin. With a gentle tug “popped” it back out into the normal position.
“Did that hurt?”
“Huh? Oh that… naw.. I’m just not used to someone else retrieving that from up there.” He laughed.

"Taste good?" He strokes my silky blonde hair.

I nod. "Delicious!" And it did taste pretty good. Sweet and salty, but definitely raunchy, like sex smells. I still marvel at the disappearing act in his nutsack. Kinda like watching a magician at work.

"Lick it all off for me, will you, nurse?"

I nod again, and push his shaft into my mouth. I go down on it all the way until my lips touch my fingers, and his cock, becoming hard again, tickles the back of my throat. I diligently suck and swallow, pleasuring his manhood with my tongue in my mouth. I bounce my head up and down on it, and look up at him when he begins responding with light thrusting motions.

"Goddddd Kathy... you know how to suck dick too! Mmmmm!" I keep sucking, breathing through my nose. I'm salivating a lot, and I can feel his thrusts getting harder. He begins to gently fuck my face. He looks down at me kneeling and looking up at him, and smiles. He closes his eyes and slowly rolls his head back, sighing. I keep sucking him. I taste the cock and our juices, trying to swallow to keep from drooling.

His fingers grasp my hair, and he grunts hard while he pulls me by the back of my head all the way down onto his shaft, forcing it into my throat. I try not to gag on his mighty erection.

"Mmmm!" I whimper, swallowing the pain.

"YES!" He groans, holding my chin to his balls and my nose in his pubic hair. He pulls me off a little bit by my blonde locks, and then with a solid pelvic thrust and, squeezing my head against his crotch, he slams into my throat again. His dick quivers.

"MMMMMMMMM GOD!" He screams, and begins shooting another hot load down my throat. He quickly pulls my mouth off his cock, and finishes squirting his thick cum on my chin. I try to swallow as quickly as I can to take down all of his salty cum. I take my hand up to my throat as I cough lightly, and try to smile up at him. He lets go of my hair.

"Sorry, Kathy."

"Ahem, ah! That's quite alright." I cough. His cum drips down my chin with my drool and lands on top of my breasts and cleavage. I reach up and low and behold, the left (or is it right?) nut is once again hiding. I deftly pop it back into position as he strokes his now clean, but still slightly wet cock. I grab the edge of the exam table, and struggle to stand up. He takes my other hand and helps me back to my feet. He comes in and kisses me briefly again, on the lips. He licks his cum off my chin, carefully. He leans down a little and licks the rest from my chest and boob, cupping and kissing it playfully afterwards. Standing back up, he looks down at me. With his hands, he reaches down and straightens my scrunched up skirt, pulling it back down to cover my ass and crotch. He brings his hands to my naked shoulders.

"Just you in this skirt looks so cute!" He smiles. I smile back and chuckle. I look down over my body and back up to him. "You should get cleaned up so you don't get fired or anything."

"Thank you. Yes, yes of course. I need to get my uniform back on."

"Yes you should." He takes my bra from the table and hands it to me. I quickly put it on and pull it up to cover my tits, pushing them back into captivity. He hands me my blouse, and as I'm buttoning it and taking my hair back, he reaches down and picks up my panties from the floor. Bringing them to his face, he sucks in and takes a whiff of their scent.

"Mmmm... can I keep these?" He asks.

I nod in response, continuing to button up my blouse. He tosses the panties next to his pants, and with his hands begins to help me snap my blouse back together, briefly groping my tits again in his hands. I stop him right before he closes the second snap.

"I like to leave the top two unbuttoned to show some cleavage." I smile. I reach down and help him straighten my tits, pushing them up with our hands. Finally, he takes his hands away from them.

"Your tits are amazing."

"Haha I know... thank you." I giggle.

"You're welcome."

"Here, let me let you out." I pull at the handle to the door and open it. For better or worse, our experience, this time, is over.

"Thanks again, Kathy, that really was amazing." He says, beginning to walk out. The cold air on my bare pussy and the hot cum dripping down the inside of my thigh is a friendly reminder of what I just did.

"You're welcome. Thanks for coming in. You're in excellent health. "

I trade his completed chart for another one on the rack, and look over the top of it. Again: "FULL Physical Examination. Don't leave anything out, Kathy." I scan it for the name.

"Mark Taylor?" I call. A balding, older man barely gets up from the chair. He looks about 65 or so. He scans my body and gives me a little smirk. I gesture him back from the waiting room. Another thorough, complete, full examination... oh boy, won't this be fun?
Pumping in a Pump
Posted:Aug 28, 2018 10:31 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2018 9:11 am
There was a beautiful, reddish blond woman working in my office. She had a dazzling smile, a lithe body, and great legs. Each and every day she wore a form fitting dress and heels to work. I always made it a point to stop by her office in the first half hour of the day for a "status" report from her, but really to check out how she was dressed.

Eventually we became friendly, and over a period of a couple of months we progressed to kissing in her office several times a day. Nothing more than that - just deep, passionate kissing while holding each other in a tight embrace. Of course, it was only a matter of time before we went further. However, I was amazed at how it happened.

One Friday afternoon we were kissing at the end of the day. As always, I had a prominent erection that was pressed firmly up against her. This was nothing new. I always got hard kissing her, and I knew she could feel it as it grew. In the past she had never commented - but that day was different.

