Office Overtime Fun  

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3/14/2018 10:54 am
Office Overtime Fun

Truth be told, about half of the women I have been with were married. Married to someone else that is. During the period between wife number two and wife number three I kinda ran wild on the sexual adventure side of life. Life is a canvas with all types of people adding color to the scenes. Isn’t wonderful that life ISN”T black and white?

Work is always hectic around Christmas time, but at least I get offered overtime more now. It's 7PM and I'm still sitting here at my desk, going over spreadsheets. I had a nightmare the day before about getting lost in Excel...I need to get out of this job. But, Christmas is looming like a gigantic demonic Santa intent on stealing the souls of little kids and stuffing them into his bag of pain, laughing and spouting fire as he makes his unholy rounds around the world. Yeah, I don't like Christmas, but I need the money for gifts.

Lemme tell you about where I work: it's a single story office in a large complex, attached to the company warehouse. I share an office up at the front with another guy- it's tiny, windowless and with a door, a plant and a picture on the wall of some inspirational message like: "Teamwork". The florescent lights are pretty bright and tend to burn your eyes after a while, if the computer screen doesn't ruin them first. The cool thing is that this part of the building is "insulated" and separate from the warehouse part...110 degrees in the summer, and 50 degrees in the winter.

One of the benefits of working in that little hovel is being co-located with the 100% female admin department. The fact that I'm a sweet, intelligent guy doesn't hurt either and I get lots of stimulating flirtatious conversations throughout the day. They don't go anywhere...most of the women are married, or have boyfriends, and only a few are what I would really consider "hot", but there is one...Sandra.... she's just an absolute sex pot. Five feet and six inches of absolute sweetness, with shoulder-length straight black hair, surprisingly pale skin hailing from her mostly Persian ancestry, and a ready smile that you can see if you manage to make her laugh- no small feat. The sexiest think about her though is that she also happens to be bloody brilliant...Sandra is a woman who reads Hawking for pleasure and a passionate chaos theory devotee...what can I say, the woman likes an ordered universe. Sexy, and despite being fully Americanized, strangely exotic. It's a damn shame she's in school in the mornings, and only works a few nights a week...

I'm sitting at my desk, manipulating data again, trying to track down some damn serial number or another when I feel a change in the air of the room, like I'm being watched. I don't care could be my boss, after all. I stop staring at the screen and rub my eyes a bit, hunched over in my chair. Again, I feel an increase in pressure and the faint scent of some flower or other. Before I can even turn my head, I hear her voice from the doorway.

"Late night, Jim?" She asks, holding a can of coca-cola, leaning her shoulder on the door jam. She never bothers with very sexy clothing- she doesn't have to- and besides, a tight polo shirt and slacks just looks good on her. I try to cover the fact that I'm ogling her by rubbing my eyes some more, hoping she wont notice that I'm taking her body in, like a vision of divine inspiration. I swivel my chair around to face her, sitting up straight and trying to sound as un-whiny as possible.

"Hey Sandy," I say, as lame as possible. You just can't form coherent sentences around this woman. She's won more than one debate just because I can't stand to argue with her. "Yeah, tis the season, you know?"

"I hear you on that one," She says, coming in and sitting on my co-workers desk, long deserted. Lucky bastard got to go home hours ago. "Wanna coke? I think you need it more than I do." She says, popping the can and handing it to me. I decline and she shrugs, tilting her head back to sip. She's not very graceful and a small dribble makes it's way down her chin and neck, causing her to laugh, sending a bit of spry my direction. I wince as the droplets hit me, trying not to laugh as she stops the drip with her hand.

"I'm sorry!" she says laughing, noticing how I'm annoyed by the cola bath I just took. It wasn't that bad, really, but I ham it up anyway.

"Don't sweat it," I say, wiping my face and shirt, "happens to the best of us." I turn around to reach for some tissue off my desk and start to wipe myself down again. I jump a little bit when I feel hands on my shoulders.

"I am sorry, Jimmy," She says, deeper. "I didn't mean to add drama to your day."

"No, dear, you just added excitement, is all.'s been a stressful one."

"I can tell," She says, starting dig her fingers deep into my neck and shoulders. I don't tell many people this, but that's one sure fire ticket to getting me all hot and bothered, is a rough, painful even neck massage. Normally, I try to refrain from indulging- to better avoid arousal, after all,- but I don't care tonight. It's well after dark and the office is deserted. My boss is the only manager left in the building and probably off in the warehouse somewhere. Who cares if I get a hard on?

