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Indecent proposal: swap hubby for the weekend, should I do it?

by Next2us 6/28/2017
lots of pussy, lots of cock... don't see a lot of condoms...

by myfaceyerass1969 6/27/2017
You're just a big pussy!

by abbaqe 6/27/2017
Saggy bollocks.

by LastingShagblast 6/27/2017
Have we noticed that...

by Sally2532 6/27/2017

by FWB0263a 6/27/2017

by dilli921 6/27/2017

by ntnwillis98 6/27/2017
What are some Lifestyle terminoloogy do you know? Ex. Queen of spades, Zipless Fuck,Unicorn,etc...

by Next2us 6/27/2017

by middleagedscot 6/27/2017
Is anyone elses

by dilli921 6/27/2017
Doubt in relationships

by sam19pulsar 6/27/2017

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