As we ended a long kiss, she sighed and whispered in my ear "When are you going to let me see that thing?"

I tensed up, and before I could respond she continued.

"I would love to watch you rub yourself."

I was stunned, but managed to counter her request. "Show me a photograph of you nude and I'll let you watch."

She just smiled. "For that you'll have to cum for me as well!" With that she gave me a quick kiss and left for the weekend.

On Monday morning I stopped in her office for our normal early morning session. She was wearing a tight, short dress, bare legs and a pair of sexy, purple sling backs. We spent about 5 minutes kissing, but there was no mention of our last exchange on Friday.

I had a luncheon that ran late, so I did not get back to her office until 2PM. As we were kissing, I glanced at her computer screen. She sensed my reaction and giggled. On the computer screen was a picture of , laying in sun drenched grass wearing nothing but the same purple sling backs she was wearing today! Laying on her belly slightly propped up on her elbows so I could see the side of her breast, and smiling seductively at the camera.

"At 5 it will be your turn. Don't be late! Now go. I have work to do."

As you can imagine, I didn't get much work done for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't get that image of laying nude in the sunshine out of my mind. Where had the picture been taken? Who took it? Were there others? Could I see it again?

A little after 5 I made it to her office. She locked the door, turned to me and said "Go ahead and look. It's on the screen."

I went over to her computer and drank in the glorious image. I started to ask my questions, but she just shook her head to let me know that no answers were coming.

"Time for you to take your clothes off for me," she said.

"What? I thought you just wanted me to take my cock out and with it until I came!"

She stepped up to me, put her arms around me, and gave me a lovely kiss.

"I'll be very clear. I want you naked. I want you to show me everything. I want to watch your hands run all over your body. Then I want you to masturbate for me until you come."

With the look she was giving me, I would have done anything she asked. I slipped off my shoes and socks, then unbuttoned and removed my shirt. sat back in her chair and encouraged me to continue.

"Stand in front of me so I can see all of you!"

I unbuckled my pants, let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. My cock was pressing firmly against my briefs as I stood before her. Turning away from her, I pulled my briefs off and stood nude before her, letting her ogle my ass while I slowly stroked my yet to be seen cock. Slowly turning around, I continued to hide my cock from her with my hands. Finally, I let her see my full erection, standing straight out at her. It was such a turn on being on display in front of her.

I pulled a chair up and sat down, continuing to rub my cock. Draping my legs across the armrests, I spread my legs wide for her, feeling vulnerable and very exposed. My cock was pulsing in my hands as I became more and more lost in the excitement of performing for .

"Are you ready to cum for me?"

"Oh God yes!!"

She crossed her legs, reached down and very sexily removed her right shoe and offered it to me.

"I want you to fuck my shoe."

Without hesitation I took her gorgeous sling back, laid my cock in it and continued to masturbate by thrusting my cock all the way up into the vamp where her delicious toes had just been. I let my eyes focus on her bare foot and painted toes that she was arching so provocatively. This was pure heaven!

"Come for me."

Almost immediately I started to come, spilling my semen into her shoe, with some spurting onto the outside as I continued to fuck it.

As I cooled down and the passion started to subside, I realized the mess I had made on and in her shoe.

" sorry . I'll get something to clean this up for you."

She smiled at me, and took the shoe from me. She put a finger into the shoe, and coated it with my come. Looking right at me she placed the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Just a little high protein snack!"

Her shoe was still full of my come as she slipped it on. "I have a dinner meeting in 20 minutes, so let yourself out after you get dressed."

She kissed me as I sat there nude, spent and astonished. "Thank you for the show. I already have a plan for the next time!"

And she left me, walking out wearing a shoe with my come on the inside and outside. had me perform 2 more times for her before she performed for me. Each of those was great, but there is something special about the first time!
Walnut Street: Oh Shit~!
Posted:Aug 22, 2018 8:08 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2018 10:35 am
After I moved into the Big House on Walnut Street, I tried to keep in touch with Janet and Sharon back at the apartments on Carolina Avenue. We had a standing “date” the first weekend of each month to go to Friends Disco and dance. Same sex couples weren’t exactly common back then and the girls basically used me to keep the other “guys” at the disco from hitting on them. I was their “anti-wing man” sort of speak. Still, we were friends with the occasional benefits, if I could get Sharon drunk enough. Janet was always ready to party and it didn’t matter male or female. Sharon was another story. Sometimes I think she really hates the fact that Janet was so fond of me.
After one particularly fun evening at Friends Disco, Sharon suggested we go see my new digs at the Big House. Just drive by and give it a look. She then reached between my legs and gave my semi hard cock a squeeze. I couldn't believe my luck. I had been telling them about the size of the place and the hot tub on the balcony and Sharon finally agreed, no, actually suggested we go to my place.

A short time later, "Hmm, nice place," that would be Janet.

"Yeah, but it's a little chilly out here," and that would be Sharon. I glanced over my shoulder, pausing as I fumbled with my keys. Sharon had one arm draped over Janet's shoulder, and appeared to be nuzzling Janet's neck. Neither of them were dressed for September. They both noticed me looking, and with matching glints in their eye's, Janet lifted Sharon's chin, bringing their lips together.