I lean forward to hid it, just in case. I can feel myself getting stiff in my pants and I don't want her to notice, freak out, and stop what she's doing. I lower my head down, touching my chin to my chest to take full advantage of her surprisingly skilled hands. I start to breathe deeply, and moan a little- I can’t help it, I'm a moaner- as she uses her position of power over me to move her hands lower down my back, along the sides of my spine pressing as she does so.

"oooooohhhhhhh.......thank you." I sigh, feeling the air leave my lungs.

"Always here for a friend, dear," She says, somewhat distracted, sounding a million miles away, like she's thinking of something else. "Besides, the phones are dead and you've got so many knots in you I'd think you were a sail boat."

If I'm a sucker for one thing, it's corny humor like that.

"Well, it's these damn chairs." I say.

Sandra hits my lower back and I flinch. That's a "yes-yes" spot for me...if anyone even brushes that, it drives me wild. She seems to understand and starts kneading her way back up again until she's once again digging into my neck. I let out a long hiss and shake my head as she keeps squeezing, down my shoulders and onto my arms.

"Thank you Sandy," I say.

"Don't mention it, Sweets," She says, still distracted. "We all need to de-stress sometimes..."

I turn to her and smile, grateful that my erection is semi-controlled in my pants.

"Yeah, that's true. I guess we all do need it, huh?"

"Yeah" she says, back. I look into her eyes, the deepest amber color I've ever seen and something inside clicks. She's looking into mine too, and for a few seconds of awkward silence, I battle with myself. When she sucks in and bites on her lower lip, I decide that it's a signal and if I don't act now, there won’t be another chance.

I stand from my chair, and step close to her. I've got a half-foot on her and so I have to bend down to kiss her. I lean in, and she closes her eyes, her lips half open and the next thing I taste is the cherry lip-gloss she put on earlier. Her lips are warm on mine, and soft too. She puts her hands on my waist and slides them up my back, pulling herself into my embrace while I wrap my arms around hers. She has a small mouth, which I don't mind necessarily, but I try my best to be gentle and romantic with the kiss- no sense overpowering her. After a minute or so, her lips open a bit and she lets out a long sigh as I stick my tongue into her mouth, where it finds hers.

She's very good at making out, I decided. Her kiss is slow but deep, her embrace steady but soft. She runs her hands up and down my back and I do the same. I feel connected to her, like we were both cut from the same clay in ancient times and now we've found each other again. I admit that I'd hoped for this, but never thought in my wildest fantasies.... and now? Now, I don't want it to end. I don't want it to be an awkward memory of a dead-end job. Would I ruin the moment if I took it further? Could I live with myself if I didn't try? There is no one around for a hundred yards at least, and no one would be back for an hour, probably. No cameras in the room, no one calling the phones...

I move my hands down and slide them under her shirt. I start to lift it when she stops kissing me and pushes it back down.

"Wait." She says. My heart mind rages at itself for a moment. I shouldn't have pushed, and now I've ruined everything...

Sandra moves to the door.... and gently closes it, locking it as she does so.

"Okay," she smiles, moving back to me, peeling her shirt off over her head and giving me access to her purple satin bra. She kisses me again, pulling at my own shirt, trying to get it up out of my pants and over my head, while I fonder her breasts, wondering how long until I got to feel them for real. Once we're both shirtless, she starts to rub my chest too, and I fumble with her bra clasp.

Once I have her breasts free, I take them into my mouth and it's her turn to moan. Her hand finds the back of my head and she weaves her fingers through my hair and I like and suck on her perky breasts. She's not a large woman by any means, but her tits are just perfect for her body and I can feel her nipples getting hard beneath my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it, making her sigh again, while I take my free hand and slide it down the front of her crotch and begin to rub her pussy through her pants.

This sets her off and she arches her head back and starts to talk.

"Oh, that feels so good.... oh God.... play with my pussy.... rub me off."

I switch breasts, alternating my stroke on her crotch too as she bends at the knees to let my hand slide all the way back, then all the way front again. I start to make circles around her clit while I tease her breasts.