I scrambled desperately to get my house keys to open the damn door. Behind me I heard a hum of satisfaction, I wasn't sure who's it was, and it didn't really matter. What counted is I'd managed to talk my two gorgeous ladies into coming to my place, and they were ready to get the party started without me.

I finally yanked the door open, "Here we go ladies," I waved them into the apartment, "Watch your step." They smiled at me as they passed. Janet was model perfect, in fact she claimed she to be a model. I thought she was a little to short for that job, weren't models all tall? Regardless, she had clear blue eyes, draping blonde hair, and high cheek bones. She had a figure made for a evening gown, breasts not too large, but all the right curves in all the right places. Meanwhile, Sharon was the cute one. Short brown hair, tanned – maybe middle eastern – complexion, a fuller figure than Janet, breasts that were more pronounce but just as firm, with wider hips. Either one of them would have turned my head in a heartbeat, together, I nearly tripped over the door myself following them.

I decided to forego the tour of the place. They didn't seem to mind, crashing together on the living room couch. While I had intended to lead them to my bedroom, they seemed quite comfortable right where they were. Well, heck, far be if for me to complain. I can be flexible.

Sharon went from nuzzling Janet's neck to kissing it, while Janet made a half-hearted attempt to take off her own light weather jacket. "Here, let me help you out of that," I sat down behind Janet, helping to pull off the jacket while she let Sharon pull down the strap to her dress. I tossed aside the coat, eager to join Sharon at undressing and kissing our way down Janet.

"Hmm, we should get out of all these clothes," suggested Janet as she started pulling up on Sharon's blouse. This had little effect on stopping Sharon from kissing her way down Janet's shoulder though. Janet squirmed, no doubt sensing that Sharon wasn't going to stop till she'd worked her way down Janet's body. Janet smiled at me, "C'mon you, get those clothes off."

In a single motion I whipped off my shirt and sweater. I started pulling off my shoes, not bothering to undo them first, as Sharon revealed Janet's left breast. She continued to kiss as she went to, much to the enjoyment of Janet. I realized that if I managed to get Sharon out of some of her clothes she'd have her face buried between Janet's thighs and her own hips up in the air. I was tugging on the second shoe when the thought struck me.

I paused. Frozen. Panic stricken even. I went for my pockets. Nothing. Wallet? No, the date had expired and I'd thrown it out – better safe than sorry, right? Right. I didn't have a condom on me. FUCK! Sharon is ALWAYS insisting on condoms. "I'll be right back," I whispered, though it didn't look like either lady cared what I did, they were both too busy enjoying each other.

Bedroom, had to be one in the bedside table. Nothing. Oh my God. I ran, one shoe on, one off, to the bathroom. Just one! Just once! I could settle for fingers and tongues after that, but there had to be one! I gutted my medicine cabinet with no luck. No, no, no, no, no, this can't be happening.

Think. Think, where – the Mapco! It was just a few blocks away across Willow Avenue.

I poked my head back into the living room. Sharon had Janet's dress off her breasts now, and was fondling and kissing them. Janet meanwhile had her head back, a relaxed hazy expression on her face. She tilted her head at the sight of me though, "C'mon, I want something to suck on," she ended with a soft gasp as Sharon's hand slid up under her dress. Her eyes closed as she got lost in the sensation of Sharon's mouth and hands on her. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my, I had no choice, I'd have to make a break for it and hope the two were still here when I got back.

There haven't been many times in my life when my sense of morals really ruined my day. I simply prayed this wasn't one of them. I was soooooo tempted to ditch the whole need for condoms. It was way more tempting than ever before. But I gritted my teeth, because I knew neither of them were in any shape to drive, and if at all lucky, I'd have both of them still here come dawn. And if that was the case, I most certainly didn't want them asking where the condom was when it was too late.

Yet, I didn't want to go back into the living room. I didn't want to interrupt them. I made it back to my bedroom, grabbed a shirt and a left sneaker and got dressed. Having no other way out of the house but through the living room, or the back door I slipped out the back door.


The shout startled me, and I more or less stumbled on the steps and fell on my ass.

" gonna call the cops!"

"No, no, Robin, it's just me!" I shouted up at Robin’s window.

She obviously paused, recognizing my voice, "What'cha doin' sneeking around outside? Trying to get at peek at me naked again?” she said while winking at me. Mike’s girl was drunk again and I hoped she stayed in her room. Last thing I needed was Robin taking over my threesome.

"Long story, Robin, I gotta go get me a condom.” I regretted the moment I said that. “where’s Mike by the way?”

“Ah shit, he’s asleep and Mama wants to party….” I could tell she would be passed out soon, “Bring yer condoms if ya want, but we both know yer don’t need em Jim.” And she gave me a drunken wink. “Hurry back ya horny fucker!”

“Oh Shit!” I thought.

I ran the four blocks. If the prospect of my two gorgeous ladies together in one night wasn't enough to sober me up, I figured the run would do the trick.

I burst into the Mapco like a small whirlwind. A line. There was a line. The bars were all closed, why the fuck didn't this people go home?! I almost panicked. But, no. No. No panicking. I went to the end of the line, the small number watching my every move. Breath. Relax, the ladies weren't going anywhere. And they were females, not like they couldn't have multiple orgasms, right? Heck, I was counting on that, wasn't I? Sure I was, the shit, I've got two gorgeous ladies fucking each others brains out on my living room couch right now and standing in a fucking line at a Mapco at two-fucking-o'clock in the fucking morning.


Apparently everyone else in the world tuned into my idea to go home, because no one else entered the convenience store after me. So, I stood at the end of the line, the single cashier working at checking each one of us late night saps out one at a time.

Holy shit, I knew the cashier. Jade. From my Graduate Economics of Sociology class at Tennessee Tech. Not only did I have to ask for condoms from a female cashier, an embarrassment I was really too horny to care about to night, but I had to ask them from Jade. Only one customer remained between us now.

Oh, Jade. She was a petite redhead. She had small pixie like features, a face like a porcelain figurine. Her small breasts were easily hid beneath a sweater, or even a baggy shirt, but her hips, oh man. I made it a point to sit half way around the seminar circle every class just to get a good look at those hips. She wore tight jeans, or sometimes even a skirt, and her small, smooth legs would lead up to a waist I'd kill to go down on. I'd imagine doing that every class too. Kneeling happily before her. Running my hands up her legs when she wore a skirt, or eagerly undoing her jeans. And to pull them down off her, exposing her lily white body, would be a dream come true. And after I'd had a chance to taste her I'd go through a whole box of condoms.

At this point I realized two things. One, I was still quite drunk myself, because two, I'd been standing in front of Jade this whole time telling her everything I was thinking.

She stared at me.

I stared back, wondering if I could swallow at this point, never mind breathing. I opened my mouth, "Best make that two boxes of condoms."

She turned beat red and looked away. Obviously embarrassed herself, she slid two boxes across the counter to me.

"Um, ," she interrupted my attempt at an apology.

"I knew you were staring, but," she let it trail off. She didn't sound upset? Holy smokes, she didn't sound upset! She sneaked a peek at me from under her red curls. I found myself as hard as a rock as I stared back. "Maybe next time you should sit next to me, you might be able to do more than stare," she slid a piece of paper across the counter at me.

I picked it up, aghast, it was her phone number?! With one hand I gripped the counter, not wanting to pass out right then. "How about I call you before our next class. Like, um," not sure when would be a good time. But she had a time in mind already.

"Ok, but I don't get done work till morning. covering for the night shift tonight. Only."

"Maybe you'd like to join uh," shit, I almost said us, "um, me for breakfast?"

"Maybe. Call me."

"Count on it," I noticed someone else come into the store, and took the opportunity to slip out.

I headed back up the street, stunned. This had to be the greatest night of luck in any man's life, and better than most dreams! Then I remembered what had made it such a grand night to start with. The ladies!

I ran back up the street as fast as I could, panting the whole way. At Willow Avenue I had to cross. I had the light, I might still have been drunk enough to describe highly erotic scenes to a fellow student in a Mapco, but I know I saw green on that light. Apparently the sedan didn't agree. I managed to jump, and not certain that the car hit me, or if I simply bounced off the parked car when I dove.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," for a second I thought that my voice had gone up an octave and I was back in my bedroom looking for a condom. Then I opened my eyes. She was in her forties I figured. "Are you ok?"

"Um," I tried to sit up, slowly. Didn't feel too bad actually, "I think you missed me."

"Oh, thank God!" She was very upset. Maybe late forties? She looked somewhat familiar.

"Do I know you?"

She looked panicked stricken, "God I hope not." A second later she realized what she said, "No, I mean, um, oh my God."

"You've said that already," I was a little shook up, and maybe a scratch or two, but upon reflection, I realized she had missed me entirely.

"Do you need an ambulance?" she asked cautiously. "I have a cell phone if you really think you need one," and she clearly hoped I didn't. "It's only that the press will hear of it, and," she opted for shutting up at that point.

For my own part, I wasn't really hurt. And while, yeah, I probably should have her locked up for nearly running me over, I knew I'd rather just get back to my place and forget this part of the evening. If it was the worse luck I had all day, I'd be willing to let her have some of my good luck then. " ok, really, I just have to get back," I glanced around for the boxes. I'd run out of the Mapco so quickly I'd not bothered with a bag. I'd been running down the street with the condoms in my hand. Shit.

"Are these," she saw them near the curb and picked them up, pausing as she did so, "yours?" The last word shifted her tone entirely.

"Yeah, thanks."

She held them out, then pulled them back, "Look, maybe we can forget this whole thing, just keep it between you and me?"

She'd clearly read the boxes. Two boxes at that. And this clearly put an idea into her head, one that certainly hadn't entered into mine until now. I looked her over again. Not a bad figure at all, actually. Dark hair, understated makeup, large rounded breasts, and very long legs.

She pulled a card out of her purse, "Here's my card," which she gave to me with the two boxes of condoms. "Let me know if anything aches, or if you simply need a massage."

I read the name. I looked at her, down at the card, then at her. The Dean of Student's wife? That's where I'd seen her before, at some Graduate Student function on campus. She'd stepped closer to me, nearly toe to toe, "But only if you can keep it between you and me."

I nodded, mutely, torn between ditching the card and pulling her into a long deep kiss right there on the street. Well, the later would certainly threaten the secrecy clause she wanted to establish, so I passed on that impulse and let her get back into her car and drive off without another word.