" fucking good..." she says, as she takes her hands from me and unclasps her pants, sliding them down to her ankles and stepping out of them, giving me direct access to her freshly shaven pussy lips. I stick my hand into her dripping wet lips, rubbing the slit with my hand and playing with her vaginal opening, sliding all the way back to her ass as she moans so loud that I start to worry about how well the office is insulated. I play with her ass, fingering it for a bit, just teasing her hole before coming back to rub her clit. I move my mouth from her breasts to her neck and bite down hard, eliciting another moan that's half pain, half pleasure.

I massage the skin around her clit with my two fingers, rubbing the skin on top and to the sides while I leave my mark- literally- on her neck and collarbone.

"Yes, baby..." she says, "I want you to leave your mark on me...give me something to remember this by...."

I don't bite hard enough to leave break skin, or even leave teeth marks, but it's not long before she has two very nice looking hickeys below her neckline. I always thought they were tacky, but I love to give them to her and it seems to excite her that she'll have a dirty little secret tomorrow...and some pain to remind her of her pleasure. I finish rubbing her pussy back and forth, teasing her clit, and bring my fingers to my mouth for a taste. Her pussy is practically dripping on the floor and her breathing is erratic. I wonder how close she came to Cumming all over my hand, standing up no less. I suck all the salty moisture off my fingers as she reaches down and undoes my belt, unzips my pants and finds my hard dick waiting for her soft hands.

I place my fingers on her lips and she begins to suck on them too, taking in her own pussy while she stokes my shaft with her hands, cupping and massaging my balls.

I move her back to my desk and practically throw my binders and inbox to the floor, gently picking her up by the waist and setting her bare ass on the desktop. I spread her legs and kneel down to put my face between them.

"You gonna eat my pussy, baby?" She asks. I can’t wait to...I dive right in, licking her pussy the same way I was rubbing it, from the bottom to the top. She leans back onto my desk, resting her head on the wall and placing both hands on the tabletop to steady herself...

I tease her asshole with my tongue, tickling her a bit before I move up into her vagina. However wet she was before, she's practically drenched now as my lips move up and down the walls of her pussy, making gentle nibbles along the labia, sucking on the folds of skin with my lips. I stick my tongue into her slit and plunge it deep into her, making her moan and almost loose balance.

Inside her pussy is amazing; it's salty of course, but strangely thick and intoxicating. I find myself getting dizzy in the smell of Sandra's sex, and I have to come up for air...

...or try to at least. One of her hands comes back down on my head, gently forcing me back into her pussy, where I don't have any problem teasing her clit with my tongue, rubbing it up, down and around, putting pressure on the little thing itself until she screams and grabs my hair, before I resume my gentler approach.

I lick up and down and even start to nibble the skin above her pussy and along her panty line, taking the time to stick a finder deep inside her and start to move around, looking for what excites her. I find her G-Spot and rub it firmly with one, then two of my fingers until she's breathing and panting and her eyes are screwed shut. The room was heated to keep the chill out, and now we're sweating, dripping everywhere and mingling with her fluids to make a mess on the desk that I'll have a hard time explaining in the morning...

I move my head back down to her clit, still stroking her G-spot and now licking her clitoris when she grabs my head again.

"Oh....... fuck...........ohhhhhhhhhhh........" she screams silently as the waves of her orgasm hit her and cause her to buck her hips on the table. It takes a good thirty seconds before she's able to speak again. By then, I'm already up and kissing her deep.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She moans, smiling and reaching up to pinch my nipples, "You wanna fuck me, baby? Why don't you fuck me now? I want you to pound my fucking pussy hard with that cock of yours."

Who am I to argue with a lady? I guide myself inside her, first just my tip, then I pull out again, just giving her a taste. Then, I push myself in deeper and in one slow push, I'm inside her completely and pulling out slowly...then going back in again, this time without stopping...

Sandra feels so good inside; I have to fight not to cum deep in her pussy. It's so wet and slick it barely feels there, but its' tight so that I can feel it's pressure up and down my penis, rubbing hard on the rim of my tip, making me mad with desires. I start to go in deeper, and pick up speed until she's moaning again, rubbing her clit as I fuck her tight snatch.

I lean down and play with her breasts again, using my thumbs and fingertips to get her nipples hard, and then squeezing them a little, making her crack a smile. She knows exactly what to do and what to say to turn me on, and I want to make sure she doesn't regret this in the morning...