Shaking my head I tried not to think about what had just happened, be it a good thing or not. Instead I reminded myself why I was out running around the streets at this hour for in the first place. I ran back to my apartment.

And stopped. I was locked out. I must have dropped my keys on the side table when I went in the door, something I did every time I entered. Oh no. Dare I ring my own bell? Would the ladies, if there still there, dare answer it? Or do they even know missing?

I could just picture the two of them, sixty-nining on my couch, Janet on top, her legs straddling over Sharon's hungry mouth. Sharon's own legs wide open as Janet ran tongue and finger in and out of her. Both of them so lost in their sensations that they don't even hear the doorbell ringing. They'd both be so sweaty too, and naked, and hardly willing to answer the door when they could simply ignore it and continue to taste each other instead.

Back around to my bedroom window. Robin nowhere to be found, and thankfully, no sign of police either. I forgot to lock the back door. Thank God and I prayed it didn't bring Robin back out to window with more drunken questions.

I managed to let myself in the back door without making too much noise. I took a moment to rest. Then I bee-lined it for the living room.



Zip, zero, zilch, the ladies were gone.

I collapsed on the couch, excitement giving way to depression. Reaching behind me I pulled a bra out from the small of my back. Pausing, I glanced around the room. Blouse. Another, smaller, bra. Panties.

Listening, I realized I could hear the shower running. Jumping up I went to the bathroom and opened the door. A wall of steam fell into my face.

"Hey, cutie, there you are," that would be Janet, "where'd you go?"

"And close the door," that would be Sharon, "you're letting all the steam out."

"Oh, don't worry Sharon, I've got plenty of steam for you. And plenty more for Janet too. I pulled the door closed behind me, "Sorry so late. Had to get some protection first."
Sharon smiled and said, “Aw Jimmy, you remembered this time.”

Just then someone started banging on the outside of the shower door. Robin’s voice yelled out, “Hey! What about ME~?”

Oh Shit!
Melatonin: The New Wonder Drug.
Posted:Aug 16, 2018 9:13 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2018 8:11 am
Hello Everyone~!

I have recently started taking melatonin supplements (the pills are NOT listed as a REAL drug) before bedtime as a good friend of mine told me they “help” you to deep sleep faster than not taking them. Well I’m always having problems sleeping so I figured, why not? Then I found out one of the side effects of melatonin are very vivid dreams. I’m talking about 3D color sight smell, sound and taste. Let me tell you about the amazing dream I had last night.

First thing, this dream was super vivid. I looked off into the distance and saw the tiny silhouette of what looked like a woman in a loose dress. The next instant, she was right next to me, squeezing her body into mine, her excited blue eyes practically drilling holes into my head. She was grinning a sly little grin, and completely naked save for a blanket that she was holding over her body. I could only barely get a good look at her face before she giggled and threw her blanket over my face, and then tackled me to the ground.

I fully expected the impact to jolt me awake, but it didn't. It wasn't anything like the impact I thought it would be. Like a big, soft cushion rather than a concrete floor. When I pulled the blanket off, she was right on top of me, drawing circles on my chest with her finger and licking her lips. She leaned in and kissed me, and kept kissing for what felt like hours. Between the warmth of her kiss and the eagerness of her whole body pressed against mine, I couldn't help but get extremely turned on. My cock sprang up, just barely brushing against the inside of her thighs. She quite clearly noticed, since she let out a tiny little moan, but she didn't break off the kiss. Instead, she pushed her legs together around my cock, and then shifted her body down just a tiny bit – no more than an inch. My cock became rock hard, harder than it's ever been. Not because of the squeezing, but because her sweet, delicate pussy was resting directly on top of my shaft.

If she had shifted just a bit more, I would have come on the spot, and apparently my face reflected that. She stopped kissing me, moved her legs back apart, and slowly moved her body down mine, excruciatingly dragging every inch of her warm, sexy body along the entire length of my cock. When her lips reached it, my shaft was almost trembling. She gave it a single lick all the way up, giggling at how much it twitched when she did. Finally, mercifully, she took in her mouth and started to work her tongue around it. Her left hand was firmly around my cock, while her right seemed to work its way down her body, working a finger or two in and out of her pussy. I was reaching my limit, and my involuntary gasps and spasms just about coincided with hers. I probably should have warned her that I was about to cum, but she didn't seem to mind. I blew my hot white liquid into her mouth, and she just shut her eyes and swallowed it. When she was quite sure that I was finished cumming, she released my now-limp cock, breathing heavily and looking at me with the naughtiest, sexiest grin I've ever seen. Her hand was still on her pussy, and before I could even attempt to move, she grabbed my shoulder and did something I couldn't really comprehend. She somehow pushed me AND spun me so that, in a split second, her dripping wet pussy was mere inches from my head.

Thinking back on it now, that one can probably be chocked up to the whole thing being a dream, but I had more important things to think about. She looked down at me with a piercing stare. And I mean a PIERCING stare. It wasn't a "Aww yeah, we're gonna have sex, and it's gonna be great" stare; more like "oh god oh god I fucking need someone to fuck me RIGHT NOW FUCK FUCK WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR I NEED THIS JUST FUCKING DO IT FUCK HURRY UP AND FUCK ME FUCK FUCK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".

She jammed her plump, wet pussy into my face, so I did the logical thing and started licking it. Immediately she let out a brilliant pent-up combination of gasps and moans, which only grew in intensity when I licked harder. Her hands kept alternating between pulling my head closer to her pussy and squeezing her perky tits, both of which were driving her ever closer to the edge.

It was only then that I had noticed her powerfully erect clit just below my nose. I flicked my tongue up and around it. She screamed through her pleasure. Her legs started to shake. I wrapped my lips around it and gave a single gentle suck. Apparently that was too much for her, and she came all over my face. Her legs twitched, her breathing steadied, and she removed her pussy from my face, revealing a thick coating of her own juices all over it. Out of curiosity, I licked my lips a bit, trying to find some sort of taste in her beautiful pussy's juices. Strangely enough, it tasted like fresh raspberries.

She stood up, finally letting me see her whole naked body. She looked fucking amazing. Long brown hair, shimmering blue eyes, big perky breasts, nicely toned legs, and an ass you could bounce quarters off of. She was perfect. The noticeable wetness of her pussy only made her look sexier.

I stood up next to her and whispered the only thing I could think of, "You taste like raspberries."

She smiled, "You taste like chocolate." Her voice was irresistible: smooth, bubbly, demure, and just a little bit lusty all blended together. I couldn't help but snicker at the thought of ejaculating chocolate.

She swung her arms over my shoulders and leaned in close for a kiss. It felt like another one of those hours-long kisses that never seemed long enough. Eventually she pulled her face away from mine to lick her lips for a moment with an inquisitive stare.

Before I could ask about it, her stare melted into an excited grin, "That's raspberries alright!"

All I could think to do was smile and hug her tight. Without missing a beat, she nestled her head in my shoulder and gave a satisfied sigh.

"I think I like you," she suddenly said, no more than three seconds into the hug, "Wanna fuck some more?"

I was thrown by the request, but my cock hardened anyway.

She glanced down and smiled, "I'll take that as a yes!" She giggled again, "Now don't move."

She moved my hands over my eyes, "And no peeking!"

About ten seconds later, she exclaimed, "Okay, look!"

She was on a huge, probably king-sized bed with her ass in the air just a foot from my head. She looked back and shot me a naughty grin, "C'mon, make me yours."

I couldn't hesitate. My raging erection wouldn't let me. Immediately I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her wet little pussy. She gasped and visibly grabbed at the sheets. With every push and pull on her hips, I felt every bit of her tight little pussy, and she felt the whole length of my cock. The two seemed to fit perfectly, like they were made for each other. Between her pussy and her lustful moans and screams, it wasn't long at all before I was at my limit.

"Fuck," I managed between thrusts, " about to-"

She cut me off, only barely containing her pleasure, "Me too. On three?"

I didn't bother to go to the trouble of agreeing with her. Seeing her writhing and squirming with ecstasy was pushing me too close. I thrust forward forcefully, "One..."

She screamed, clutching harder at the sheets. I thrust again, "Two..."

Her head fell forward. She was squeezing her mouth shut, but couldn't help but let out a long carnal moan of pleasure.

I thrust one last time, ready to cum, "Three!"

And then I woke up. At first I thought it was all a dream; it was the first time in I had woke up with cum all over my boxers.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I need to buy some more melatonin pills, as many as I can get
Walnut Street: Damn!! I Just Love This Bar!
Posted:Aug 10, 2018 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2018 4:38 am
Back in the day I would go down to the local “watering hole” called BUD’S just about a mile from Tech campus for a beer and maybe a little entertainment. They had pool tables and a small dance floor next to an honest-to-god jute box that took quarters for songs. Played real vinyl records too. Those were the days my friend. While staying with Robin and Mike at the Big House on Walnut Street, I got the impression Mike wanted Robin all to himself that night so I headed out to BUD’S to kill some time and maybe a beer or two.
I saw her sitting there alone, with her friends just off to the side. She wasn't paying much attention to them, she seemed to be watching me more. She was sitting in the corner, shielded from seemingly everyone but me.

I almost spit out my beer as I watched her spread her legs, showing me that she was not wearing any panties. Even across the room, I could see that she was getting turned on.

I had to reach down, discretely, and adjust myself. She looked so sexy sitting there, exposing herself to me, that the blood started to rush to my cock. She smiled as she saw my bulge, and unconsciously licked her lips.

She spread her legs even wider and slowly started to stroke her clit, still never taking her eyes off of me.

I felt my cock jump as I watched her start to slide her finger into her pussy, and I could see her try to stifle a moan in pleasure.

I was trying to be discreet as I squeezed and stroked my hard shaft through my jeans, hoping that no one can see what I was doing.

I watched her as she slid down further in her chair and slid her finger even deeper into her wet pussy. I could see the moisture shine in the dim light, as her finger slowly slid in and out of her pretty hole.

I could see her moan, and I wondered what she would sound like moaning in my ear. As I watched, I wished that it was my finger sliding in and out, or better yet, my thick, hard cock, which right now was begging for release, and relief.

I could see her juices dripping down her slit, and I knew that some of them were reaching her ass, and the rest had to be pooling on her chair. Even from across the room, I could see her stiff nipples poking through her blouse, making her big tits look even better. Almost as if she knew what I was thinking, she pinched her nipple, and sighed.