I drill into her deeper and deeper, until I hear the sound of my balls slapping the skin of her ass. I can feel myself about to explode, and I look down at her, into those deep amber eyes...

"I'm gonna cum," I gasp

"I know," she says, also breathless. "I want you to cum deep inside me...I want you to fuck me and fill me with your cum."

No sooner does she say it than I feel myself release. I can feel my cock inside her spew cum deep into her pussy, as I keep slamming into her. I moan deep, and she lets out a muted, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I can feel it.... that's it, baby..."

Ten seconds or so after I finish Cumming in Sandra, I pull out and she leans down and takes my cock deep into her mouth, sucking off all of her sex and mine until it's completely clean and drained, playing with my balls as she does so.

"Mmmmmm, thank you, baby." She says, standing to kiss me again. I can feel her moist pussy up against my still erect dick, and I want to go again, to fuck her even harder, when she moves to collect her panties. We put on our clothes in silence, and once we're fully clothed, I start to take some Windex from my drawer and clean up the mess we made.

"How was it?" I ask, instantly chiding myself for the stupid comment. She's about to answer when the phone rings and, kissing me on the cheek; she leaves the room for the front desk to answer it. I'm left alone, just like before and once I replace my desk to how it was- and disinfect the table to get rid of the smell if nothing else- I save my file and turn off the PC. I'm not getting any more work done tonight, and it's nearly 8:20 anyway. We're been having sex for an hour.

I gather my bag and notepad and cell phone and take the 30-foot walk from my office to her station near the front door.

"So......." I ask. She seems to be daydreaming, looking out the window to the parking lot and beyond, into the darkness, a smile on her face like she has a dirty secret and she's not telling.

"Hmmmmm?" She turns to face me as I ask. She's playing with her collar where I gave her the hickies...

"Can I call you, Sandra?"

She actually laughs a bit. "You'd better." She says as she hands over a post it note. On it, in beautiful handwriting, she'd written her number and her address.

"I get off in less than an hour." She said, "And then, when I get home, I plan to get off again. My husband is hauling his rig out to California and he won’t be home for five days, plenty of time for these hickeys to fade away. I hope to see you there waiting for me. I really had fun tonight...don't disappoint me, sexy." She winks as the phone rings again.

As she answers it, I pocket her note. I look over her desk, and ask,

"May I kiss you?" She shakes her head. Covering the mouthpiece, she points to a camera not ten feet away.

"Not here Jimmy, but tonight you can kiss me as much as you like. One hour, stud." And she went back to the call.

I wouldn't disappoint her.

My blog JimmyB7474 is called Into The Woods (erotica) entertaining stories about a guy named Jimmy. Enjoy.

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3/16/2018 5:04 am

It has been a fantasy of mine but have never worked in an office or dated a man who did.. Not even a work from home office of any

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

JimmyB7474 53M
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3/15/2018 7:47 am

    Quoting Cum_Happy:
    Hi Jimmy, just a couple thoughts . . .

    Came here from a woman's post where you commented that you have ten years sober. I admire that kind of courage and determination. Good for you!

    Your posts seem interesting and well written, but as you said, they are long. I read an awful lot in the course of the day. Today I have already read a lot. I will come back sometime when my eyes are fresh and read.
Thanks. It is still one day at a time. Alcohol is the one "legal" thing that can stop my pain in it's tracks. (Ruptured disk) and Tylenol just doesn't work any more. I'm looking into alternative meds lately. Not much hope as hemp and weed are still not legal in my state. Can't handle the Opioids the doctors are prescribing. Jimmy B.

My blog JimmyB7474 is called Into The Woods (erotica) entertaining stories about a guy named Jimmy. Enjoy.

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3/15/2018 7:12 am

Hi Jimmy, just a couple thoughts . . .

Came here from a woman's post where you commented that you have ten years sober. I admire that kind of courage and determination. Good for you!

Your posts seem interesting and well written, but as you said, they are long. I read an awful lot in the course of the day. Today I have already read a lot. I will come back sometime when my eyes are fresh and read.

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist/voyeur. Here, I get to show and tell, and see and say.

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3/14/2018 1:25 pm

always a fantasy i wanna fulfill

JimmyB7474 53M
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3/14/2018 10:57 am

So how many out there have had an office affair? Jimmy B.

My blog JimmyB7474 is called Into The Woods (erotica) entertaining stories about a guy named Jimmy. Enjoy.

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