I could see her eyes get big for a brief second, and then relax, and I could tell that she was close to bringing herself to an orgasm. She started to finger herself faster, and I could tell that she was breathing heavier.

At this point, she had no idea how badly I wanted her, how badly I wanted to slide my cock deep inside her pussy and bring us both to an incredible orgasm.

I had to stop teasing my cock, afraid that I would cum in my pants as I watched her. She started to rub her clit hard and slid her fingers in and out even faster, and I knew that she was about to cum.

She looked into my eyes as her orgasm built, and her hips started to move in rhythm with her finger, thrusting in and out.

She tilted her head back, still maintaining eye contact, and I watched as her body started to shake subtly. I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched her cum hard, knowing that I had at least something to do with causing all of this.

As her orgasm slowed and her breathing came back to normal, I watched as she slid her fingers out of her pussy, shiny with her juices, and brought them up to her lips.

I almost exploded in my pants, without even touching myself, as I watched her lick her juices from her fingers. Unconsciously, I licked my lips, wishing that I was tasting her.

At this point, I started to wonder how her friends had not noticed what has been going on, although I did see one of them, a petite redhead with a short skirt, glance over at her a couple of times.

I decided that I couldn't let this all go without doing something, so I walked over to her. The redhead looked down at my bulge, and then looked quickly at her. I took her hand, that one that had been sliding in and out of her pussy, and brought her out to the dance floor. I didn't bother to ask, I just took her.

As if by fate, a slow song starts playing, and we danced close and tight. Neither of us said a word as we swayed to the music, and I knew that she could feel my still hard cock pressing against the top of her mound. I started to introduce myself when she said, “Shhhhh! There’s no need for names.” And she gave me a look that made my spine quiver a little. Absolutely no strings attached!

I could feel her exhale as she sighed while my hard shaft rubbed against her belly, and my hand slid down to her ass. As I glided my fingertips over her asscheeks, she swayed her hips, getting even closer to me.

As we moved around on the dance floor, I threw a glance over to her friends. A couple of them looked at us and then went back to their conversations, but the redhead was watching us intently, a look of jealousy on her pretty face.

As the song ended, we looked at each other and she said softly, "Thank you." I was not about to let her get away already, so I took her by the hand again, and I led her out of BUD’s and into the parking lot.

I took her to my truck, parked in the corner of the lot. I placed her up against the passenger side door and, gently taking her face in my hands, I kissed her. We started out in a soft, tentative kiss, but soon escalated into a mad, passionate tongue-wrestle.

She moaned as our hands slid over each other's backs, each of us reaching down and grabbing the other's ass and pulling it in tight.

I started to pull her skirt up and slid my hands to her bare ass. I gave her cheek a soft, gentle squeeze, and then slid my hand towards her crack.

As I squeezed her ass, she pulled mine in closer, grinding her crotch against my hard cock. I could feel you moan.

Inspired by the mounting passion, I moved my hands to her hips and lifted her onto the seat of the truck. I started to unbutton her blouse, exposing her thin, lacy bra.

To my surprise, she was wearing a stretch lace bra, which somehow held her large breasts in place. I pulled her bra down, pushing her breasts up, exposing her stiff nipples along with her tits.

Bending down, I wrapped my lips around one nipple and started to suck on it, as my hand went to the other nipple and started to pinch and pull on that one.

I switched my lips to the other nipple, and started to kiss and suck on that one as my hand went to the abandoned, wet nipple and tweaked and pulled on that one.

She moaned and pulled my head in tight as I continued to switch back and forth between her nipples with both my lips and hand. Then, I pulled my head back just a little and pushed her big tits together, causing her nipples to touch.

As I held her tits together and licked and sucked on both nipples at the same time, she gasped and leaned back, placing her hands behind her on the seat for support.

She gasped again and moaned as I started to kiss my way down her belly, lifted her skirt and bunched it up on top of her belly, and licked my way towards her hot and steamy pussy.

I could smell her musky scent as my tongue slowly descended down towards her wet slit, and I could tell that she was even more excited than I thought.

I pushed her knees up to her chest, resting her legs over my shoulders, and leaned in to her pussy. Slowly, I slid my tongue along the length of her wet slit, from her seeping hole up to her stiff little clit.

She gasped, and her hips jumped, as my tongue quickly flicked over the tip of her clit. "Oh, yes!" she moaned as I started to tease her hard little bud, stiff and begging for attention.

She started to move her hips as I flicked my tongue all across her clit, down to her hot, wet pussy, and back up. When I wrapped my lips around her clit and started to suck on it gently, she reached down with her hands and held my head tightly as she groaned loudly.

"Oh my god! That feels so nice!" she gasped as my lips and tongue bring her closer to her orgasm.

She spread her legs as wide as she could in the confines of the truck as I slid a finger into her steamy wet pussy.

Soon, her breathing got heavy, and she started to moan louder. "Oh, yes!" she gasped. "That's it! Right there! Oh, god, don't stop!"

Knowing that she was getting closer, I slipped a second finger into her and started to slide them in and out of her pussy, paying attention to her top wall.

Suddenly, she reached back down and pulled my face in tight and moaned, "Oh my god! gonna cum! Oh, god, yesss!"

Seconds later, her hips were bouncing on the seat, and I could feel her pussy grasping at my fingers, seemingly trying to pull them in even deeper. I could feel her juices flowing out and soaking my fingers.

"Oh, my god," she soon gasped. "You've got to stop! too sensitive!"

I pulled away from her, spread out across the seat of my truck, and looked at her pussy juices gleaming in the parking lot lights.

After a couple of seconds, she slid off of the seat and crouched down in front of me. She reached up and opened up my pants, and then slid them down around my ankles.

I heard her moan and gasp as she reached up and grasped my hard cock. "Oh my god!" she whispered. "You have a beautiful cock! So nice and thick and long!"

Grabbing a hold of my ass, she pulled me in towards her and took my cock in deep. I tried to maintain my composure as her head started to bob up and down on my shaft, her tongue dancing across the underside of the hard pole.

She took me in as deep as she could, and I held your head, moaning, "Oh, yeah! That's good!"

After a couple of minutes, I knew that if I didn't stop her, soon, I was not going to last long enough to finish the way that I wanted to, so, reluctantly, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood her up, turning her into the cab of the truck.

Bending her over, I flipped her skirt back up and spread her legs as I stepped in behind her. I took my cock, now shiny with her saliva, and slid the head up and down her slit. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I placed the head at the wet opening of her pussy and started to slowly slide it in.

I grabbed onto her hips as I felt the velvety warmth of her wet pussy hugging my shaft as I slid my cock all the way in. She moaned as I bottomed out, and whimpered, "Oh yes! That feels SO good!"

I started to slide my shaft in and out, holding on to her hips. Out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed movement at my driver's side window, and I chuckled to myself, knowing that the redhead must have followed us out of the bar.

I pushed her a little further onto the seat and started to fuck her hot pussy a bit faster. She was getting so wet, I could hear her juices sloshing around as I continued to pick up speed.

Soon, she was moaning louder, and pushing back at me. "Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!" she moaned as her hand slid underneath her body and started to flick over her clit.

I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as she started to gasp. "Oh, god, you fill me so good!" she moaned. "Fuck me! Make me cum again!"

I buried my cock deep in her pussy, my pubes crushed against her ass cheeks, and I could feel her hand reaching down to my balls. I started to buck my hips against her, and she yelped loudly.

"Oh my god! Yes!" she whimpered. "Oh my god, gonna cum! Oh, fuck me!"

She brought her hand back up to the seat and started to grasp at it as her orgasmic waves flowed over her, and I could feel her juices flow over my balls. She whimpered and moaned softly, "Ohh! Ohh! Ohhhhh!"

I slowed down my movements as I let her come down from her high, and then I pulled my wet cock out of her still spasming pussy.

I stood he up and turned her around, holding her up on her weak, shaky legs. Backing her into the truck, I lifted her back onto the seat, with her ass hanging off.

I told her to lock her ankles around my neck, and I placed the head of my cock back at her wet pussy hole. Taking hold of her hips, I slid my cock in deep, bottoming out and rubbing my pubes against hers.

At this angle, I could feel my cock hitting her cervix, and she yelped and gasped every time it did. I started to slide the entire length of my shaft in and out of her, and I knew that I was hitting her most sensitive spots every time.

As I increased my speed and power, I was enjoying watching her big tits bounce on her chest with every thrust.

"Oh, damn!" she gasped as I started to stroke faster. "Ohh! Oh, god, gonna cum again! Fuck me!"

I knew that I was not going to last much longer, so I slowed down, trying to reach orgasm at the same time that she did.

Her breath was getting shorter, and her moaning increased. I knew that she was quickly closing in on her next orgasm, so I sped up again, knowing that I was right behind you.

"Oh, my god! cumming again!" she moaned as her body started to shake. I was starting to have a hard time holding her, and my knees were getting weak because my own orgasm was starting to hit me.

"Oh, damn! Yes!" I groaned as I slammed my cock deep inside her clasping pussy, shooting my heavy load against her cervix.

"Oh, god! I can feel it! Oh yes!" she yelled, a mini-orgasm hitting her before her last one ended. "I can feel you spurt inside me!"

Losing my strength, I leaned into her and laid my head on her heaving chest. Soon, we both felt my softening cock slide out of her now soaking wet pussy, and she moaned her disappointment.

After a couple of minutes, we both caught our breath and started to put ourselves back together. After she checked her make up in the side-view mirror, she turned to me and kissed me. "Thank you," she whispered. "That was amazing. I really needed that."

"Thank YOU," I responded. "YOU are amazing."

We walked back to the bar, and before we stepped in, I pulled her aside and told her, "When you get back to your friends, ask the redhead if she had a good enough view from the driver's window." I smiled. " Tell her I'll be available for another go in a few minutes if she's interested."

She gasped, wide-eyed, and I smiled and nodded. "Ok, I will," she responded.

Damn, I just LOVE this bar. jimmy B.
What I am REALLY thinking.......
Posted:Aug 9, 2018 10:17 am
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2018 6:28 am
Hey out there in BLOG LAND. Have you ever met someone new and they were extremely attractive? Then your mind goes into hyper drive assessing the situation to come up with the perfect opening line to get their attention? Then you get tongue tied because all you can really think about is...


That's when the fun begins.

Jimmy B.

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